At any given supermarket, guests can always find the area in the Health and Personal Care section that has mini products used by travelers. And while many may find some of these items to be a bit redundant, they are specifically placed there for a reason. All of the items in these bins are products that almost everyone forgets to pack on vacation. They range from your general items like mini shampoos and conditioners to easily more forgettable things like makeup remover.

And you may be thinking that you really don't need half of these items for days spent away from home. But the reality is that these items are some of the most highly sought out products from travelers because at some point or another-- you're going to need them. So here are a few key items that everyone forgets to pack on vacation.

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10 10. Toothpaste

Considering brushing teeth is a habit most people do twice a day, a toothbrush is usually high on the list of packing items. But for some reason, everyone always forgets to pack the adversary: toothpaste. Toothpaste comes packages in a variety of different ways, and generally, none of them is pack-safe. They're oddly shaped, can become distorted, and the lids aren't always reliably secure. The last thing you want to happen when you get to your hotel after a day's traveling is to open up your suitcase to find toothpaste has spilled everywhere. Maybe it's this undesirable scenario that keeps people from "forgetting" to pack their toothpaste.

The Solution: But mini toothpaste products. They're easier to pack and don't take up much space in your hotel room. Plus if you forget it again, at least they're cheap!

9 9. Phone Charger

Even with people spending hours on end glued to their phones, a phone charger is another item people seem likely to forget for travel. Most national flights don't have the option to plug in your cell phone, so maybe these atypical hours where you can't use your phone is the culprit behind why phone chargers are so easily forgettable when packing. Another item that people always forget to pack for international travels is the phone charger converter.

The Solution: Pack multiple chargers. You probably have more than one charger at home, right? Use the same tactic for traveling. Have a charger for your personal item, your suitcase, and for your overhead carry-on.

8 8. Sunglasses

It doesn't matter where in the world you're traveling-- sunglasses are almost an everyday necessity. Whether you're battling the sun while driving or sunbathing, sunglasses are vital protection from the sun. And even though most travelers spend their vacation days outdoors, sunglasses are an item most people forget to include on their packing list.

The Solution: Keep them on your head or in your carry on. Sunglasses aren't expensive, but it will be a hassle to have to stop by a convenience store to pick up a pair of lackluster shades when you could have easily just used one of from your home collection.

7 7. Swimsuit

You never know when a swimsuit will come in handy. And being on vacation, you never know when an opportunity could come up where you will need your swimsuit. Even if you're not a fan of swimwear or your itinerary is keeping you indoors for most of your vacation, packing a swimsuit is advisable in every situation, albeit, forgettable.

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The Solution: Pack your swimsuit first. Expert packing techniques prove that a swimsuit is can be easily nestled in your suitcase's crevices. So, even if you end up not needing to slip on that bikini, at least you'll have it packed and ready to go.

6 6. Jacket

If you've been on an airplane, then you know that once you're in the air, it can get freezing! It's no fun sitting in these frigid conditions with nothing to warm you up. Unfortunately, a jacket is something people to tend to forget for these flights, especially when you're going on a tropical vacation.

The Solution: Wear a small but warm jacket to the airport. Even if you won't need it for the rest of your vacation, you will at least need it on your flight.

5 5. Laundry Bag

To be honest, most people don't think they'll need a laundry bag on vacation. Which is why most people forget to even look into this small, convenient item. A laundry bag is perfect for long vacations where travelers will undoubtedly wear multiple items of clothing. Since you probably overpacked (who doesn't these days), you organize your laundry by placing the dirty items in a bag until you have time to use your hotel's laundry facilities.

The Solution: Keep a laundry bag in the zipper section of your luggage year-round. You probably won't even remember to pack this item when you finally get to go on vacation, so it will be a happy discovery when you make it to your hotel room and unpack.

4 4. Contact Solution Or Glasses

With the excitement that comes with an upcoming vacation, most people forget to pack everyday necessities. Most of the time, this includes contact solution or glasses. You may not want to wear glasses on vacation, so you don't think to pack them. Or you may wear your contacts while traveling, but forget to pack solution.

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The Solution: To save yourself the trip to the store, you can remember to pack both of these items by wearing your glasses while traveling. So if you'd rather wear contacts during your vacay, this is a sure-fire way to remember to pack your contacts and the solution. Even if you do end up forgetting to pack them, at least you'll have your glasses so you can see!

3 3. Stain Remover

Stain remover is something most travelers forget to pack simply because they think they don't need to pack it. This is one of the mini travel items that people will often see in those personal care sections in the supermarket. The reason its there is because it's a huge time and money saver. How are you going to get a stain out while you're on vacation? You'll either have to send it to the cleaners or make a trip to the store.

The Solution: Remember to pack this by packing it next to your favorite shirt or dress. Imagine getting a red wine stain on that. Will you be able to get it out? You will if you have a handy stain remover pin!

2 2. Towels

Towels may seem like a bulky and unnecessary item to pack for vacation, especially when hotels supply vacations with an unlimited supply. However, towels tend to be one of the dirtiest items on the hotel's inventory list. So remembering to bring a towel or even just a small washcloth is advisable for frequent travelers.

The Solution: Remember the fact that hotel towels are used by hundreds of people a year. Gross.

1 1. Umbrella

Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. There are even small versions specifically made for travelers. Whether its, rain, snow or a slight drizzle, your own umbrella can save you a ton of cheddar because tourist locations tend to spike up the price of their rain-protective gear.

The Solution: Remember that Disney's ponchos cost $10 and their themed umbrellas can cost up to $50.

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