In the days or even weeks leading up to a much-needed vacation, the anticipation can be overwhelming. On top of finding the right clothes and things to pack, you have to get your affairs in order so that you don't come back home to any surprises. This can be challenging in the midst of work obligations and the general haste to get away, which is probably why travelers forget even the most obvious of chores.

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Pre-vacation duties can be as long or short as you find necessary, however, there are a few matters that absolutely need to be taken care of. So before you set sail on your next adventure, take a glance at these 10 things that everyone forgets to do before going away on vacation.

11 Calling Your Bank

If you're hoping to spend money on your vacation, then a quick call to your bank should be number one on your list. Okay, so it might not be quick, but it's  a mandatory step. Calling your bank to let them know that you will be going away will come as second nature to frequent travelers, but it's something most of us often forget to do. This will ensure that your card won't be flagged for strange purchases from an unusual territory.

Call your bank to give them your vacation dates as soon as possible. You can call your bank as soon as your book your flight in fact, though you should probably double check the day before to make sure they still have your vacation on record.

10 Cleaning Your Fridge

This is probably something that doesn't occur to most people. But if you have items that might be expiring soon or leftovers in the fridge, imagine the smell you would be coming back home to!

Cleaning your fridge before vacation will make you feel both accomplished and satisfied since you will have this chore out of the way. And now you have plenty of room so you can stock groceries when you get back from vacation.

9 Doing Laundry


It's not uncommon to leave packing until the very last second. Except when this happens, more times than not, you find yourself without anything to pack because all of your laundry needs to be done. Doing a few loads of laundry the week before your vacation should provide you with ample time to find the right outfits.

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Plus, doing your laundry subconsciously acts as a reminder that maybe you should have your luggage ready to go more than a few hours before your plane takes off!

7 Packing A Change Of Clothes In Your Carry On

Having a spare outfit in your carry-on could be a lifesaver. If you forget to check the local weather before you leave, you could find yourself covered in snow or rain by the time you get to the airport with no time to change before check-in.

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However, with a spare outfit on hand, you will be able to change into more comfortable garb once you get through security, or even on the plane. Having a jacket readily available also comes in handy for the frigid airplane temperatures.

6 Charging Electronics

The airport can be a pretty dull place once you get to your gate and wait until it's time to board your plane. And while there are outlets available for travelers to use to charge their electronics in airports, it's definitely better if you have them charged from the start.

That way, you won't run the risk of your cell phone or computer blacking out on you in the middle of a layover.

5 Adjusting Your Home's Air Conditioning

If you are going to be gone for a while and you don't have any pets in the house, setting your air conditioning unit to higher temperatures can save you a lot of money while you're away.

There's no need to have it on a low setting for no one to enjoy and it's only going to add up some unnecessary costs. If you leave for vacation during the winter, you will want to remember to turn your heat on to prevent pipes from freezing.

4 Checking The Weather

This should be done the week prior, the night before, and the day of your departure. You won't have a clue what is considered appropriate to pack without checking the weather beforehand. And because the weather can be fickle, checking the night before will also help in case you need to make any last-minute packing decisions.

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By checking the day of, you'll know what to pack for your carry-on should weather conditions be too hot, cold, or rainy for what you wear to the airport.

3 Making Copies And Packing Important Documents

Travel inconveniences happen all the time. What's important is that as a savvy adventurer, you come to your foreign destinations prepared.

On the off chance that you lose your passport or I.D. it's vital that you make copies to prove your citizenship. Other documents that you should carry as a "just in case" include backup identification, travel insurance, and extra credit cards.

2 Creating An Automatic Email Response

It can be hard to step away from work, even when you're on vacation. If you are someone who is constantly receiving work-related emails, the best way to avoid indulging in these affairs when on your getaway is by setting up an automatic email response.

This will let your clients or employees know when you will be back and who they can contact in the meantime while you are away. Every email system has the feature available and you can schedule it to start the day you leave for vacation.

1 Paying Your Bills

If you don't have automatic payments set up for your bills, make sure you pay them ahead of time. Wi-Fi connections may be harder to obtain in your travel destination or you may just simply forget in the middle of your luxury time away.

You can opt to set up a one-time automatic payment through most companies or you can strictly pay the full amount. Make sure to budget paying for your bills while initially planning for your vacation!

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