There are skeptics and there are conspiracy theorists, and somewhere in the middle lies the lore of the Bermuda Triangle. While there are plenty of scientific explanations for the phenomena that occur here, including electronic fog, strong electromagnetic field pulls, uneven seafloors, rogue waves, and extreme weather, there are still some things that aren't fully explained.

Diving in Bermuda is something people come from all over to try, but that doesn't mean there isn't a unique experience or two that remains a mystery. Even from those who have witnessed events that have a perfectly explainable scientific cause, it's still a mesmerizing and intriguing account of what this area of the world is capable of.

You've heard the stories from ship captains and pilots, but what about the people who are (literally) on the ground floor of the Bermuda Triangle? Divers fear nothing when they sink down into the depths of the waters that have claimed so many, and some of them have some interesting things to say about their experiences.

10 “I Can’t Even Begin To Explain The Bimini Vortex."

Diana Weber, from Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, says that the Bimini Vortex, which sits in the middle of the triangle, claims that the events that occur here still rattle some, notes The Bahamas Weekly. More often than not, electronic devices are affected and it seems to affect the local marine life as well, mainly dolphins who rely on echolocation.

9 "It’s Eerie, Like A Pond In The Middle Of The Gulf Stream."

From Weber, again, her description of the Bimini Vortex is more than accurate. The unusual features of the seabed create crevices and caves where there would otherwise be none, and these specific ridges cause the area to have its own phenomena that would otherwise be unexplained without the help of those underwater.

8 "The Reason So Many Fallen Planes And Sunken Ships Were Never Found... "

Speaking of crevices, the Bermuda Triangle is home to some pretty deep water. Scientists have completed many deep-sea dives in order to attempt to map out and decipher what occurs under the water, only to find the wreckage of ships that were presumed to be lost forever.

7 "...Foaming Around Ships Would Cause Vessels To Sink Very Rapidly And Without Much Warning."

One theory behind the sinking of ships and planes is the eruption of methane gas. With such a unique ground floor, methane gas could easily get trapped and explode to the surface, causing a sucking vortex. Divers have seen these wrecks first-hand, along with the damage they've taken.

6 "Anytime You Dive These Wrecks You’re Stepping Into A Time Capsule."

We're talking about ships that have been lost since the days Columbus sailed the seven seas. Some of these ships, many considered to once be 'ghost ships', were found decades later with the help of divers. For them, stepping back into the past is as simple as sinking down into Bermuda's depths.

5 "I Saw A Straight Blue Light Separate Clouds And Flash The Sky While It Shot Down Into The Horizon."

Divers don't need to be under the water in order to witness incredible (unexplainable) things. This account, first featured on Reddit, comes from a member of a boat crew. Interestingly enough, Columbus described the same kind of light - and general experience - as this person, centuries prior.

4 "Some Sort Of Massive Sea Creature Must Have Swallowed It, Dragging It Deeper Into Our Ocean And Turning It Into A Meal."

It's not uncommon for scientists to track marine life with a crew of divers. What is uncommon, however, is for that marine life to descend to depths unheard of, only for a sonar signal to be lost completely.

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The entire ocean holds mysterious occurrences such as this, but they're never explained in Bermuda.

3 “The Cause Of The Loss Cannot Be Definitively Ascertained.”

No matter what type of inspection, speculation, or first-hand accounts of wreckage from the Bermuda Triangle, there are just some accidents that still remain unexplained.

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This is especially true of disappearances in the 1960s, most well-known of which are four submarines from different countries that have never been recovered.

2 "I've Done A Countless Number Of Shipwreck Dives, But This One Truly Stood Out."

While one diver uttered this phrase, it's a common thought of many.

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Diving in Bermuda is like none other - not only are the wrecks essentially a teleportation device to bring us back in time, but their conditions, and damage from unknown causes, so many years later is truly remarkable.

1 "They Say The City Is Atlantis."

Off the coast of Cuba, a group of divers discovered something that caught their attention. Supposedly, a group of deep-sea experts discovered the remains of a city roughly 600' below the surface. Connections to Egypt were drawn based on the supposed inscriptions and detail of these ruins, but Atlantis has ever been confirmed, says Ancient Pages.

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