While some travelers prefer to be by the beach and would never go on a cruise, others feel that it's the perfect way to travel. People who cruise a lot love having food, entertainment, a pool, and everything else right at their fingertips. It's tough to argue with that, even if you worry about getting seasick or think you might feel a bit too cooped up in a small cabin.

What it's like to work on a cruise ship? It's a pretty fascinating job to have, but it's definitely a career that forces you to talk to all kinds of people on a regular basis, and that means that cruise ship employees are holding back a lot of the time.


Here's what the staff on cruise ships are too polite to say to passengers.

They Can't Tell You What They Actually Want To During Tough Times

According to Business Insider, there are a lot of things that happen on a cruise ship that can be pretty annoying. Maybe employees have to tell people that they can't get off the boat immediately to go into the town that they're planning on exploring and it's going to take a little while. This could be because the weather isn't good or there are too many other cruise ships trying to do the same thing.

Someone who has worked on a cruise ship said it would be great to "be more honest." It seems that cruise ship employees would really enjoy being more real about this, but instead, they have to smile and be perfectly professional at all times.

It's easy to see that employees wish they could say, "These things happen and it's going to be okay" or tell someone to calm down. It must be tough for them to keep quiet when people feel that their vacations are being ruined and it's really just a small inconvenience.

The Drills Are Important So Please Behave Yourself

When you're on a cruise, chances are you're going to experience a drill. As a cruise ship employee wrote in a Reddit thread, people can behave really badly during these times. They wrote, "During passenger (PAX) drills where you had to get all passengers to their emergency stations and get them to stand there for 15 minutes or so was a nightmare." They continued, "People would fake medical conditions to sit down, others would just wander off and want to go to the bar not understanding that most of the crew was helping out with the drill and nothing was open."

People who work on cruises are definitely too polite to tell you that you have to respect the importance of the drills, but it seems like they wish that they could say this. It would make their job a lot harder if you didn't listen to them during the drills, especially since they're just trying to keep you safe.

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You Should Leave Tips And Not Ask Personal Questions

According to Business Insider, it would be really great if cruise ship passengers would leave tips. A former employee told the publication, "Extra tips pretty much were my strongest source of income." This is something that the employees would be way too polite to say as it's awkward to straight-up ask someone to leave you a tip... but it makes sense that they would hope for this. You don't know exactly what cruise ship staff are getting paid, and why not tip for amazing service? It's a good idea to treat the restaurants and bars on cruise ships like places on land: good service equals good tips.

Business Insider also says that cruise ship employees don't like when passengers ask them super personal questions. The publication gives an example of someone who was employed by a famous cruise line who would get asked about the city or town that they live in when they're not working on the ship. It doesn't seem like it's necessary to ask someone that. Sure, you can be curious about the people that you meet while traveling, but they want to focus on their job and they might not be comfortable talking to strangers about personal details.

When you go on a cruise, you notice right away that the staff are super polite and professional. You might be curious about what it's like to work in this type of environment, along with what they wish that they could tell passengers. Now you know the types of things that are going through the minds of cruise ship employees on a regular basis.

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