A honeymoon or a vacation as a couple should be the icing on the cake in the life of a relationship. Vacations are a time to put down the regular world and escape to a dream destination. One gets to enjoy amazing moments with their loved one, and choose their own unique experience to remember forever. Jamaica is a place that couples can visit for their honeymoon or just a vacation. Jamaica is a unique country and there are things that couples should know before visiting the area.

10 The Right Time To Book For Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation that receives a lot of tourists. Many people like visiting the nation due to its amazing climate, people, culture, and beaches. For couples, identifying the right time to visit will give them a good experience. During fall, it is when Jamaica experiences its hurricane.

The country receives the highest number of visitors between January and March. However, for those who do not like the crowd, visiting Jamaica between November and March is ideal.

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9 Visit Luminous Lagoon At Montego Bay

There is nothing as good as couples visiting a place as magical as a Lagoon. This is a must-do activity when visiting Jamaica. Located in Montego Bay, one will find the Luminous Lagoon. Here, visitors will find dinoflagellates that light up in the water at night creating a great blue glow.

The area is easy to access and safe at night. Swimming in the Lagoon will give couples great experiences and memories that will last forever.

8 Bamboo Rafting At Rio Grande River

Jamaica is full of many beautiful landscapes and natural vegetation. One of these natural features is beautiful rivers and still waters. A couple should visit the Rio Grande River located in the beautiful evergreen rainforests of the country and enjoy the area. The environment is photogenic and lush for a honeymoon date.

The most amazing experience in this river is bamboo rafting. It is a simple activity to learn and do and couples can enjoy it meandering through the river and its landscape. One can also choose to get a guide or do it themselves.

7 A Romantic Stay At Doctor’s Cave Beach

Jamaica has enough beaches for couples to enjoy during their vacation or honeymoon. However, a visit to Montego Bay offers a unique experience like no other. A popular place in this area is Doctor's Cave Beach. This is a section that has been in existence for a long and offers the best beach adventure experience in the region.

This is an area with rich marine life and it offers a romantic experience for couples. There are many activities to engage in such as snorkeling, strolling, and swimming. The area has beautiful corals as well.

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6 Catamaran Ride For Sunset

It is the small things that matter when loved ones are traveling to a new country. Things such as a great sunset ride can offer the best quiet and romantic moments. This can be experienced in Jamaica by taking the Catamaran Ride. This is a popular activity and offers the best sunset views and a feeling of calmness.

One can enjoy sipping rum as they witness the colorful sunset from the horizons of the island. It is an activity a couple can do after a long day of other activities.

5 Moment With Love Budgies At Dolphin Cove

The Dolphin Cove is a popular destination in Jamaica. This place is very well known for its beautiful beaches and people can swim with the Dolphins here. However, there is another activity for couples that is unique and romantic.

The Dolphin Cove has a great animal trail and couples can feed Love Budgies from here. These beautiful creatures are known to live with one partner for life. It is a unique phenomenon and a great experience for couples in the area.

4 Rainforest Adventure

Jamaica is a country abundant in rainforests. These rainforests offer the best natural environments lush green with many things to enjoy. The rainforest next to the Caribbean sea is full of beautiful animals, great rivers, mountains, valleys, birds and so much.

A couple visiting the country should have their adventure in the rainforest. Experiencing the rainforest is great as there are many activities such as ziplining, rafting in the rivers, and even hiking which brings couples closer to the natural surroundings.

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3 Horseback Riding On The Beach

The long and beautiful beaches of Jamaica offer a lot of things. They are some of the best beaches in the Caribbean with many luxury villas and resorts to spend romantic time. One of the popular activities on the beaches and couples can enjoy is horseback riding along the beaches.

This is a romantic activity for afternoons and evenings. By riding along the Caribbean sea, one can explore different areas of the beach and learn more about the people and marine life in general.

2 Adventure In The Blue And John Crow Mountains National Park

It is a national park that will leave any couple excited and wanting more. Blue and John Crow mountains offer the best natural vegetation in the country. The place is so green with rolling hills, great vegetation, and amazing trails. As a result, visiting the park and climbing into these mountains will offer a visitor a memorable experience for sure.

One can enjoy great waterfalls, spectacular views from the mountains, nature walks, seeing butterflies and birds, and so much more.

1 Port Antonio

For anyone looking for the best private experience on the beach, this is the right place to go. For honeymooners, scuba diving, jungle hiking, and snorkeling are activities to do here. At Port Antonio, one gets a combination of green mountains and clear waters of the beach. Marine life is plentiful.

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