When it comes to traveling, it seems like there are definitely some high expectations that come with taking a vacation as a couple. With the incredible expense of traveling and the precious memories that can be had while on a vacation, it's not surprising that there is quite a bit of time and thought put into planning a trip as a couple. People are often a bit hesitant when it comes to who they're willing to travel with since the vacation can either go incredibly well or thought of as a waste of time.

While people are often quite optimistic when it comes to planning a future trip as a couple, there are definitely some things that should be taken into consideration in order for it to all go smoothly. While vacationing is often thought of as a leisurely endeavor, that doesn't mean that it is completely stress-free. On the contrary, traveling can often be quite stressful and couples should be aware of what might happen or what can be done to ensure everyone enjoys the trip. Couples can definitely use a vacation to grow closer but a nightmarish trip can also be detrimental to the future of a relationship. Check out our list of the 25 things couples do wrong on vacation and ensure that the next trip goes off without a hitch.

25 Bringing Work On Vacation

When it comes to taking a vacation, there are definitely some presumptions about bringing along work. Vacations are supposed to be about getting away from the stress of work but that doesn't mean that everyone completely adheres to this mindset. Instead, there are some people that tend to bring their computers with them (marketwatch.com) and utilize the hotel's Wifi during their trip. Not only is this a way to really miss out on the heart of a true vacation but it can definitely make the other person feel a bit neglected. When traveling as a couple, it's important to try and give the other person complete attention.

24 Picking Separate Excursions

When it comes to picking activities for a vacation, not everyone seems to have the same preferences or notions of what would constitute a great time. While it would seem like a great idea to branch off and partake in activities apart from one another, that doesn't always end well for a couple on vacation. In theory, it should seem like it would help to make it a great vacation for a couple because it would allow each person to do something that really interests them. Yet, vacationing together should be a time when a couple spends even more quality time together and there is a chance of something going wrong (nationalgeographic) if a couple is split up.

23 Letting The Weather Affect The Trip

When planning a vacation, many people tend to overlook the weather aspect of their final destination. There are hopes that their location will feature the very best weather possible but that's not always the case. From unexpected thunderstorms to scattered rain showers that can put a damper on a vacation, there are many couples that have allowed the weather to negatively affect the overall trip. While dealing with constant rain pour can definitely affect plans that are made for a trip, that doesn't mean that there isn't a good time that can be had, despite the weather (theworldnews.net). It's important for couples to try and make the best of things and plan around the weather, instead of allowing it to affect the entire trip.

22 Cheaping Out On The Hotel Accommodations

When it comes to traveling as a couple, it's important to note that the hotel accommodations can be a huge aspect in the overall experience of a vacation. It can create a certain amount of ambiance and it can help to make a more enjoyable overall experience. Yet, not everyone takes all of that into consideration when booking a trip. It's easy to think that the hotel accommodations aren't that important. It's tempting to save a bit of money and choose accommodations that aren't the most expensive since there are so many different activities that might be more exciting. Many people think that they won't be spending so much time at the hotel but choosing a less than stellar hotel stay (smartertravel) can negatively impact the overall experience of a vacation.

21 Not Adhering To The Rules Of The Land

When it comes to traveling, it's interesting how guidelines and laws can vary when picking locations domestically or internationally. Even places that aren't that far from home can have distinct rules that need to be followed by both locals and tourists alike. It's important to make oneself knowledgeable regarding these rules and adhere to them accordingly. A great example of how this can negatively impact a vacation for a couple occurred when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (vanityfair) were caught disobeying the guidelines for traveling with animals when visiting Australia. While the couple was able to avoid some of the worst penalties by partaking in a public service announcement for Australia, not everyone would be able to get away that easily.

20 Picking One-Sided Activities

When planning a vacation as a couple, some people can tend to push their own preferences of activities onto their partner. While one person would think that a vacation is best spent partaking in water sports and being as adventurous as possible, the other person can favor leisurely activities with a lot of relaxation time. It's important to take the other person's preferences into account so that the activities aren't all one-sided while on vacation (theguardian). Although there are those that are happy with being pushed outside of their comfort zone, there are others that might feel a tad resentful that their vacation has been all planned out without their input.

19 Arriving Too Late And Missing A Flight

When it comes to air travel, it's important to note that it's not always an exact science and travelers are often required to perform a few extra steps in order for everything to go smoothly. One of the most important aspects of air travel is the amount of time that is allotted for getting checked in for a flight. Arriving late to the airport can become a huge mistake, especially when not considering the length of the lines throughout the airport. From checking in to getting through the security check lanes, it can really ruin a trip when a flight is missed (travelandleisure).

18 Getting Into A Fight

While vacationing is often thought of as a leisurely activity, it's interesting to note that there are quite a few stressful things that are included in the traveling process. From hurrying to make a flight to the jet lag that can come from a lengthy trip, it's not surprising that there are some individuals that can become a bit cranky while on a vacation. Yet, it's important to note that getting in a fight or even just bickering on a couple's vacation (goodtherapy) can be a huge mistake that can absolutely ruin the overall experience. Not only will it take away from the fun that can be had but it also wastes valuable vacation time.

17 Skipping Travelers Insurance

When planning a vacation, there are a number of different factors to take into account in regards to the expenses. While people often focus on getting the best deal on air travel or the best discount on an upgraded hotel stay, not everyone takes the time to seek out traveler's insurance. This can seem like an unnecessary expense for couple's but that certainly changes in the event of something unfortunate happening whilst on a trip. According to globotreks, travel insurance can help with everything from an overbooked hotel stay to lost luggage after reaching a destination and it can really help calm down a dire situation.

16 Packing Everything Into One Communal Bag

With baggage often incurring an added cost for airfare travel, it's not surprising that couples will try and cram everything into one bag (huffpost). This can help tamper down baggage fees and many couples think of it as a way to add convenience to a trip. Multiple bags can increase the chances of having one lost and can take up more time at the conveyor belt. Yet, having only one communal bag for a traveling couple can bring on a series of problems, in and of itself. Losing this bag can hugely impact the overall experience of a couple's vacation.

15 Taking The Trip To Mend A Relationship

With people often thinking of vacations as having the best memories from their year, it's important to note that it's not the actual traveling and location that is solely responsible for making it a great experience. The relationship with a travel companion is a huge factor of whether or not the vacation goes well and any issues aren't completely erased simply because it's in a different location. A huge mistake some couples have made is to think that taking a vacation will help to mend a broken relationship (guidedoc.com) but that isn't always the case and can make for an incredibly tense trip.

14 Choosing A Flight With Layovers

When it comes to choosing a flight, many people take price into consideration for what airline they choose. With air travel being quite expensive, it's not unheard of for a couple to choose a flight with multiple layovers in order to get the best price. While stops during a flight will often lower the price of a ticket, it can often lead to a number of negatives for a vacation. According to USAtoday Flights with layovers can become quite lengthy and can waste precious time from the vacation. Also, there is an increase of a chance of lost luggage when flights don't go directly to the final destination.

13 Not Making Friends With Other Travelers

When traveling as a couple, it's interesting how often there will be a chance for interaction with others. Even for those that don't plan on mingling with the locals, there will inevitably people that couples will interact with while on a vacation. From fellow tourists at the resort to other people (travelalerts) that booked the same sorts of activities, these individuals can be a huge aspect of memories that come from the trip. When a couple decides to completely shut themselves off from other travelers and people they encounter, they can miss out on making some great memories and perhaps a few tidbits on how to enhance the overall experience.

12 Checking In Late To the Hotel

When traveling, it can be extremely exciting to finally reach the destination. Whether it's a local hotspot that has a lot to see or an exotic location that offers a completely new environment, it can be tempting for travelers to want to get right into their vacation prior to checking in to their hotel. Yet, that can be quite a big mistake for couples. Checking in to a hotel can sometimes take longer than expected (tripadvisor) and there are numerous other factors to take into account. Some hotels tend to overbook, which allows for a chance for the hotel to sell out rooms.

11 Not Exploring All Of The Hotel

There are some hotels all over the world that are far more than just a simple row of rooms to rent. There are some hotels that offer an entire complex dedicated to its visitors, with a multitude of restaurants and bars within the resort. From bowling alleys to nightclubs to adjacent beaches that offer additional water activities, it's important for couples to fully explore their hotel and see all the different things that are available. Many couples have made the mistake of not fully exploring while on vacation (caribbeanwarehouse.co.uk) and it can create a huge amount of regret once they realize that they missed out on something right in their hotel.

10 Forgetting About The Privacy Factor

When traveling, many couples can think of themselves as being in a bit of a bubble. Vacationing as a couple is often thought of as a romantic getaway and a chance to leave the worries of the real-world behind. Yet, that doesn't mean that the privacy factor is always considered when traveling as a couple. This is something that many couples can have a tendency to overlook and it can create a few embarrassing moments. A great example is when a couple forgets to put the "Do not disturb" sign (tripsavvy) on their hotel suite and that can definitely impact the overall experience of a trip.

9 Taking Too Many Pictures

In an era where everyone seems to be overly excited about sharing their vacation photos, it's not surprising that there have been numerous individuals and couples that have been accused of taking far too many photos. While there are definitely those moments that should be captured, taking too many photos can actually take away from the actual experience. Stopping to take selfies (cheatsheet) or just snapping away far too often while on a couple's vacation can deter from actually being in the moment and being present with the other person. While it's fine to take a few snaps to capture the moments, it's also important not to spend the vacation experiencing it through a lens.

8 Opting For Taxi Service

When it comes to traveling, it seems like there are so many people that rely on taxi service in order to get around (mmtimes). Whether it's getting to and from the airport or traveling out a bit farther to visit sightseeing locations and local hotspots, taxis are often the go-to method of transportation. Yet, that can be a huge mistake that couples make when they're on vacation. There have been instances that have shown taxis taking advantage of tourists and charging ludicrous amounts for short trips and there are so many other options of travel that can be far less expensive.

7 Eating At Well-Known Hotspots

When traveling, many couples spend a great deal of time researching the food and drink options available to them once they reach their destination. While sightseeing may be a huge part of why people travel, it's interesting how often fine dining can go along with the experience of vacationing as a couple. Yet, a common mistake that some couples make while on a trip is to visit hotspot locations (forbes) that are commonly known in their travel destination. These establishments can sometimes jack up their prices to cater towards the influx of tourists and the quality may be subpar in comparison to some other lesser known locations.

6 Exchanging Too Much Money

When traveling to a foreign location, many travelers tend to exchange an inordinate amount of money so that they will have cash that they can carry around. Cash is often the preferred method of payment for a number of different activities while on vacation, as well as local street vendors. Yet, exchanging too much cash at the onset of a vacation can actually cause couples to overspend. The exchange rate can also come into effect if there is some cash left over at the end of a trip because there isn't always an even exchange (independent.co.uk) and people can end up losing money in the end.