Getting married is a huge point in many people's lives, so it's no surprise that people go pretty crazy when they make it to the honeymoon. Not only do they get to go somewhere with their beloved, they also get to spend the entire time thinking about the years that they now get to spend together! However, sometimes this excitement can get in the way of other people trying to enjoy travelling, which is exactly why we've made this list!

What we've done is pulled together the thirty things that really gets on our nerves when we see honeymoon couples do them when they're celebrating their recent marriage. Hopefully this can save some poor people from having to witness it when they're travelling, or stop honeymooners from making other people feel way too awkward!

So, we think it's about time that those who are gearing up for their honeymoon hear us complain about what they'll likely end up doing. Plus, they have a chance to see how they can make sure they don't get on other people's nerves while they're abroad. We think it's about time to get started!

30 Carry The Woman Over The Threshold

Not only could this end up being quite painful for someone, there's something pretty awkward about running into someone doing this. We don't want to accidentally see people carrying their loved one into their hotel room, as it makes us think about what they're going to get up to once they're in the room. Not only that, but this makes couples who can't carry their bride over the threshold uncomfortable, as it makes them feel as if they're outside of the wedding norm!

29 Gloat

We know that this is a very exciting part of your life, but that doesn't mean you have to be annoying about it. Being humble and modest is a good idea, no matter what is going on in your life.

Believe it or not, but the rest of us might not be doing too well, maybe even struggling to move through a breakup ourselves, so hearing two people gloat they've found love doesn't feel too nice.

Maybe just be happy that you've found somebody you love. That should be enough.

28 Refuse To Let Their Plane Take Off Till They're Sat Together

We understand that some people genuinely struggle with flying, and that's why they have to make sure they're sat with someone they know and trust, which is why they should make plans ahead of time. If they stop everyone else from getting to their holiday just because they happen to be on their honeymoon, then they are the most annoying sort of human being out there. Do not do this. Do not be this person.

27 Talk About Their Plans Loudly

Look, we get that you're probably having a better time than everyone else, or at least you think you are, but we don't want to hear about it.

We know that the only reason that you happen to be talking about your plans so loudly is because you want everyone else around you to know what is happening.

Don't forget that, we honestly don't care. It's time for people to realize that the world of marriage is only interesting to the people who are actually getting married.

26 Have The Man Carry The Luggage

There's a lot of traditions out there that people need to start throwing into the past where they deserve, and one of those things is that the man has to be the strong one.

A lot of luggage needs to be brought in when people get to their hotel and after they've landed, and the man doesn't have to carry at all.

Believe it or not, but most of the time, women are actually very good at carrying things. They've got to hands and everything! They've been doing it their entire life...

25 Go overboard

We know that having a few drinks can be a great way of celebrating something massive, such as enjoying the fact that they're getting married. However, that doesn't mean people should go overboard with it.

Yes, the amount of people who end up arguing with their fiance because they go overboard is way too high.

Not only that, but they can end up being rude and unpleasant to the staff that are looking after them.

24 Cry A Lot

We live in a modern world where it's okay to cry in public, that both men and women are allowed to show their human emotions no matter what those emotions happen to be.

That being said, it can be annoying to watch people really lean into this excess, crying at the littlest reminder that they will soon be getting married. 

We get it, you're getting married soon, but do you really have to cry when you're talking about how you both share the favorite meal or something like that?!

23 Don't Cook For Themselves

For anyone out there not in a relationship, they should know that one of the best things a couple can do together is cook, as it takes teamwork while always providing a bit of a laugh as well! This is why it's really sad when people end up not cooking with their fiance, instead opting for restaurants and room service. We're not saying they have to eat in every night they're away, but if you can't cook with the person that you love, then there's something wrong there.

22 Night time dips

We understand that this is an exciting time in your life, but that doesn't mean we all want to see just how excited you can get during this time in your life.

All we're saying is, we want people to be able to go about their business without worrying they're going to run into two people showing off a lot more than they should be!

It's just a bit of fun for the people involved, but it can genuinely be traumatic for the others who end up stumbling upon them without wanting to!

21 Leave Their Room A Mess

Honestly, we don't think that people should be expected to wash up their room completely before they leave, as there are people who are hired to clean up the rooms.

However, there are some people out there that leave their room in an absolute state, and for some reason people on their honeymoon seem to think they can get away with whatever they want (thesun).

If you're going to make a mess, then we suggest that you spend some time cleaning it up before you leave!

20 Snuggle Up On Planes

Okay, so we're not exactly against a little PDA, but planes are pretty awkward and snug places to begin with, so people who snuggle together like they're in private can make it pretty unpleasant. If you're on a plane and you want to snuggle up with someone, then we suggest that you don't, as it will probably make everyone else feel pretty uncomfortable. Wait till the plane lands and then snuggle up to each other as much as you want!

19 Laugh Loudly At Things Only They Understand

One of the best things about being in a long term relationship is the amount of inside jokes that the two of you end up coming with, something that we all understand. For some reason, there are a lot of smug people out there on their honeymoon who want everyone else to know that their partner is much funnier than yours, and that the two of them have much better inside jokes than you do. It is sad and we want everyone to stop doing it right now.

18 Public Baby Talk

Honestly, this is pretty tough to see people do when they're talking to a pet or a baby, but when we see two adults talking like this it makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable.

If you want to talk like this when you're in private, fine, but in public you have to know that pretty much everyone that hears you is holding back vomit in their mouths.

Public displays of affection can be passable at times, but this sort of thing never goes down well with everyone else.

17 Sit On Each Other's Laps

If there is no other space to sit down, then we can let this one slide, but it just looks silly when adults sit on each other's laps even though there's seats around. Honestly, we don't want to see people doing this if they're over the age of sixteen. Not only that, but if people sit on each other's laps for too long it gets painful and that is just a fact, we don't care how nice it is to be that close to someone you love. It is uncomfortable eventually.

16 Take Pictures Of Everything

If this really is a time you don't want to forget, we can understand why people want to take a couple of pictures, but don't take pictures of everything you do.

Try and live in the moment and take in the situation! You don't want to think of your honeymoon in the future through the lens of a phone or camera screen!

This goes double for selfies by the way. Nobody should have enough time free on their honeymoon to be taking selfies to put up on their favorite social network sight.

15 Bring The Whole Family

First of all, it's pretty annoying to be somewhere on holiday and see everything being taken up by an entire group, whether it's a family or not.

Secondly, we don't want to think about the logistics of having an entire family along for a romantic time such as a honeymoon.

We won't go into what happens on a honeymoon because we all already know what goes on, but we'll just say that the family should not be getting involved!

14 Don't Change Their Currency

There are two reasons why people wouldn't do this, and to be honest, we find both of them as annoying and pathetic as the other, so let's take a look!

First of all, ignorant couples will just assume that their US currency should work everywhere else, and so they will turn up with their own currency and refuse not to use it.

Secondly, they forgot to do this. If you're forgetting what is supposed to be the happiest time in your life, then your priorities are definitely not right!

13 Get Too Close In The hotel Spa

We're not talking about cuddling or snuggling here! If people need reminding that they shouldn't be doing this sort of stuff while they're public, whether it's their honeymoon or not, then we think these couples shouldn't be allowed out of the house if we're honest!

Keep it in your room and don't bring it into our holiday, okay?!

The hotel spa is a place for everyone to relax, and just because it's your honeymoon doesn't mean you won't be arrested for this sort of thing.

12 Want The Best Table At A Restaurant

If they happen to get the best table in the house, or if they book ahead, then that's absolutely fine, but if they kick up a stink in the restaurant, then they are the most annoying kind of person.

Somebody is already sat there, and they will take how long they want, because they were lucky or maybe they booked ahead!

Nobody else cares if it's your honeymoon, so leave them alone to enjoy their meal guys...

11 Remove All Of Their Clothes

Okay, we will admit that there are obviously places across the world, such as nudist beaches, where people can take all of their clothes off with the person they love and it's all cool! That being said, not everyone is comfortable with this sort of thing, so try not to do it by the side of the hotel pool or at any old beach, because you may be surrounded by a lot of people who just don't feel comfortable with what is happening.