15 Things Couples Can Do In The US (10 That Are Better In Canada)

There’s simply nothing better than exploring the world with the one you love. Are you looking for somewhere new to visit with bae? Or maybe you’re planning the perfect place to get down on one knee? No matter the reason or occasion, there’s definitely an abundance of quaint spots that you two can go to, together.

This article will show off 15 beautiful locations within the United States that will add a touch of romance to your love life. These 15 locations are followed by 10 Canadian locations that are equally breathtaking! These locations range from natural, more outdoorsy sites, to more relaxing experiences, to more adventurous trips! Choose the ones that tickle your fancy.

Regardless if you and your partner prefer to have low-key, relaxing trips, love to snap photos or are adventure junkies, there’s somewhere that you can explore and enjoy together. Anyone would love to be surprised by their partner on a cute mini vacation to any of these places! Read on to get inspired about the next spots you two can go together.

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25 United States – Surfing


There’s nothing more fun and romantic than a beach date with bae. Surfing is an amazing activity to learn to do together, and Hawaii is the perfect place to learn! Catch some waves and get your tan on, all while doing a pretty hardcore workout. Any active couple would absolutely love a day like this one! The States have several amazing beaches and the climate for this activity! So, go ahead and spend the day outdoors, surfing on your favourite beach!

24 United States – Santa Monica Pier


Looking for a nice carefree date idea? Opt for the Santa Monica Pier. The pier is on Venice beach, arguably one of the most popular beaches in the United States. On the pier, there are countless amounts of activities, like street performers, a giant ferris wheel where you can steal a kiss and ultra-romantic views. This is a great place to go to when you have no plans at all. Simply go to the pier and see where the night takes you! This is the perfect date if you’re looking to add a little bit of fun and spontaneity to your love life.

23 Canada – Sea to Sky Gondola


Thought you had to go to Venice for Gondola rides? Turns out it was a little closer than expected! You will experience a gondola ride that allows you to get a real feel of nature through sites like the Shannon Falls and the Howe Sound Fjord. Once you reach the top of the summit, there are many other cool things to do and see! You can try snowshoeing or skiing if you want to spend some time outdoors. There is also the Spirit Trail that is decorated with romantic decorations around Valentine’s Day. This is definitely a magical place to fall in love at.

22 United States – Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn bridge gives you a view of New York City that you would otherwise not get anywhere else. It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring to see this wondrous city, specifically at night. This is a known spot for couples to go and lock their love on the bridge, by placing a lock on a part of the bridge’s structure. If you’re looking to make this experience one to remember, this bridge is a very popular place to get down on one knee and propose. It will definitely make for a romantic experience that is unforgettable.

21 Canada – Dog Sledding


Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend love dogs and nature? In that case, this activity is a must! A group of dogs will pull you through the snow on a sled, allowing you to spend the day with these furry pets and enjoy some time outdoors. If you and your lover love to try new things, you absolutely need to add this one to your bucket list! This is sure to be an exhilarating experience that you will remember forever!

20 United States – Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is an overwhelmingly beautiful natural canyon that also has many cute attractions for you and your bae to enjoy. There is a fantastic restaurant on the edge of the southern rim of the canyon, where you can enjoy a meal while also enjoying the view. If you’d rather be out in nature, watching the sunset with your boyfriend or girlfriend atop of the canyon is something you’re sure to remember. If you’re both nature lovers, why not bring a telescope and stargaze? Too cute!

19 United States – Walt Disney World


There’s a reason why Disney is considered to be the happiest place on earth. It’s a magical park where all of your childhood dreams come true. Anyone who loves movies, animated characters or enjoyed these films in their childhood, will absolutely love to spend the day here! Aside from all the mascots, there are so many rides, making this a perfect day for adventure junkies. If you and your love are film freaks or are thrill seekers, you’ll enjoy a magical day at Disney World.

18 United States – Empire State Building


Anyone who’s ever watched Gossip Girl knows that all big romantic gestures happen at the Empire State building. It’s an iconic building that gives you a rush, and also a beautiful view of the city. It’s amongst the top places people choose to get married at in the United States, so why not go scope it out and see if you like it? If you and your partner love films, you’ll have definitely seen this site featured in some of your favourite romance movies. Why not go and make those movies come to life?

17 United States – Orca Island


Orca Island is a lovely island off the northwestern coast of Washington State. On this island, you’ll find quaint cottages, quiet lakes with awe-inspiring views, adorable paths to walk along and some nice nature spots. Visiting the island by boat is a great way to spend the day! You even get to see whales and eagles! If boats are not your thing, you can explore the island by bike or on foot! If you'd rather unwind, go visit the bay hot springs for a relaxing afternoon! There’s definitely something for every mood on this island.

16 United States – The Greenbrier


The Greenbrier is a luxurious resort, located in West Virginia. It has been open since the 18th century, however, they have recently spent upwards of 50 million dollars renovating it, meaning you know you're in for quite the experience (tripsavvy). While there is plenty of history on the grounds, there are also amazing accommodations that will make for an incredible stay. There are also several upscale restaurants that are perfect if you and your partner are foodies. This place is perfect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary to remember.

15 United States – Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone is a national park that crosses the state lines of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This is a perfect experience to set aside all technology and go camping! It’s an unconventional way to rekindle your romance and reconnect. There are endless camping options available and this will allow you to see the sunrise, sunset and the stars! Don’t forget to stop at a natural hot spring for a steamy soak before departing! The beauty of the park itself is extremely enjoyable, but when explored with a partner it is totally unforgettable.

14 United States – Eureka Springs


Eureka Springs is located in Arkansas and is ideal if you and your love need to get away for a weekend. There are amazing spa amenities, and scenic roads to visit. There are trails to hike in the Ozark Mountains that even feature amazing waterfalls (blog.eurekasprings). There are so many cute hotels to choose from and endless romantic restaurants and activities. This is the perfect destination if you want to unwind and reconnect with your lover. Whether you want to stay in and rest, or go out and explore, the choice is up to you!

13 United States – Golden Gate Bridge


When in San Francisco, it is essential to go for a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge. While it’s ultra-touristy, it boasts breathtaking views that will make you fall in love with the city, and with your partner. You’re sure to take some lovely photos and steal a kiss or two while sightseeing. If you enjoy the view from the bridge, you can even rent a paddle boat and go for a ride on the water below it! You’re sure to have an amazing day here.

12 United States – Central Park


Everyone who’s ever watched Friends lowkey wants to go explore Central Park for an afternoon. If you're going on a winter adventure, you need to go skating on Wollman Rink. It’s going to make for an absolutely fun day, but also will make you feel as though your life is a part of some cute romantic comedy. Afterwards, of course, you two need to share some hot cocoa and cuddle up next to a fireplace! What a perfect winter’s day!

11 United States – Love Park


This a necessary place to visit if you want to get a cute photo for your social media. This park is originally called John F. Kennedy Plaza but was later nicknamed “Love Park.” This nickname was given because of a large reproduction of a famous sculpture made by Robert Indiana that spells out Love (Wikipedia). People love (pun intended) to take photos in front of this sculpture. If you and your partner are addicted to photos and selfies, you’ll love to spend an afternoon outdoors here.

10 United States – Broadway Show


Tickets to a Broadway show are an easy way to show your art-loving partner how much you care! Be wary and buy your tickets in advance as some of the more popular shows sell out rather quickly. A night at the theatre is a great way to experience something different than you regularly do and witness an amazing show performed by world-class actors and actresses. Splurging for a show at Times Square will make that experience just that much more memorable, but there are many other famous locations that put on a mean show.

9 United States – Take A Wine Tour


If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is. If you and your babe want to go on a fancy date, why not take a guided tour across different wineries. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge of wine and learn some new things together! Not to mention the wine might make you get a little flirty feeling. There are some amazing views on canyons on this guided tour and you can also opt to bike through it! Talk about a day to remember.

8 Canada – Humber Bay Arch Bridge


While often when you walk across a bridge you are seeking beautiful views, on the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, the bridge itself is the view. It was built in the late 90s and architecturally resembles the work of a famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava (blogto). It’s worth visiting this place to get a feel of different kinds of architecture. The sublime feeling you’ll get while looking at the infrastructure is sure to make you feel a little more in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A definite must-see!

7 Canada – The Distillery District


The Distillery District is one of the most romantic places to go to while in Toronto. If you and your loved one are Christmas fiends, definitely go explore their annual Christmas market! There are plenty of activities to do, food to taste and overall is totally beautiful. This market definitely has a big European influence and will make you feel like you’re a lot farther from home than you really are. The romantic spot is complete with a Ferris wheel and a heart statue, an essential for any cute date, right?

6 Canada – David Dunlap Observatory


Was your love written in the stars? Time to find out, I guess, on your next date! There’s nothing more romantic than a night under the stars with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s even a perfect place to get down on one knee, hint hint! Nearby, you will find a Weldrick-Nightstar bridge built for pedestrians that is absolutely breathtaking. If you and your partner are astrology-obsessed, you need to plan a date here. Ideally, go in the spring or summer when the skies are clear and the weather is permitting!

5 Canada – Banff Upper Hot Springs


The Banff Hot Springs are an essential place to visit with your boyfriend or girlfriend when in Alberta. The hot springs are located in the Rocky Mountains, which makes for a quiet and isolated little getaway. There are endless amounts of gorgeous hotels in the Rockies as well, meaning you can book a little staycation while visiting the hot springs. The hot springs are made up of mineral water that is extremely soothing and helps restore your muscles. You’re sure to come back as new, more relaxed people.

4 Canada – Rideau Canal


If you're an active couple who can handle a little bit of cold weather, you need to go on a date to the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. It’s one of the most famous attractions in the province! It's a 126 miles long rink that allows you to see the Parliament and other nice views (tripsavvy). It will be an amazing day where you get to skate hand-in-hand with your lover. If you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy a beaver tail, a traditional Canadian snack, while skating!

3 Canada – Northern Lights Resort and Spa


The northern lights are one of the most breathtaking things to see in the world. Totally natural and beautiful, the sky lights up in various colours that will make you and your lover awestruck. The northern lights resort and spa is a super quiet and relaxing spot to go to. You can enjoy couples massages, good meals and if you plan your trip accordingly, you might even get to see this beautiful natural site! This is the perfect intimate trip for lovers who want a magical and peaceful evening.

2 Canada – Ice Hotel


Want to cuddle up and relax with bae? Hop on over to the Ice Hotel where the atmosphere is totally unique and magical! It’s far away from the city centre so you can enjoy a quiet time and be fully relaxed. As if straight out of a dream, this Quebec hotel is totally built from ice, as though it was a real life, upscale igloo! The building itself is a work of art, and it has a thematic décor that will blow your mind! It’s definitely a winter getaway you’ll always remember.

1 Canada – Castles in the Canadian Rockies


There is so much to see in the Canadian Rockies! These mountains feature many extravagant castles that will make you feel as though you’ve travelled all the way to Europe. There are exquisite lakes and of course, beautiful views of the mountain ranges that will add a bit of outdoorsy romance to your trip. Visiting these castles will make you feel like your life has transformed into a fairytale. If you want to make your lover feel like a prince or princess, you must take them on a night stay here!

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