When celebrity couples go on vacation, we live vicariously through them because of all the photos they take of themselves that they post on social media, as well as all the pics that the paps take after discovering their locations. We see them frolicking on a pristine beach, suntanning on a yacht, visiting local markets for local fare and hiking to high platforms to see views of intense beauty: the blue oceans, the white sand and the palm trees swaying in the wind. Their lavish getaways almost always start with a private jet where they can relax with no other passengers on board. They go to exotic locations, secret places where no one can find them, fairytale European cities, the south of France, and staying in hotels so luxurious and expensive that the costs could pay for someone's college tuition. They give us a glimpse of their vacays and we end up comparing our vacays to theirs and we almost always fall short.

But the real reason we want a peek inside their vacation is not so much where they go--although of course that's important--but rather what they do when they're in paradise. Some just relax and do nothing. Some take up sports. Some immerse themselves in the local culture. Tom Brady and Gisele spent time in Doha, Qatar and rode camels. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen explored the Balinese jungle. Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Younes Bendjima spent their summer vacation in St. Tropez and went pedal boating. Chris Hemsworth is from Australia, but he's been so busy making movies that he never got to explore its countryside, so that's what he and his wife did when he had some downtime.

If you too want a glimpse of what our fave celebs do while on holiday, you don't have to scroll through social media or check out the gossip magazines. We've done the work for you so you too can imagine what it's like to be in love while falling in love with the coast of Positano, the historic city Guadalajara, the beautiful nature of Antiparos. So here's our gift to you: 25 things celebrity couples do on vacation that make us all jealous.

25 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello: Private Island

What Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello do when on vacay is to visit a secluded tropical location. The power couple--Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV and Manganiello starred in the hit movie Magic Mike and its sequel--have done their best to ensure that nobody will find them and so far it has worked. All Vergara has done is post on social media that she's in "Casa Chipi Chipi," but doesn't reveal exactly where it is, according to Travel + Leisure. Can you imagine going on vacay to a place no one knows about? We're super jealous!

24 Emma Watson and Brendan Wallace: Mexico

Emma Watson and actor Chord Overstreet broke up this past May, according to PopSugar, but then there were rumors that the two were experiencing heavy PDA while in LA. Well, it must be that Watson moved on because she just went on vacation with a new man, tech CEO Brendan Wallace. They went to Mexico together and here's just a taste of what they did: they enjoyed some restaurants in a jubilant way, they were seen laughing a lot while out and about, they got heavy while in public and, well, they stayed in at their hotel with the door sign saying "Do Not Disturb."

23 Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: Paris Romance

Back in 2017, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx kept their romance private. Now that they have revealed to the world that they are dating, the two often go on vacation together. To celebrate Holmes' birthday, the two traveled on a private plane to get to Cabo San Lucas. But it was their trip to Paris last year that makes us jealous. Holmes flew to Paris to be with Foxx, who was filming a new version of Robin Hood close by. What Katie did on vacay while Foxx worked was to visit him at the Cité du Cinemas studio complex, according to US. Isn't that romantic? It definitely shows they're in love!

22 Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen: Camels in Doha, Qatar

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen recently went on a family vacation to Doha, Qatar. While exploring the Middle East, they hit all the popular sites as if they were tourists. According to a US profile, they visited the Museum of Islamic and, get this, they even had lunch with the chairperson of Qatar museums, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hada Al Thani. The family also visited a famous outdoor market known for its scents from all the perfumes it sells. On top of that, they went to Sealine to ride camels. Camels! We're so jealous of their itinerary!

21 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen: Bali with the beau

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are used to taking vacations together even when one of them works. For example, during every stop on Legend's recent tour, the couple rented out incredible Airbnb locations so they could be together. But it wasn't until their recent trip to Bali that made headlines, as it was a special occasion, their first big vacation together with their babies, according to Travel + Leisure. Teigen and Legend both shared updates from their vacation to social media, including a video of her and John and Luna riding on a golf cart to their resort, a beautiful photo of the Balinese jungle at sunrise and lots of adorable pics of baby Miles and Luna. Sounds so fun!

20 John Krasinski and Emily Blunt: Italy

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary last year days before their special date. They went on vacation by returning to Italy, which is where they tied the knot. Of course the paps followed them, which is why we know they spent days off the coast of Tuscany to relax on a pristine beach. They splashed in the water and were also seen taking in the sun on a yacht, according to Entertainment Tonight. We love this cute couple and what they did on vacay was a perfect way to celebrate their upcoming anniversary.

19 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: jetsetting in Europe

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel know how to make their jobs a vacation. During his European tour dates last year, Biel and son Silas went along with Timberlake and made it a family affair. They went to Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen and many other places. What they did was relax and tour each city. And they went to the beach a lot. In fact, while walking along the beach, Biel shared this with fans: “Do we look European? Because we sure feel European! Summer, please never end!" We envy them. We know they loved their European vacation because Biel said she was "already nostalgic" about it, according to One Country.

18 Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky: Australia

Chris Hemsworth hails from Australia, but like most people, he's been so busy making Marvel movies that he has no time to explore his native land. That all changed when he and his wife decided to vacay in Australia. According to Happily Mag, the two were inseparable while they explored the countryside. Here are a few things they did while on vacay: they went suntanning on a beautiful clear beach, walked through the wilderness, and explored must-see spots like Bondi Beach, Camp Cove, and Ayers Rock. Yep, this trip makes us jealous too!

17 Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: London

Just last week newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went on vacation near London. According to Cosmopolitan, this romantic getaway may be the first of many now that Justin has cleared his schedule to be near Hailey. The two went on a paddleboat ride but it appears from photos that Justin doesn't know how to row because he rowed them into a corner! They also went to a farmhouse because Justin is a huge fan of animals. They did much more, but what everyone's talking about is the face tattoo that Bieber recently got. As a tattoo artist told Page Six, ".Justin’s tattoo is on his face, and I haven’t seen any photos of it, so he’s doing a good job of laying low.” The getaway seems great, but not the tattoo! How many tattoos does Bieber need?

16 Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas: Mexico

Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas traveled by private plane at the end of this summer to spend a brief sojourn in Mexico. According to E! News, the couple accomplished many things in a short period of time. They had dinner in Cabo San Lucas, went sightseeing in the historic city Guadalajara, and checked-in at One and Only Palmilla, which is an oceanfront hotel perfect for couples. In Acre Baja, they did a tour of the farmland and had a leisurely lunch at Flora Farms where the two learned about farm-to-table meals. Sounds like a perfect getaway for the newlyweds.

15 Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher - The RV life

Mila Kunis bought Ashton Kutcher an RV and they decided to travel around the states for their honeymoon with JT's parents in tow. But everything went wrong. Kunis, speaking to Travel + Leisure, said that her mother-in-law picked the RV parks from books that were outdated rather than refer to the internet, so they were always lost. Then the A/C broke in 110 degree weather. Kunis also admitted that they lost their way because they used Apple Maps, which took them to "a fire road on the side of a mountain." The honeymoon sounds terrible, but they remained united, and that's what makes us jealous.

14 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Uganda

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have traveled the world, but it was their recent vacation in Uganda that topped all trips. That's because it was a fun-filled getaway and having North West there made them do kids' things that brought the family even more together. The three enjoyed a safari trip and did some sightseeing. Even their stay at a five-star hotel was like a safari, as their suite looked out upon wild animals like elephants and hippos. A source told E! that the family "[immersed] themselves in the culture of Uganda."  They even met the President of Uganda, Yoweri K. Museveni (above), for a discussion about the arts and tourism.

13 Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Around The World

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have literally been everywhere in the world for vacations. And they go to far-flung places in style, using their $40 million private jet. According to People and E! Online, in the past few years, the power couple have chartered private yachts in Italy, spent days in AirBnb rentals that cost them around $10K a month, stayed at the $19,000 per night Shangri-La suite in Paris, rented a house in the Hamptons for $400,000 a month, traveled to the exclusive Brando Resort in Tahiti and stayed at a private retreat in Kailua, Hawaii.

12 Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima

Back in 2017,  Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Younes Bendjima spent their summer vacation in St. Tropez. We're still talking about the romantic getaway because thanks to the paps, the pictures of them together revealed all the fun things they did while on vacay. According to Popsugar, the couple was seen holding hands on the French Rivera, cuddling up on a golf cart, and playing around in the ice-blue waters where the both of them enjoyed a day of pedal boating. We're definitely jealous. Can you imagine how much fun you can have under the sun?

11 Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: France

Now this is a vacation trip that anyone would envy.Last year, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez stormed the City of Lights, where they took in the attractions, according to E! News, and stayed at La Chevre D'Or. Then they headed to Nice via a private jet, after which they traveled to Monte Carlo. And what vacay wouldn't be fun without spending a few days on a luxury yacht in the south of France where the couple relaxed on the deck and swam in the pool? They even traveled all the way to St. Tropez where they had a private yoga lesson!

10 Pink and Carey Hart: Bali

Pink and her husband Carey Hart and their two children soaked up the sun in beautiful Bali just this past summer. Pink shared tons of photos on social media, thereby making us jealous and us wanting to trade their lives for our own. While in Bali, the family--daughter Willow Sage and Jameson Moon--did what other tourists did: bask in the picturesque beach on the Indonesian island, take photos in front of important sites, and shop in one of Bali's markets, according to People. Pink had such a good time that she said, "Thank you to the people and the ocean and the energy of Bali."

9  Christopher 'Ludacris' Bridges and Eudoxie Bridges: St. Lucian

Christopher 'Ludacris' Bridges and wife Eudoxie love going on foreign vacations because they appreciate the local way of life. On their recent trip to St. Lucian, the rapper and actor made memories of their trip by taking pics of the island and all its natural beauties. According to Loop, Ludacris spent his time on vacay by immersing himself with the locals and their culture. As he said. "Whenever I visit another country, I always feel the need to touch the town and show respect to the locals and my appreciation of their culture." In turn, his wife said, "Being with someone who loves and appreciates other cultures and food as much as I do is heaven." It's heaven to us, too.

8 Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively: Home

Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds don't have to go to Bali or Nice for vacay. Instead, they have fun staying home. They are always working on films throughout the year and that makes them homesick. They love staying home with their two daughters, James and Inez. As Lively told Good Morning America, “The best vacation we can have is to be able to do nothing with our family, so that’s what we did." We love doing nothing too while at home but we guess theirs is nicer than ours. In fact, it is. It's located in tony Bedford, NY.

7 Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell: Alaska

Dax decided to surprise his wife while she was doing a movie in Alaska. He basically made a vacation for himself by coming along. But he did it sneakily, in a perfect way. He told twentytwowords.com that he "was shooting Parenthood, and I couldn't go. But then my schedule changed and I didn’t tell her, so I got the seat next to her on the airplane. So when she went to sit down, I was in her seat reading a newspaper, and she kept going, ‘Excuse me, sir. I think you’re in my seat.’ And then she realized it was Dax! This is what the couple did on their "vacay," and of course we're so jealous because the set-up was so romantic.

6 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Greece

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, recently went on vacation to Antiparos, Greece, a celeb tourist spot for the likes of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. The Greek actress and the Oscar winner had a wonderful time, according to Radar, mostly because they explored the beautiful nature of Antiparos. They hiked around a wall of rocks close to the ocean and then they went yachting in Poseidon's sea. What they did makes us jealous. Can you imagine basking under the Mediterranean sun while rafting along natural stones?