Africa is such a diverse continent and there's really no shortage of things to do. And while celebrities like Hilary Duff and her new husband Matthew Koma show off on safari honeymoon trips, safaris aren't the only enjoyable activity over there. Yes, wildlife is fascinating (and conservation efforts matter), but after you've spotted some zebras and sought out elephants, consider exploring a few other attractions.

Whether you have a few days or a week (or more) in your vacation schedule, these activities won't disappoint. If you're considering a trip anywhere in Africa, check out these highlights, and maybe add them to your itinerary.


Hike To See The Sights

Africa's geography is as varied as the countries that inhabit it. From volcanoes and calderas to beaches and bays to mountain peaks with snow, Africa has literally every landscape imaginable. Its geography includes multiple mountain ranges, says World Atlas, including the Atlas Mountains, Congo River Basin, Ethiopian Highlands, Great Rift Valley, Ahaggar Mountains, and more.

You can travel to Tanzania to see (or scale) Mount Kilimanjaro, go to Kenya for its Mount Kenya, visit Ethiopia's Simien Mountains, or go to Cape Town and check out Table Mountain (more on that in a minute!). You might not think of Africa as being friendly to hikers (or backpackers), but the climate is moderate in many areas (obviously not in the deserts), so enjoying the fresh air can totally be part of your trip.

Abseil (Or Ride) Down Table Mountain

If you've never heard of abseiling, hold onto your hat. To abseil is to descend a rock face or near-vertical mountain or another surface. Basically, it's rappelling, and it's not for the faint at heart. That said, it's sure to power up your vacation with an adrenaline rush, so if you're not one to sit still or lounge around while traveling, this might be right up your alley. You can abseil down Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, or partake in some other lower-key activities. Table Mountain also has an aerial cableway, so you can take in the sights from a bit safer and sturdier spot. Either way, the views are epic, and we wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Cape Town for this attraction alone.

Lounge By The Beach

Did you know that islands like Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Madagascar are all part of the 'continent' of Africa, even though they're not connected? That means along with the coastal countries over there, there are also islands with endless beaches that "count" as being in Africa. Sure, the landscapes are different than what we're used to in other tropical spots, but you can't deny that lounging on a beach in Africa sounds super appealing.

You can also visit the picturesque yet super dry Namib Desert, which runs along the coast of Namibia. Maybe not the best for lounging, but amazing for travel photography! Read on for other sights you can see in the Namib Desert (hint: it happens at night!).

Try Some Amazing Seafood

Traditional African dishes range from oshifima (doughlike millet paste, veggies, and meat) in Namibia to waakye (rice and beans) in Ghana, but with the islands and coastal countries on the continent, there's a lot of seafood to be had, too. Each country and even city has its own unique cuisine, but there's something to be said for going to an island destination and sampling their goods.

Seychellois cuisine, especially, has a bit of a French influence (which makes sense given that France "claimed" the island back in 1756). People even speak French there, and in Mauritius. You'll find seafood and shellfish (often with rice) on the islands, and many dishes have a European flair. But there's also fish cooked in banana leaves, which gives more of those tropical vibes you might be expecting to show up on your plate! Oh, and don't forget to wash it all down with a fresh coconut!

Stargaze Practically Anywhere

You can see the stars from anywhere in the world. But the view from the open desert landscape in Africa presents the most breathtaking view you'll ever find. The absence of city lights contributes to the epic scenery. But after a long day exploring all around Africa, you'll also be more open to appreciating the tranquility and larger-than-life vantage point.

There are even hotels and lodges where you can stay in near-darkness for the best stargazing opportunities. Somehow, the night sky is just different without your phone light or the city's glow to obscure it. Even open-air accommodations can get pricey, but there's nothing quite like dining in a "fairy circle" of lights with your beloved or literally sleeping under the stars in the middle of a desolate desert, right?