25 Things A Hotel Will Give For Free (If We Just Ask)

Hotels come plenty of amenities for travelers, which is why they are typically the first thing a tourist looks at when looking to book a trip. They are safe, secure, come with a comfortable bed and plenty of other perks. But all those perks can be pretty expensive, and the cost of hotel rooms is high compared to Airbnb, or hostels. But that doesn’t mean hotels don’t have some perks to them, ones that are free if you just know what to ask for. Hotels are there to take care of people and try and make their stay as enjoyable as possible. So if a tourist has forgotten an item at home, generally the hotel will come through to offer it to them.

For a hotel, it’s all about offering an amazing guest experience, because they want the tourist to come back and enjoy their stay with them. So, the free perks are plentiful and come in a wide range of options. Don’t be shy asking for these items, as the worst they can say is no and in the best case, you may get something extra to make the vacation a little better, even if it means no stressing over forgotten products or helping them sleep better at night.

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25 Body Pillow

Via Via NYMag

Some people love to hug something when they sleep, and a small pillow just won’t do. They need a full body pillow to wrap their body around. Body pillows aren’t normally on hotel beds or in the closet for you to pick, but at some hotels, you can ask for them and the staff will bring them to you. The Benjamin in New York City will give you a five-foot pillow if requested, through their pillow menu, for the best night’s sleep possible.

24 DJ Turntable

Via Pinterest

Want to turn your hotel room into the party room? Well at the Hard Rock Hotels, you can do just that, as though their Sound Of Your Stay program, you can request a DJ turntable so you can start a vinyl resurgence experience music as it was intended to be listened to. With 10 iconic records to listen to, keep the party going all night. It’s Hard Rock’s way of trying to increase the pleasure of staying at their hotels with music, and not just from an iPod.


Via NBC News

It would seem like a no-brainer that in today’s world, you should be getting WIFI internet, but unless you ask for the password, chances are you won’t be connected. Hotels don’t have their WIFI open because if they did, people who are not guests would be able to connect and slow down the connection. So just ask when checking in what the password is and you’ll be connected for the entire time you’re at the hotel. Check and see if your hotel has free WIFI, as some want to charge for the service.

22 Laundry Bag

Via www.theoldclarehotel.com.au

Are you traveling between destinations and want to separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothing? Ask the front desk at the hotel you are staying at and get a free laundry bag to put your dirty clothing in. Most hotels have a laundry service, which does have a cost to it, but they will give you the laundry bag, which is great to keep clean and dirty clothing apart, especially if they are wet or muddy from being out in the rain or enjoying some nature activities (traveltips.usatoday).

21 Work Out Clothing

via heelsfirsttravel.boardingarea.com

Even when away from home, you shouldn’t break your workout routine. Hotels generally have a free gym you can use if you want to get a good sweat going, but what if you forgot your workout clothing? Well, according to Travel + Leisure, some hotels are starting to realize the importance of working out and offering work out clothing for free. Shoes might be a little extra, but shorts, t-shirts, and socks can be complementary by just asking the front desk and putting them in the laundry when finished to return any despite on them.

20 Guitar

Via Pinterest

Traveling on the road is the perfect time to break out the guitar and write a song about all those lonely nights in a different city. But who is really bringing their guitar with them? At the Hard Rock Hotels, you can request a Fender guitar that comes along with headphones and creates a mini-studio in your room. As part of their Sound Of Your Stay program, novice players can even get access to lessons and strum the night away in the comfort of their own room.

19 Music

Via Hard Rock Hotels

As part of Hard Rock Hotels Sound Of Your Stay program, you can ask for free music as part of your stay with them. You can listen to songs from artists you know and love, and experience upcoming musicians from their many playlists. The program is designed to provide music to their guests, as they say, it inspires people and frees their spirit. To Hard Rock, every life has a soundtrack, and they are just helping you groove to the music if you don’t have any.

18 Netflix

Via Lonely Planet

Even when traveling, there are nights when you just want to cozy up with a good movie. Normally, hotels offer pay-per-view service, which can generally cost a lot of money for not-so-new movies. But at the Marriott, they partnered with Netflix to offer guests the ability to ask staff for the Netflix account or access your own, from your hotel suite (marriott.com). That gives you access to thousands of shows and lets you keep binge-watching the show you left before you went on vacation, perfect for when you want to watch something before bed.

17 Cookies

Via Quartz

Do you have a sweet tooth and need something to snack on? According to DoubleTree Hotels, ask their staff and get some complimentary free cookies for your room. And no, they aren’t store bought, but rather, the warm chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh daily. That’s an extra touch by the hotel chain to try and make their experience better, so if you want a little snack, get some fresh cookies. Not sure, however, if milk comes with it, but you can always ask.

16 Soaps

Via Trendsmap

Soap is one of the things that every hotel has an abundance of, so if you need a little extra soap for the shower or the bathroom, go ask the staff and they will easily give you more bars of it. These little bars are perfect for traveling as well, as due to the increase of security at airports, only a small amount of liquid or soaps can make it through security, so it is always good to keep a few on hand, just in case you ever need to wash up while on the road.

15 Bike

Via Hotel The Bird Amsterdam

There are many different ways to get around the city you are touring with, but your hotel may offer a free bike service that encourages you to explore the city by bike, as opposed to sitting in a car or a bus. According to their site, the Hotel Rose in Portland, Oregon for example, has a bike program for guests who would prefer to pedal through the city. With plenty of cities trying to encourage biking as opposed to more cars on the road, it’s a great option to explore that costs nothing.

14 Umbrella

Via Lauren Kay Sims

Some places get plenty of rain throughout the year. We’re looking at you Seattle, Hawaii, and Florida. And an umbrella isn’t something people think to pack in their suitcase or want to bring on the plane with them when traveling. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel offers free umbrellas to guests who ask for them, making sure that you can walk around without worrying about getting wet. There is nothing worse than planning a great dinner and having it get ruined because of a lot of rain.

13 Nightlight

Via Witti Design

Are you afraid of the dark? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and maybe you have a little one with you that likes a nightlight on when they sleep. They aren’t normally in a hotel room, but if you ask staff, they can get you one to plug into the wall. According to a Gallup poll, four of 10 people fear walking alone in the dark, and waking up in the middle of the night trying to get to the bathroom can be tricky in the pitch black room, so even a little light would help stay safe.

12 City Map

Via Gap Year

When going to a new city, you probably don’t know your way around. While GPS on mobile devices is widely used, if you don’t have a data package, you might have to rely on the classic city map. That’s something hotels will give you for free if you just ask, and they will even be able to point out some great locations to check into and show you how to get there. It’s not a bad thing to have either, as you can mark down areas you have already travel to and keep a good record of your travels.

11 Phone Chargers

Via Business Wire

Considering everyone has a cell phone today, carrying a charger with you is one of the most important things to remember to pack. Unfortunately, people often forget the power cord in their hurry to get out of the house. If you ask, however, your hotel will be able to provide you with a charger, so you can ensure your phone is available for all the photos you’re going to be taking. One company, YupCharge offers a charging station to hotels to make sure their guests are always at 100%.

10 Make Your Bed

Via Reference.com

There is something about coming back to your room and having your bed made for you, fresh and ready for the night. A lot of people don’t even make their beds at home, but if you ask your hotel staff to have turndown service, they will go into your room while you are away and clean up the room, including making a fresh bed and tucked sheets and fluffed pillows. Housekeeping services aren’t just for when you leave the room, but also when you are staying over a few nights.

9 Travel Adapters

Via London Connection

When traveling internationally, one thing people don’t realize is that not every outlet is the same and European outlets are a lot different than the ones in the United States. So to make sure your phone charger, electric razor, and curling iron are working, ask the front desk for an adapter for their plugs. According to Visit London, the voltage in places like England are different, so an adapter is needed as well to ensure the correct number of volts is going into your device.

8 Free Slippers

Via Luxurylaunches

It may be cold in your hotel room, especially if they don’t have carpet and use tile or laminate flooring, which could make it a little cool on your feet, especially in the winter months where there may be a draft. Ask the front desk and you can get a free pair of slippers. Especially a hotel that has a spa, the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas, The Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania, or The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu in California, where you need slippers to walk around.

7 Coffee And Tea

Via The Holman Grand Hotel

When waking up in the morning, the first thing many people go for is a cup of coffee. When you’re staying in a hotel, you don’t have the option of your home machine, and running out to the nearest store seems like a lot of work. Ask the front desk and they will give you any coffee or tea you want to drink. According to Forbes, in-room coffee is the most valuable amenity a hotel can offer their guests for free.

6 Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the cornerstones of the day and it’s often said it is the most important meal of the day. Hotels are starting to offer free breakfast more often, and getting more elaborate meals. Hyatt hotels have changed their breakfast to have a new coffee bar reimagined breakfast to offer even more options to their customers, as they focus on holistic, regional and craft food offerings. Most hotels offer muffins and bagels if you ask, so get the day started right with breakfast.

5 Sewing Kit

Via Rebrn.com

When you travel, you only bring a certain amount of clothing, so a rip and tear in any of them could be a massive hit to your wardrobe. Go ask the front desk and get a free sewing kit, which will include needle and thread to fix holes in your pants. According to Travel + Leisure, hotels have multiple colors of thread on hand, in case you rip any color of pants, so you don’t have to ruin clothing when you are traveling and can keep it looking good, even when far away from home or a tailor. Sewing is an emergency skill to learn, especially if you travel a lot.

4 Free Beverages

Via Tourist Inn Maldives

Drinks can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling and doing a lot of walking. Having water on hand is something guests are looking for, and more hotels are offering water and other beverages for free. According to Travel + Leisure, offering things like juice, soda, and water for free is one of the largest perks hotels are looking into more to attract guests, as opposed to making guests pay high prices for those items in their room through the mini-bars or through room service.

3 Car Service

Via All Transportation Network

When traveling into a new city, it can be hard to get around and costly when having to use public transportation and taxi services. But hotels are starting to add car services to their list of free amenities, which will take guests to specific locations, especially hot tourist spots. The James Hotel in New York, for example, offers their guest a luxury car service to certain locations, and of course, many airports offer free shuttle service to and from airports and stadiums if you just ask the front desk.

2 Hygiene Products

Via Hotel Ylem

Some of the most forgotten items are hygiene products, such as toothpaste, deodorant, razors, lint rollers, and basic cosmetics. They are easy things to forget, especially when packing a lot for a trip. According to Travel + Leisure, most hotels have emergency supplies of these items, just in case you run out or forget them. It’s a bonus little service and perks to offer guests, saving them money and time having to run out to a local store to collect some of the basics.

1 Room Upgrades

Via USA Today

When arriving at a hotel, especially for a special occasion, ask the hotel staff for a free upgrade. It never hurts to ask, and you may end up with a bigger suite, a few extra perks like meal tickets, or some special things like chocolates for Valentine’s day or anniversaries. You would be surprised how often staff says yes to upgrades, such as getting a better room with a view, or according to Travel + Leisure, asking for corner room is a simple request that will actually give you more room, as those rooms are generally larger.

Reference: Travel + Leisure, Forbes,

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