Las Vegas is one of the most notorious areas in the world for allowing people the chance to throw themselves into having a good time, without people turning round and telling others that they need to calm down! However, if people have never been, there's some things about the place that they just won't understand. Yes, it's a place that people just can't fully understand unless they've experienced it for themselves, which is what this list is all about.

What we've done is pull together some things about Vegas that we don't think people will know about or understand unless they've ever been. In fact, we think there may be a couple of surprises on this list for people who have been, as we have gone deep into the culture of the place to bring people the most interesting list possible. Definitely best to give this a read before heading to Vegas for the first time!

So, are people ready to take a look at some of the things about Las Vegas that only people who have gone will know or understand? We want to get started, so let's do it!

25 Valet Parking Is Free

This is one that people should be keeping in mind if they've decided to take a car with them on to the strip!

As TheOdysseyOnline puts it, "Any hotel or casino, any time. We also know that tipping the valet driver at drop-off as opposed to pick up means faster and better service."

Seeing as people visiting will be spending a lot of money, it's important that everyone visiting knows this!

24 It's Possible To Hit Golf Balls In A Nightclub

Las Vegas is all about allowing people to do whatever they want, so why wouldn't they have a club in which people can hit golf balls as far as possible?

"The driving range itself has three levels, featuring decent views of the strip, with the third level geared towards those who are actually there to work on their swing."

Thrillist know that there's nothing wrong with heading to the bar before picking up your golf clubs and experiencing the driving range. It's Las Vegas baby!

23 It Gets Pretty Warm...

We think TheOdysseyOnline put it best when they said, "Even the short walk from your driveway to the front door can cause you to start sweating. When stripping doesn't do the trick, standing in front of an open freezer sure does." For anyone coming from a different country or State that doesn't have a lot of extreme weather throughout the year, it's very important that they bear this in mind while they're packing.

22 Nothing Seems To Close

Las Vegas seems to be have been built on the concept that people should be allowed to get whatever they want and whenever they want it, which is exactly what they can do!

"Everything is open 24 hours a day. Gyms, smoothie shops, pharmacies. You name it, we got it."

TheOdysseyOnline got it right here. There is nothing that people can't get their hands on in Las Vegas, no matter what time of day it may be!

21 The Weather Can Be Weird...

Not only may it get seriously warm while you visit, but it could even end up being a lot of other types of weather during your time there, best exemplified by TheOdysseyOnline with this quote - "No point in having winter or summer clothes stashed away in boxes. It's impossible to predict when you're going to need a sweatshirt as opposed to some flip-flops." Make sure you bring a couple of changes of clothes for all types of weather, just in case!

20 Wear A Watch, people lose concept of time while here

We all know that many people go to Las Vegas because it offers them the chance to spend their entire day gambling their finances away, which is why they should definitely wear a watch!

"There are no clocks or windows. It's easy to lose track of time (and money) when there's nothing telling you what time of day it is."

It's important that people keep this advice from TheOdysseyOnline in mind if they're going to be doing a lot of gambling.

19 Flash Floods Happen

We all like to think of Las Vegas as being the driest place on Earth, what with it being right in the middle of the desert.

However, this isn't true, as TheOdysseyOnline points out! "Keep away from the Charleston underpass when it starts raining. It doesn't take much for your car to get swept away."

It's unlikely, but they do happen, so make sure you keep that in mind during your visit.

18 It's Impossible To Get Away From Slot Machines

For a lot of people, this is probably great news as this is exactly why they've made their way to Las Vegas in the first place! However, when we say it's impossible, it is IMPOSSIBLE.

"It's normal for us, really. Airports, grocery stores, your local casino. Want a slurpee from 7/11? Gotta walk past the slot machines first."

TheOdysseyOnline have it right here. These things really are everywhere!

17 People Don't Know How To Handle Rain

We really can't explain about how important it is to keep the weather in mind when travelling to somewhere as odd as Las Vegas, because it is impossible to handle.

As Bustle put it, "this is the desert. We don't see much precipitation. A single drop of rain falls, and suddenly everyone forgets how to drive."

Maybe tourists can show the locals how everyone else deals with rain!

16 When people say 'the bank' they don't mean to take out money

If people say that they're heading to the bank, "they're not going to a bank in order to make a deposit. The Bank is a high-end nightclub inside the Bellagio. On the off-chance they are going to a real bank, it's probably just to get some ones." TheOdysseyOnline has pointed out yet another way that things can just often mean different things in the world of Las Vegas. It's like a different universe in a lot of ways!

15 Get Used To People Watching

Everyone knows why people go to Las Vegas, and it's to gamble their money away or party their heads off in a way they couldn't get away with at their own home country, but that's not the only reason to go, as Bustle points out.

"If we go to the club or the casino, it's not always to party. It's to watch other people partying, because believe me: It's incredibly entertaining."

Try to be the people watcher, and not the person that people are watching!

14 There Are Very Few Natives...

People put a lot of time into finding the best place to escape to, and many of them pick Las Vegas for a lot of major reasons!

"Vegas is an incredibly transient city. People come and go on a daily basis. This city also serves as an escape for people."

Bustle have it right if you ask us! Don't expect to find a lot of people who are there to stay, especially if you spend your entire time there on the strip.

13 Serving Drinks Can Get People A Lot Of Money

People choose to go to Las Vegas as it allows them to buy drinks and get silly, but it's the people serving those drinks that are really laughing.

"You don't need a college degree to have a lucrative job. In a city that thrives off the service industry, cocktail servers and bartenders here have beautiful homes, luxurious cars, and the means to travel the world."

Bustle are pointing out that there may be a genuine job in Las Vegas for some of us!

12 There's Always Something Being Built

Seeing as there's no chance that this city will ever slow down, it's no surprise that it's always under construction.

As Bustle put it, "there's always a new hotel being built, a casino being renovated, or a restaurant being expanded. Vegas is a city of constant change."

This sort of thing doesn't matter if you're travelling in then out, as you'll just get to experience the most up to date version!

11 Everyone Expects A Tip

It's no surprise that the world of Las Vegas runs on the service industry, and you should prop them up for this exact reason.

"As I said, Las Vegas largely runs on the service industry. Don't be cheap with your waitress or bartender. Working here is not easy, and everyone has bills to pay."

Listen to Bustle and make sure that the people serving you drinks and food are well tipped! They have a right to expect a proper wage in the lawless world that is Las Vegas!

10 Nevada Has More Than Just The Strip!

We know that everyone goes to Nevada to visit the strip, and we're not saying they shouldn't, but we don't think there's anything wrong with seeing what else it has to offer.

"There are gorgeous mountains, hiking, helicopter tours, skydiving, and even snowboarding!" (Bustle)

If you have the time, it's well worth seeing what else Nevada has to offer, not just the bars and casinos.

9 Old Vegas Can Be Pretty Charming

When we think of Las Vegas, we think of the main strip, all the huge buildings and big lights, but Bustle reminds us that there's more to Vegas than just that.

"Head downtown to Fremont Street and venture into a land of really cheap booze, an incredible ceiling light-show, amazing live music, and locals from a totally different walk of life."

Have a look around and you might find a lot that ends up surprising you.

8 Carry Your Drinks Anywhere

"You can get a drink in a casino and leave the building with it. In fact, locals won't bat an eye at someone drinking out in the open, in broad daylight. Just don't act like a moron and no one will bother you."

This is enough for most people to start booking their flight now!

People may take it too far, but this little nugget of information from Bustle just shows how liberal Las Vegas is when it comes to people having a good time.

7 There Are A Lot Of Opportunities

People obviously know Las Vegas for being a place where they can cut loose and spend their time away from their normal life. However, a lot of people work in Las Vegas for a reason!

"Want a nine to five desk job? We've got it. Want to dress in crazy make-up and perform for thousands of people every week? We have those jobs too."

Bustle know that there is a reason that a lot of people out there stay to work!

6 They Have The World's Largest Observation Wheel

One of the best ways to see any place in this world is by getting as high up as possible and taking a look down to see what it has to offer visitors, which is why Las Vegas has the world's largest observation wheel.

"The High Roller is 550 ft tall and even more fun if you splurge for the Happy Half Hour that supplies you with a personal bartender in your cabin."

Anybody wanting to see the place from high up should take Thrillist's advice!