25 Little-Known Things About Celeb's Jet Planes (We Can Only Dream Of)

The ultimate status symbols used to be expensive cars and even more expensive mansions. Nowadays, it's having your own jet. You know you have reached a level of success and have really made it when you've got your own private plane. The sky's the limit! You have celebrities and business moguls to thank for making private jets popular, a stylish necessity that only the wealthy can afford. And when we mean wealthy, we mean Oprah wealthy. Or Bill Gates wealthy. These media titans drop a cool $40 mill and above on a private jet and then the price gets higher when they start to renovate to their liking, like putting in a well-equipped kitchen or like building a separate hidden room where flight crew can stay so that celebs can really have privacy and be truly alone.

That said, what do we know about celebrity aircraft? We know which jet a celeb has, we know how much they shelled out for the jet, and we know where they go when they hop on their jet. But details matter, and by that we mean little-known things about someone's jet that you might like to know. Like what does the inside of a celebrity aircraft look like? Or do you know what Google One has in its bathroom? Or how about the reason why Oprah decided to buy her own plane? Want the answers to these questions and more? Well, you're in luck! Here are 25 little known things about celeb's jet planes that we can only dream of!

25 Jay-Z's Jet Has A Bedroom Fit For A King

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Here's a little-known fact about Jay-Z's private jet, the coveted Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet. His wife Beyonce gave it to him for Father's Day back in 2012, according to Beam Aviation. And guess how much this gift costs! A cool $40 mill. Can you imagine if you too got a plane! You may also not know that this jet is special, decked out with a sumptuous living room, a shiny wooden lacquer kitchen, and a bedroom area large enough to hold a King bed.There are also two full bathrooms.

24 Jim Carrey Bought A Plane So He Can Travel With His Pets

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Jim Carrey may be out of the spotlight now, but the funny man is still traveling the world in his private jet, the Gulfstream V, which cost him $59 mill. Now here are two little things you may not know. With a highly experienced crew of two and advanced state of the art avionics, the Gulfstream V is one of the highest performance and safety intensive private jets in the world, according to aviationcv.com. The other thing is that Carrey purchased the plane because he wanted to travel with his pets.

23 Mark Cuban Has Seats Made For All His Tall Basketball Players

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Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman who owns the Dallas Mavericks, has three jets. Cuban claims he uses one of his planes to save time from all the hassles while flying commercial. As he told the Wall Street Journal, “This means I have more hours in my day to spend with friends and family. It means I can get more work done. It means I can travel comfortably with my family. It’s a life and game changer.” But here's a little-known fact according to Complex: Since Cuban flies his players, he had custom seats made with lots of legroom to accommodate their long limbs.

22 Jackie Chan's Jet Can Fly As High As 45,000 Feet In The Air

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Jackie Chan, the legendary actor and martial artist owns the Embraer Legacy 500, as well as an older version, the Embraer Legacy 650. He told Forbes that having a private jet allows him to travel all over the world with convenience in mind and that it also serves as a "comfortable mobile home and office." The jet is powered by two Honeywell HTF75000E Turbofan engines that produce more than 7,000 pounds of force. A little-known thing you may not know is that those engines are capable of reaching 0.83 times the speed of sound and flying as high as 45,000 feet in the air. Now that's insane--in a good way!

21 Morgan Freeman's Aviation Fixation Started In Grade School

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Like Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman is a private plane aficionado who owns three jets: the Cessna Citation 501, the Cessna 414 twin-engine prop and the Emivest SJ30. Freeman also has his pilot’s license and has always been infatuated by flying a plane.

A little-known thing is that this obsession started early when Freeman was only in grade school. According to The Daily Mail, rather than pay attention to his teacher, Freeman instead daydreamed about piloting a fighter jet. Dreams do come true, but this one, for us, is something we can envision only in our heads.

20 Jolie Became A Licensed Pilot To Impress Her Son

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Angelina Jolie became a licensed pilot in 2004 and then purchased a single-engine aircraft, the Cirrus SR22-G2. But here's what you probably don't know. It was her son Maddox who had an aviation fixation. According to The Daily Meal, when her son was a baby, Jolie took him to a nearby airfield for lunch, and the "two would watch the planes take off and land." Jolie really loves her children; if it weren't for Maddox, she would've never gotten her pilot license. As she told The Daily Mail UK, "Every time Mad sees a plane, he's amazed. If I could actually fly a plane, I'll be like Superman to him."

19 John Travolta's House Is An Airport

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It's a known fact that John Travolta is an aviation enthusiast who owns seven private jets. But there's a little-known fact about where Travolta keeps all his planes. Well, according to aviationcv.com, Travolta designed his house for his jets and there are two runways that lead directly to his front door. As his wife, Kelly Preston, put it, “It was always John’s dream to have planes in his front yard — to practically be able to pull up to the house — so that when you wanted to go to dinner, all you’d have to do was step out the door, get on the plane and whisk off." That sound amazing!

18 Oprah Winfrey Chose Private After An Altercation On A Commercial Flight

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Oprah Winfrey is worth above $2 billion or more according to Forbes, so it just doesn't make sense if she didn't have her own private jet. Which is why she owns the $42 mill Global Express XRS Jet, the most popular choice for Hollywood moguls. Oprah, who's always busy, loves flying private because she can relax and zone out or do anything she wants. Here's something little you might not know, according to The Insider. Oprah bought the plane after a brush with a fan on a commercial airplane in the 1990s who harassed her early on in her career.

17 The Most Popular Jet Plane In The World

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Here's one for you. Did you know that the Global Express XRS Jet is the most popular airplane among media moguls and celebrities? Well, according to Daily Mail UK, it is. Known for its ultra long-range performance capabilities, the jet is perfect for those who have hectic schedules. That's why Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Celine Dion, among others, all own the Global Express XRS. It is by far the most popular jet plane in the world, and its costs in the $40 million range.

16 Harrison Ford Is A Qualified Pilot

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You probably don't know this, but Harrison Ford owns eight planes, among them the Cessna 680 Sovereign, a long-range jet. But there's another little more fact about Ford's obsession with aviation. It's the fact that he's a qualified pilot, according to Daily Mail UK. "Flying is like good music. . . [I]t elevates the spirit and it's an exhilarating freedom." He also added, "I love the machines, I love the aviation community. . . [I] used to own airplanes and have pilots flying them for me, but I finally realized they were having more fun than I was." We want his life!

15 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud's Jet Has A Parking Spot For His Luxury Car

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Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud owns an Airbus A380. Like many billionaires on this list, the Prince renovated the cabin to his specifications. Everything about the plane is lavish, including a marble-finished Turkish-style bath and computer controlled prayer mats that remain constantly aligned towards Mecca, according to legit.ng. There's even a throne--an actual throne!!--in the main lounge. But a little-known fact about the jet is that it even has a parking spot for his Rolls Royce. Yep, there's an actual lift for his car to drive onto his plane. Our heads are spinning from such opulence!

14 Celine Dion Always Travels With Her Personal Chef

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Like Oprah and Spielberg, Celine Dion also owns the Bombardier BD-700 Express. The XRS is an essential part of Dion's life, as she uses it on her world tours. The cabin is classy, with an all-leather interior. But here's two little known things about Celine's jet. First, she always travels with her personal chef in case she gets hungry. Second, according to Daily Mail UK, the perks of having your own plane means that Celine doesn't have to dress up or even wear makeup, as seen above.

13 The Google Jet Has A Shower!

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Google's jet is a Boeing 767-200 worth around $25 mill. It's been affectionately named as "Google One" or "Google Jet." According to Beam Aviation, it has secured two years of landing rights at Moffett Field, the runway owned and operated by NASA. Here's what you may not know about Google One. The prestigious Moffett Field has a landing strip that is entirely exclusive and has never been used by other private planes until it opened up for Google One. Inside, the Boeing has two staterooms, a shower, a dining area, 15 first-class seats and even a hang-out lounge. Taking a shower while up in the air seems like a dream!

12 Bill Gates' Jet Has The Capability Of Reaching 9,300km Nonstop

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Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder and chairman of Microsoft owns the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, and at $40 mill, it probably made no dent in Gates' fortune. Since Gates travels a lot--for vacation, for talks--the jet has the best aviation technology and its cabin is pure luxury, looking more like a large studio apartment rather than a plane. But here's a little known thing. What makes the jet so efficient, according to Complex, is its "capability of reaching 5,000 Nm (9,300 km) nonstop and it can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 1 without breaking a sweat."

11 Tom Cruise Gave Katie Holmes A Jet When They Were Married

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It's been rumored that A-list star Tom Cruise owns anywhere from three to five private jets, but that's only speculation. However, we do know he owns the Aviat -- Pitts S-2B, and one of the classiest and safest planes in the world, the Gulfstream IV, aka the G4 Jet. It's also the priciest, costing $36 mill. Here's a little-known thing about the G4. According to The Times UK, Cruise gave it to his wife Katie Holmes when they were married. She, in turn, made headlines when she said the jet was “just like a bus, only quicker.”

10 Tyler Perry's Flying Theater Jet

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Tyler Perry, the man behind Madea, owns the Gulfstream III. The jet has a base cost of around $65K, but it's rumored to be closer to $125 mill after Perry renovated the interior with luxurious appointments. That makes it one of the most expensive private planes in the world. According to MBSF, a little-known fact about the jet is that Perry has named it the "Flying Theater" because it can be turned into a mini-movie house in an instant with its theater lighting, several HD LCD screens, multiple Blu-ray players and satellite TV.

9 Tiger Woods' Jet Can Fly From New York To Japan Without Refueling

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The legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, also owns a private jet, the Gulfstream G550, which he uses exclusively to avoid the long security lines and the paps at commercial airports. The $55 million jet, according to Architectural Digest, is like heaven. It has a bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe closet, spacious bathrooms and an elegant dining area. It also seats up to 18 passengers. You probably don't know that this jet is serious business: it can fly upward of 7,500 miles nonstop without refueling, which means it doesn't have to land if Woods was flying from New York to Japan.

8 Roman Abramovich's Renovated Jet Includes A Paint Job That Cost $74,000

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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns a fully-customized Boeing 767. According to Haute Living, he built up the cabin so that each room feels and looks luxurious. Since most of us would never have the chance to take a peek inside it, here's a few little things about the Boeing, It was renovated to include a 30-seat dining room, a boardroom, a master bedroom, luxury bathrooms with showers, a spacious living room and interiors made up of chestnut and which are detailed in gold. The total price of the renovated jet is $83,600,000. If you think that's expensive, well, the paint job alone has an astounding price of $74,000.

7 Ralph Lauren's Jet Reflects The Sophisticated Interiors Found In His Estate

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The King of Prep, Ralph Lauren, owns the Hawker, but he uses the Gulfstream G650 the most because it can cruise at over 51,000 ft. over land. The jet has WiFi, satellite phones, and a large flat-screen. As this jet is a Lauren affair, the sophisticated interiors found in his stores and in his Bedford, New York estate have been used on the jet, which means there's tons of leather club chairs and super glossy wood grain in lacquer found on the walls and in the commodes and furniture.Those are the little-known facts about Lauren's jet.

6 The Late Steve Jobs Got Reimbursed From Apple When Flying His Jet

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The late Steve Jobs was the brainchild behind Apple. Allaboutstevejobs.com, referring to a 2009 SEC investigation, related that Jobs was the one who brought up the idea of having a private jet when he became Apple's CEO. He said, "What I really need is a plane where I can take my family to Hawaii on vacation, go to the East Coast" and the board agreed. Jobs got a Gulfstream V Jet, worth over $40 mill. A little-known fact was that Apple agreed to reimburse Jobs the operating expenses of his plane when he used it for Apple business.

5 Bono Customized His Jet With A U2 Logo

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Bono, the frontman for U2, owns the Airbus A310. The jet was used in the past by special forces and it's not really a personal aircraft. Because it can seat a large number of passengers and is over 150 feet long, it's considered a small commercial jet plane used by regular passengers. According to True Activist, Bono doesn't really own the A310; he has been leasing it for many years now. It can reach altitudes of over 41,000 feet and can fly distances of over 5,000 miles, according to petamovies.com. Here's a fact that many don't know: Bono customized the aircraft by putting a U2 logo on it.

4 David Beckham Flies Family Members of His Son's Football Team

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David Beckham retired from soccer (or football, as we say in the US!) but is still bringing in the big bucks from various endorsement deals. His wife Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon.Together, the power couple owns a Bombardier Challenger 350, which easily cost them around $34 mill. But did you know that Beckham likes to fly family members of his son's football team to their out-of-city games, according to Lifestyle Asia? That's a lot of wasted fuel (we mean, how far exactly are the away games?), but, hey, if you had a private jet, wouldn't you too use it often?

3 Michael Jordan's Jet Looks Like A Flying Sneaker

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You may not know that Michael Jordan's private jet has just had a paint job. Taking ‘air Jordan’ to literal heights, the greatest basketball player of all time recently upgraded his private jet by repainting it from its previous shade of powder blue and white (which represented his college North Carolina colors), with a coat of an elephant print design that mimics his iconic shoe wear. The jet also has a signature ‘N236MJ’ tail number and is adorned with the image of Jordan’s signature jump, making the skyride unmistakably his, according to The Washington Post.

2 Zach Braff Had A Fear Of Flying

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Zach Braff, the funny man from Scrubs, has always had a fear of flying, just like Kurt Russell. But he was adamant about curing his phobia. Here's a thing you probably have no idea about: to conquer his phobia, he learned to fly, according to Loan Pride. That's so impressive and brave! Braff became a certified pilot in 2008. He trained at the Mach 1 Aviation in Van Nuys using a Cirrus SR20, which is a four-seat composite monoplane that he bought for himself once he got his license.

1 Rupert Murdoch's Plane Is Decked Out With Many Amenities

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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch bought the $80 mill Boeing Business Jet, which was a very minor dent in his $13 billion fortune, according to Forbes. A little-known thing about Murdoch's plane is that not many know how the inside cabin looks like, so we hope our description will make you dream about the plane. According to Business Insider, the jet is outfitted with several flat screens, the seats on the plane lie flat so you can sleep, and the kitchen is decked out with the most expensive china, crystal and everything else to serve the media titan a meal. And the bathroom is very stylish and resembles an Ian Schrager hotel bathroom.

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