One of the most popular nature destinations is the Daintree Rainforest which is full of life and a wonderful amount of greenery. This rainforest is the oldest in the world and has existed for around a crazy 135 million years, this means it has lasted longer than dinosaurs, the ice age, and other incredible moments that have happened on Earth. The rainforest even stretches out to the Great Barrier Reef which is another very popular attraction for tourists.

10 Rent A Car, Take A Ferry, And Drive The Forest

Daintree is especially easy to take the proverbial bull by the horns and get behind the wheel as one’s very own tour guide! While it’s helpful and even relaxing to hire a guide, it can also be pricey. For those excited for escapades, driving into the forest and making a new path can be the ultimate adventure. Port Douglas is the place to procure a car rental, followed by a ferry trip before hitting the road. The rental company can assist with directions.

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9 Two-Day Great Barrier Reef Tour

A guided 4 wheel drive tour vehicle takes visitors in small groups along picturesque wildlife routes and some of the top scenic drives in the world where forest meets reef! Alligators, wallabies, a tropical lunch, and spectacular views. Add a knowledgeable guide and every element of a fabulous trip is ready and waiting. The second day of this tour is spent at Cape Tribulation and its incredible beaches and intermingled strong history of both Aboriginal and European roots.

8 Mossman Gorge

To start the journey of the rainforest. Mossman Gorge is a good start, here tourists can do a 4km walk. To get here tourists can ride a shuttle which boards from the visitor center and takes them all the way to the entrance of Mossman Gorge park to start the exploring. There are many things tourists can do here to start their journey into the wonderful rainforest, this includes, swim in waterholes and going on a tour to learn about plants and how to identify what is food as well as listen to fascinating stories about the rainforest.

7 River Cruise

A very popular activity to do in the rainforest is to go on a cruise in the waters which usually last for around 40-60 minutes. The best time for the cruise would be around the dry season when tourists can expect to see crocodiles out of the water and sunbathing, as well as sights of frogs, snakes, and birds. Early morning is the most recommended time for a river cruise as this is when the wildlife is more active.

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6 Jungle Surfing

For a thrilling experience, tourists can jungle surf which is also known as zip-lining, and zoom through the jungle high up and experience the stunning views of bright Green nature and exotic wildlife below them. The Great Barrier Reef is also a very popular destination and can even be spotted when taking part in this activity. This activity is perfect for all ages and experience is not needed, a guide will be there the whole time and will give visitors lots of valuable information at each platform.

5 Wellness Spa

Hiding in the luscious green nature of the rainforest, tourists can find the Daintree Wellness Spa, where they can sit back, relax and enjoy a calming experience. The land of the spa is home to the Kuku Yalanji people and the waterfall at the spa is a very special place for the women of Kuku Yalanji the spa respects these people and uses naturally pure and healing Australian ingredients for their treatments.

4 Ice Cream

Tropical fruits are grown in the family orchard and taken from here to blend into ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream factory. To get here tourists can travel the river by ferry. The ice cream here is very popular and natural, the ice cream here is homemade and is blended when it’s needed. Popular flavors here include banana, lychee, mulberry, and mango. If tourists struggle with choosing one flavor there is an option to have a four-taste cup.

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3 Flames In The Forest Dining

An amazing experience all tourists should go through in the rainforest is the award-winning dining experience. This is where tourists can find public tables in a beautiful ballroom and share fancy meals with other tourists. This can be enjoyed with candles, champagne, and stunning chandeliers. Tourists can be picked up from the place of accommodation and dripped back off and when here, they can find new and unusual meals such as kangaroo and wild fruits.

2 Babinda Boulders

The Babinda Boulders are a very popular destination and is a big swimming hole surrounded by the rainforest, with butterflies fluttering all around. The best thing about this place is that it is a free campsite so tourists can save money on accommodation whilst living luxurious and waking up to beautiful sounds of rainforest wildlife and views of the stunning sunrise. Tourists can also take advantage of the barbeque facilities here too

1 Lumholtz Tree-Kangaroos

Tree kangaroos are very rare and hardly anyone actually knows about them. But these unusual and interesting animals can be spotted in the rainforest, they are like a bear and a kangaroo in one and are usually found at Mount Hypipamee National Park. They are very interesting to see and something to educate people on back at home. Whilst visiting these animals tourists can enjoy tea and scones in a little tea room nearby.

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