If you’re craving to fill out all of your Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again fantasies like I am, then the idea of travelling to Greece has yet to escape your mind. Apart from the Abba-themed flash mobs and adventures, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend tanning near crystal blue waters or strolling through white-topped buildings? Greece may be home to various cities, though almost all of them are like a chapter from a book of paradise - especially in the port city of Thessaloniki.

Located off the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea, this stunning destination includes the interesting remains of their history while also featuring beautiful sightseeing tours. From the ruins of Roman Emperor Galerius’ 4th-century palace to their 20th-century rebuilt modern layout, this city is meant to be explored for all of its charms. While a weekend in this city is not long enough to capture all of its beauty, listed below are a few recommendations on how to spend a perfect 48 hours in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Start Your Morning With A Stroll Through Louloudadika

Thessaloniki is filled with a handful of stunning streets meant to be discovered, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s also home to various beautiful districts. One of those beautiful districts is Louloudadika, a flower market in the historical centre of the city. Located on the corner of Komninon and Vas, this area will fascinate you with it’s overwhelming and exquisite natural beauty. Due to the reputation, this area got its name from the scattered small shops that sell flowers, where the fragrance of the flowers hovers through the air as you begin a stroll through the streets. Also occupied in this market are a few small cafes, making a morning spent here something you wouldn’t forget.

Enjoy The View From The White Tower

It is said that locals love sitting in the area near the White Tower, and due to its stunning architecture and view of the gulf, I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it, also. Perhaps the most recognizable monument in the city, the White Tower does for Thessaloniki what the Eiffel Tower does for Paris. It is a landmark of Greek history and used to be called the “Red Tower” due to its previous use of being a prison during the years of the Ottoman Empire. Today, it is a museum displaying the city’s history, and while relaxing below the tower is an option, once you enter the building and climb to the top, the view of the water is simply breathtaking.

Catch A Show At The Thessaloniki Concert Hall

We all know the reputation the Greeks have when it comes to art and drama, so when it comes the time that you’re actually visiting the country, it’s almost a necessity to explore their theatre scene. Located near the seaside of the city, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall has been a centre for the performing arts since it first opened in 2000. It was designed by Arata Isozaki, a Japanese architect who gave special attention to metal and glass. Throughout the year, various musical and theatrical performances take place in the building, as well as exquisite art exhibitions. If you are an art lover, a dance lover, or just a lover of beautiful architecture - then you should definitely include this attraction in your itinerary.

Experience Fine Dining at Grada Nuevo

You can’t embark on a vacation through Greece without experiencing their local cuisine - and some of the best local cuisine is found at Grada Nuevo. Described as a restructuring of the country’s customary meals, this restaurant is not included in the list of ultimate dining options in the city by accident. Imagine a fresh salad with grouper cheeks, and imaginative dishes that are designed to perfection. With the opportunity to sit inside or on their outdoor patio, the presence of Greek culture surrounds you. From the options of appetizers such as carpaccio mullet to the main course menu consisting of ribeye with mashed potatoes and smoked eggplant puree, this heavenly spot is a must-visit during your trip.

Being the second largest city in Greece, there are many adventures to be discovered in Thessaloniki. With the options of embarking on a tour in the port centre or even taking a day trip to Halkidiki, a stunning beach region in northern Greece; this beautiful paradise is guaranteed to capture your hearts. Similar to Donna’s journey in - you guessed it - Mamma Mia, you’ll never want to leave when you explore the dazzling islands of this country, which is why a weekend in Thessaloniki should only be followed by a weekend in Athens, Greece’s capital.