Traveling by plane is pretty cool, and train trips are epic. But some people prefer driving long stretches of highway to get from one place to another. Road trips are an excellent way to see the world, check out hidden gems, and spend time with the quality company (though solo road trips are equally epic). Despite the rising gas prices, taking a summer road trip across the USA is still worth the money and effort. So get the engine started; these 8 road trips in the US are picture-perfect.

8 Pacific Coast Highway

Also known as the California Coast Road Trip, this 600-mile (or 900 km) highway will take drivers to the breathtaking California coastlines. Taking 10 hours to drive, travelers should take their time and explore everything the Golden State has to offer. From San Francisco to San Diego, road trippers traveling along this highway can stop by scenic landmarks like the Golden Gate Park, Morro Bay State Park, the San Luis Obispo, and plenty more. Visitors can even make the trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles, just in time for Disney’s 50th Anniversary!

7 Teton Scenic Byway

Starting at Idaho 31 in Swan Valley, road trippers will have their breaths taken away as they drive along the Teton Scenic Byway, which runs along the Teton Range. Though this road is only about 69-miles (or about 110 km), travelers shouldn’t hurry their trip just to get from one end to the other. This stretch of road is perfect for a peaceful road trip. What’s more, travelers can gear up and head to hiking trails along the route, including the Waterfall Canyon Trail in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The byway also connects to Ashton’s Mesa Falls Scenic Byway for travelers seeking further adventure. Overall, The Teton Scenic Byway can be enjoyed year-round, making for a pretty road trip in the fall and late spring (for wildflower blooms).

6 Route 66

Route 66 has plenty of nicknames, including the Will Rogers Highway or the Mother Road. Regardless of its name, this highway was built in 1926 and is one of the country’s well-known highway systems. Route 66 spans 2,448-miles (or 3,940 km), stretching from Illinois to California. Tackling this highway makes for an epic road trip, giving travelers an opportunity to explore a colorful array of US states. Sample the tastiest eateries in Chicago, explore Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, visit Oklahoma’s tallest Christmas tree, and awe at the beauty of California’s Big Sur.

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5 Oregon Coast Highway

Also known as Route 101, road trippers looking for beaches, sand, and sun ought to drive through this stretch of highway for these perks! Take a couple of days to tackle the Oregon Coast Highway, hugging coastlines overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Feel the soft sand in Portland’s Cannon Beach, then stop by landmarks unique to Oregon, including the Tillamook Dairy Co-Op, Whale Cove (near Lincoln City), the Depoe Bay fishing village, and plenty more! This highway is chalked full of breathtaking coastlines, quiet towns, resorts, nature preserves, and west-coast beaches.

4 Turquoise Trail

Also known as the New Mexico State Road 14, this trail links California’s Sante Fe and New Mexico’s Albuquerque. Considered a National Scenic Byway, this road will take travelers to small towns like Tijeras, Madrid (the one in New Mexico!), and Cerrillos. The Turquoise Trail is an ideal trip for art-seeking travelers, as many of these communities house several art galleries, unique museums, and artsy roadside attractions. Avid art appreciators (and history buffs) should check out attractions like the Turquoise Museum, the Casa Grande Trading Post, the Cerrillos Station, and the Tinkertown Museum along the highway.

3 Million Dollar Highway

Reportedly, the Million Dollar Highway cost a lot of money to build. However, regardless of its actual construction cost, as part of the San Juan Skyway Colorado Scenic Byway, this expensive highway offers breathtaking views of America’s majestic mountains, connecting Silverton to Ouray. Drivers embarking on this beautiful road trip can explore the charming attractions Colorado offers, including the mountain town of Ouray or the scenic sites at Silverton. The Million Dollar Highway is best tackled during the warmer months instead of snowy winters!

2 Florida State Road A1A

What better way to see the Sunshine State than traveling along Florida’s State Road A1A? Soak in stunning sites of the Atlantic Ocean and is an ideal road trip for those staying in Miami. Relax and take in the chill beach vibes while exploring Florida’s coziest towns, including Mayport, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, LaGrange, Titusville, Cocoa, Palm Beach, Juno, Jupiter, and Key Largo. Enjoy endless days at the beach or try some water activities like surfing or fishing. Road trippers may even come across nesting sea turtles or find some of the state’s best swimming holes!

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1 The Road To Hana

Maui is magical. This Hawaiian island is popular among tourists seeking a tropical vacation, with many of its beautiful landmarks only accessible by car. Maui’s most popular tourist experience—the Road to Hana—makes for an unforgettable road trip in Hawaii. Drive carefully as the road will take travelers to endless twists and turns, from Kahului to Hana. There are plenty of picturesque stops to make, including (but not limited to) Twin Falls, Huelo Lookout, Pua’a Ka’a Falls, and the Ke’anae Peninsula! Don’t forget to pack some water, snacks, and sunscreen for this tropical road trip.