Cape Cod is one of the most visited destinations in Massachusetts besides Boston and with its glimmering oceanside beaches, cozy cottage rentals, and seaside beach town charm, it's all too easy to see why. While many are booking vacations for tropical islands and Caribbean destinations once the weather gets cooler, 2020 has everyone rethinking and reconsidering their travel plans. Rather than jumping on a flight to a warm county, many are thinking of staying closer to home or traveling within the country to a location that isolation-approved. So why not consider a place like Cape Cod?


Just because this beach town comes to life in the summer doesn't mean it ceases to exist during the winter. In fact, winter tourism in a place like this can often help the tourism rate throughout the year, especially when many places saw such a decline in business due to, well, 2020. What would normally be an ocean-breeze cottage during the summer can be a cozy, fireside stay during the winter when temps drop and snow is gracefully drifting to the ground. The beach during winter is a whole new experience and if you don't believe us, just check out these photos to see exactly how warm and welcoming winter in Cape Cod can be.

There's Something Different About A Snow-Covered Beach

It's true; many go to the beach to soak up the sun's warm rays and work on their tan. However, the beach can hold just as much magic, if not more, when it's blanketed in a layer of freshly-fallen snow. A stroll along the coast might be a little chillier than normal but it's no less stunning, especially with fewer crowds and a crisp breeze in the air.

Cape Cod is full of coves and during the winter, it's not uncommon for them to freeze over. When this happens, boats appear as though they're suspended in time, having floated to the top while the water underneath continues to freeze to a solid block. There's no more beach-worthy a winter scene than a sailboat that's committed to the frozen waters for a season.

Occasionally, even the flora of the beach will freeze solid with a layer of both ice and snow. When this happens, it's about as close as a person can get to walking through a real-life Arendelle - the world of Frozen simply comes alive when everything is shrouded in a layer of winter magic.

When Water Freezes, There's A Beautiful Stillness That Hangs In The Air

Night comes more quickly when winter is around in the Cape and as each seaside house turns on their lights for the night, there's something about the warm glow against the crisp, white snow, that's so nostalgic. As the holidays draw near, these lights are combined with brilliant hues and shades, reflecting across the landscape like a beacon of hope and happiness.

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Ice skating, anyone? When the winter freeze comes through it might be a little brisk, but there's nothing like ice skating across a frozen pond or lake. Cape Cod is the perfect place to pull out those old skates and work on that skating skill, especially when most places look like this - empty and serene.

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Is It Just Us, Or Do Hotels And B&Bs Become Even More Magical During The Winter?

If everything looked beautiful up to this point, just imagine how much cozier it would be from the inside of a warm room. Whether it's an inn or a rental, there's nothing like curling up in front of a fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa or tea and some comfort food. Throw in a bit of snow and suddenly, the beach is a winter wonderland that's so much more than just a leisurely beach stroll and a bag full of sunscreen and beach towels.

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There's Nothing Like The Lighthouse During The Holidays

The average walk around Cape Cod is transformative during the winter. The tall pines suddenly turn into something out of a fairy tale and each holiday decoration is another reminder of what a special time of year it is. Sure, there's tons of snow on the ground - but there's also bright, multi-colored lights, spiced cookies, local confections, and, if you listen carefully, the happy singing of carolers as they stroll through the town. Cape Cod is a great place to be, even when the sun isn't making a daily appearance!

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