So picture this: it's March break, you've had it up to here with your office job and you've decided that you're going to get away for the week (maybe a little longer if you can swing it). But where should you go? You've got a million different options to choose from. So, why not a cruise?

What's amazing about a cruise is that everything is included for you, you don't have to cook or clean for yourself (well, showering is always recommended) and you get to enjoy non-stop activities and entertainment.


But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't throw basic safety precautions out the window. According to,  per billion passenger miles, cruise ships have the lowest death rate. However, this does not mean that cases of robbery, assault, and crime are not common occurrences in port cities.

But don't cancel your plans just yet! We have a few suggestions for you about the safest port cities, specifically in the Caribbean.

St Maarten Is The Tourist Hotspot For Carnival Cruise

If you've decided to book with Carnival Cruise line, one of the best places you could visit is St. Maarten. First of all, the U.S. State Travel Advisory rates this small island as "level 1" in terms of safety, which is the lowest rating. As long as you take basic safety precautions (no late-night strolls alone, keep your belongings close to you, etc.), you'll have a great time!

In St Maarten, you can hit the beautiful beaches, such as Little Bay Beach, as soon as you step off the boat!  There are loads of restaurants and snack bars lining the shoreline, as well as loads of shopping opportunities in the city center, Wathey Square.

And the entertainment doesn't stop when you return to the boat. You can enjoy water parks on board, a premium spa and a Sky Zone for your inner adrenalin junkie!

Norwegian Cruise Line Stops In Key West (Where Crime Is Non-Existent)

Norwegian Cruise Line regularly pulls into this port city, so it's bound to be on your radar. If there was ever a place to fully relax in terms of safety, then Key West is that place. reports that, in 2017, only 15 robberies occurred. This is jaw-dropping, especially in comparison to other Caribbean cities. Just keep your wits about you and you'll be more than fine!

You can experience beaches that have been rated as some of Florida's best beaches. According to US News & World Report, you're guaranteed a "relaxed yet unexpected seaside adventure". You can snorkel or kayak, and even take a bike ride along the waterfront.

If you're interested in something different, you can visit the Butterfly and Nature Conservancy. If you're a literature or history buff, you can go see Ernest Hemingway's house!

And the cruise line offers you excursions galore that are worth it! You can take a trolley tour of Key West's Old Town, and even go snorkeling and sail via catamaran.

The Cayman Islands Is Perfectly Safe For Disney Cruises (Ask The  U.S. State Department!)

If you're bringing your family on a Disney cruise, then we recommend checking out the Cayman Islands! The U.S State Department gave it the lowest danger rating ("Level 1"). The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) also labeled the island as  "a safe place with little criminal activity affecting tourists". Need we see more?

The island has beautiful beaches that you can go sunbathing on and, if you're feeling adventurous, fraternize with the stingrays. You can also go hang out with turtles at the Cayman Turtle Center.

Want an added bonus? The shopping is tax-free!

It's no secret that Disney cruises provide amazing experiences and offer a list of activities as long as your arm! You can watch jaw-dropping musical live shows, as well as experience 3-D movies... before anyone else! You've got pools, lounges, and dining galore.

Royal Caribbean International Comes To Bonaire (Certified Safe By The Locals)

When the locals of an island (82% of them to be exact) can confidently say that crime is low to non-existent, then that place is safe! Basically, as long as you do your best to avoid the scattered instances of petty theft, then you'll have a great time.

Book your trip on Royal Caribbean International and you'll pull right into the port. The two biggest attractions of the island are snorkeling and diving. In fact, you can kill two birds with one stone and take a semi-submersible underwater tour!

You also have plenty of opportunities to relax on the beach, have drinks and food at the many restaurants and just enjoy life at your own pace.

Royal Caribbean International also offers many different cruise options, with plenty of deals to take advantage of. Onboard, you can enjoy outdoor movie nights, cooking classes and enjoy a myriad of entertainment.