The remarkable island of Bali is a small, but popular, province in Indonesia that first became a favorite tourist attraction after the best selling book and movie, Eat Pray Love, were debuted in 2010. After the movie, starring Julia Roberts, debuted, the island saw a surge of tourism to various temples, mountain and volcano hikes, and of course, the beautiful beaches.

Vacationers are encouraged to visit this stunning part of the world between April and October where there is little rain, a ton of sun and low humidity. Above all, the prices are surprisingly affordable compared to the traditional prices between May and June, for a tropical island that’s located halfway across the world.


Bali is highly known for its culture, food and rich religious beliefs. Bali is known as “The Land of the Gods,” and many tourists are comforted or seek a lush presence of serenity and peace. In fact, 80% of Bali’s economy is based on valued tourism.

While you plan your trip to Bali, choosing the right beach will always be a tough decision in the short amount of time that you will be vacationing there. Though there are over 40 beaches in Bali, we’ve concluded a list of the top five best beaches according to TripAdvisor reviews.

Picture Perfect Moments At Kelingking Beach

Kelingking beach has become one of the top tourist attractions in Bali and the region of Nusa Penida. Though it was only introduced to the general public through social media in 2017, this has caused a great surge in tourism to a crystal clear and impeccably clean, untouched, beach.

From above, the limestone rock formation, covered with green moss and trees, looks like the head of a T-Rex. The view from above also exposes the beautiful Kelingking sandy beach and clear blue waters.

Be forewarned though, the walk to the beach is not without its difficulties. The hike down to the beach is not for everyone. The first ten minutes towards the beach is an extremely steep sandy path, surrounded by a deteriorated wood fence. The entire hike to Kelingking Beach will take tourists roughly forty minutes to an hour.

Take Our Breath Away With The Melasti Beach Air

Voted the best beach in Bali, Melasti is located nearly an hour from Canggu, south of Bali and is a quick five minutes from Green Bowl Beach. To get to Melasti is quite easy, a simple drive or rental scooter will easily get you to the entrance of this beach. 

New and returning tourists always mention the importance of capturing a picture from above Melasti Beach, as it showcases the crystal blue waters. At the entrance of the beach, there are a few snack shacks that offer local food, fresh fruits, and refreshing drinks - especially after your long scooter ride. Other shacks offer a more extensive, but inexpensive, menu that includes hamburgers and authentic Balinese noodles. So a picnic is not required.

The most important thing to know about Melasti Beach is the low and gentle current. This is not a beach that will be filled with surfers and adventurers. However, Melasti is more of a “chilled” and relaxed beach, offering families and couples a relaxing beach encounter, which is perfect for snorkeling and experienced scuba divers. Bali is also known for its incredible marine life including Manta Rays, reef sharks, parrotfish and even incredibly long Great Barracudas.

There Is Absolutely Nothing Broken At Broken Beach

Welcome to Broken Beach, a stunning cove off the Nusa Penida Island. The reason this cove and beach was dubbed Broken Beach was from the archway that circles the bay and allows the water from the ocean to circulate in and out. Most importantly, there is a secret viewpoint to see large Manta Rays in their natural habitat on this archway, so be sure to walk ready to capture this breathtaking moment.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the beach from the archway. However, by entering the Angel’s Billabong beach entrance, you can take an easy and refreshing swim to the archway and the Manta Ray viewpoint.

Feel All The Feels During The Romantic Sunset At Tegal Wangi Beach

Pay close attention to your maps as Tegal Wangi Beach is actually called Pantai Tegal Wangi and is well-known among locals, but not so much for tourists and backpackers. Vacationers are often found in the more admired beaches.

Free is best and this beach is completely free! In order to get to the most gorgeous beach in Uluwatu, you’ll have to walk through a dirt cut through in order to get to the top of the mountains. The beauty and uniqueness of this beach are the rock pools that fill up with the ocean’s water and exposes the coral reef. These rock pools look more like private jacuzzis and are perfect to relax and get away from the world.

For those who are seeking adventure, there are two caves that can be found underneath each cliff. One is a smaller foxhole that is gradually becoming bigger with time and nature’s pathways. The other is larger and deeper, reaching a total of five meters deep and five meters in height.

Ride The Waves At Suluban Beach

Concealed by cliffs that can be reached through wooden ladders that will take you about ten minutes to reach the bottom. However, the bottom doesn’t directly fall into the naturally heated ocean, but a small beach cafe run by locals. When you finally reach the ocean, you will immediately be greeted with rolling waves.

This beach is not ideal for those looking for the perfect tan, as the height of these cliffs offers a tremendous amount of shade. Though, for those looking for a perfect place to do a photo shoot, there is just the right amount of natural sunlight that pierces through the cliffs and highlights the ocean.

Just like in the magazines, a hillside of mansions with large floor-to-ceiling wrap-around windows cover the mountain and overlook Suluban.