For those who could shop ‘till they drop, the “average” mall is simply too small for an afternoon’s worth of walking around. Serious shoppers want more bang for their buck, so they seek out the shopping meccas that are monumental. Their “go big” mentality is all about maximizing their mall time.

Most Americans have been to a mall at least at one point in their lives, be it the one nearest them or one they’ve traveled to for something specific. Maybe they were visiting friends or family in another state and everyone went shopping for the day. With so much to peruse, it’s the perfect way to pass the time. Plus, the food court is always enjoyable after spending so much energy on raiding the racks and scouring shelves.


Some malls in America are amazing. They’re huge! With so many stores and other attractions, these “mega-malls” are unbelievably over-the-top. Shoppers have to set aside plenty of time so they can get into every nook and cranny. For most, a full day at the mall isn’t even enough time to see it all. Good thing they’re open all week!

These five monstrosities of malls below are among America’s biggest. The square-footage and high volume of shoppers make these malls worth seeing. Once you set foot inside, you’ll clearly understand why people come from miles away just to experience the enormity of it all.

The Mall Of America – Bloomington, MN – More Than 42 Million Folks Shop There Each Year!

The Mall Of America is, in short, enormous. Aside from the endless shopping, which is supreme, there are lots to do in terms of entertainment…and eating. For instance, there’s an aquarium inside the mall!

Nickelodeon Universe, The Lego Store, and the Crayola Experience cater to kids, and the FlyOver America attraction is a sight to be seen. There are rides, mini-golf, music, and more.

The food options are mouthwatering, with a fab food court as well as a number of full-service restaurants. Sushi, burgers, cinnamon buns, ice cream…you name it. Whatever your craving, The Mall Of America’s got you covered.

If you can join the mobs who’ve managed to navigate this mall, consider yourself a shopping gold-medalist.

King Of Prussia Mall – Montgomery, PA – Over 7,000 People Are Employed By This One Mall!

The King Of Prussia Mall is a popular shopping destination for those in the Montgomery, PA area. But folks from further out make their way to work their shopping “muscles” at this giant mall.

A total of 450+ stores mean the shopping experience is elaborate, and with over 30 places to eat, no belly will grumble or growl.

Special events and cool shopping experiences make coming to his mall extra-special, and the art installation exhibit is fun for the whole family. Those with kids can take a break from shopping to head over to the play area, then get back to finding the hottest trends and must-have items.

South Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa, CA - More Than 270 Stores - West Coast's Largest Mall!

South Coast Plaza is the largest mall on the West Coast. Shoppers love the high-end shops and overall ambiance throughout. The award-winning restaurants make South Coast Plaza a dining destination in itself, with 30 eateries to satisfy any palate.

The Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a real gem, captivating audiences with entertainment.

And for those with expensive taste, a personalized concierge service is available for one-on-one shopping assistance that goes beyond the average day at the mall.

Destiny USA – Syracuse, NY – 2,400,000 Square Feet Of Retail Space

Lots of people travel to The Big Apple to shop at the amazing city stores, but Syracuse is a shopping must-do too, especially at Destiny USA.

The shopping experience is awesome, with lots of stores…over 250. Millions of shoppers come to this Syracuse spot every year to spend their dough on what delights them.

There’s plenty to eat, special events, and super sales the folks of Syracuse swipe up. When you’re in the area, stop in and see what you’ve been missing.

Del Amo Fashion Center – Torrance, CA – Two Malls Merged To Max Out

For the fashion-focused California shopper, Del Amo Fashion Center is a destination not to be missed.

Three floors of fashion fun make this large center so inviting, and the indoor-outdoor design is airy and enjoyable.

Along with the many stores to shop at, the food options are delish, from bistros to BBQ.

A taste of luxury makes this shopping spot so sought-after, and those in the area love to seek out style with like-minded shoppers.