Croatia is known to be a perfect summer destination – thanks to the numerous beautiful beaches along its coastline. The best of the country’s beaches are located on the Adriatic Coast – popular for hosting Tv shows, including the famous, “Game of Thrones.” In fact, over 100 Croatian beaches have earned blue flag status for having the clearest waters. Seems like the many white pebbles enclosing these stunning beaches are doing a great job – keeping the seawater clear and beautiful with turquoise color. Other than an enchanting coastal beauty, Croatia's Islands have the world's clearest waters. These are the most stunning beaches in Croatia.Related: Split: What You'll See At Croatia's Most Scenic Seaside City

8 Zlatni Rat, Brač

Situated on Brač Island, there may be no beach in the world that matches the spectacular Zlatni Rat. Extending to over 1500 feet into Adriatic waters, this is the most iconic tourist attraction in Croatia and is a must-visit, especially for sun-seekers. Also known as the Golden Cape, Zlatni Rat, is beautiful year-round, with many beautiful forests and amazing views surrounding it. Croatia's jewel got its nickname (Golden Cape) from the numerous fish living in its waters. Fishing is the main source of income for the residents, hence the name "gold" as the locals depend on fishing to survive. This beach has become a summer vacation hotspot, attracting so many visitors looking to explore the beauty of the surrounding.

  • Best Way to Explore: Travelers can best explore the beauty of Zlatni from above – via a private helicopter flight.
  • Available Facilities: showers, restrooms, playground, restaurants, and watersports.

7 Stiniva Beach

Located on the Southern shore of Vis Island, Croatia’s most remote island, Stiniva Island is known to strike the world with its natural beauty. Stiniva features a hidden turquoise bay with rocky shores and flourishing cliffs. This beach was rated the best in Europe in 2019. Travelers can get t this beautiful beach by boat along Vis Island's south coast or by hiking. There are numerous boat tours to take travelers around the area. A boat tour is the best way to explore the Beach's surroundings and the outer edges of Vis Island.

6 Podrače Beach

It’s very easy to see why Podrače Beach is one of Croatia's most Instagrammed beaches – incredibly stunning, with the small bay looking out upon the sparkling jewel-toned water. The surrounding pine trees provide shade to visitors, while the Dinaric Alps offer a spectacular backdrop. A huge rock with a one-sided border is the most noticeable and one of the most striking features of the beach. The rock’s peak has become an attraction for visitors to admire and climb if they want, even though it was used to harvest salt at one point.

  • Available Facilities: many dining options and showers. There are no restrooms on-site.
  • Best way to visit: by private car.

Because there are no available parking lots at the beach, travelers should have their drivers transport them to and from the beach.

5 Pasjača Beach

Pasjača Beach is a stunning sand beach situated in the Konavle area, below Popovići, and it's not natural. The beach was created during the Second World War II when workers dug tunnels in the villages surrounding the region and the excess stones, which were worn down by the sea, thereby forming one of Croatia's most stunning beaches. What people don't realize is that the sea keeps eroding the sand, and one day the beach may no longer exist. Visit soon and experience this wonder.

4 Sakarun Beach

With 800 m long spectacular white sand coastline, turquoise waters, and flourishing vegetation – protecting this iconic attraction from winds. There is so much to experience at Sakarun Beach – from scenic boat rides to engaging in stylish jumps as well as summersaults from speed boats (there is room for learning by the way) to enjoy the spectacular snorkeling the beach offers. Have a good time lounging in the bars at the beach and engage in the discovery of the curious fish in the sea.

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3 Bršeč Beach, Bršeč

Popular for its sparkling blue waters, flawless purity, and scenic caves, Bršeč Beach is bordered by high cliffs, dense forest, and a spectacular pier. There are two beautiful hotels travelers can always eat something from. The beach is best suited for snorkeling - thanks to its beautiful aquatic scenery, including exotic fish, flourishing algae, and spectacular coral reefs. Travelers can also engage in swimming, diving, sunbathing, sailing, picnics, and mountain climbing. The surrounding sights are interesting to explore and the space is adequate for convenient parking and having a wonderful vacation experience, generally.

  • How to get there: There are no buses nearby. The only way to get to this beach is through private transportation, a taxi, and renting a motorboat.

2 Oprna Beach, Krk

Situated on Krk Island, Croatia’s Oprna Beach is famous for its crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling. Every angle of this beach offers something different for travelers to enjoy – sunbathing, swimming, and scuba diving. Located in a remote area, Oprna is always quiet and peaceful, offering a perfect spot for relaxing over the summer. There is a narrow path leading to the beach. Maybe it is the reason why tourists never overcrowd this place.

1 Nugal Beach

Sandwiched between two towns – Makarska and Tucepi, Nugal Beach is one of Croatia's most stunning beaches. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, lush vegetation, and warm, crystal waters, Nugal Beach is a perfectly hidden gem worthy of exploring by naturists. Travelers can access the beach on foot, and it's a perfect spot for a family vacation, snorkeling, and diving.