All that sightseeing and strolling through Barcelona's historic streets, museums, and shopping centers are enough to work up a decent appetite - and luckily, the city is home to innumerable tapas hubs to satiate that hunger. With so many food joints serving all kinds of tapas everywhere around the Catalan capital, it can be a difficult feat to choose which ones to stop at. Thankfully, whether decades-old or brand new, there are plenty that are well-known for being some of Barcelona's best tapas spots - no matter for a light snack or a whole family feast.

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9 Bar La Plata

Located in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, Bar La Plata has been in business since 1945 and is said to be one of the last authentic tapas joints in this part of town. It may be a small corner bar in which little has changed over the last several decades, but that's all part of its charm and authenticity.

Serving just a handful of tapas treats doesn't make it any less incredible either, for each one is as delicious as the next - as evidenced by the crowds of people that descend to savor the sumptuous delights, especially at the weekend during which it becomes a characterful hub full of locals chowing down on the city's best grub.

8 Casa de Tapes Cañota

Casa de Tapes Cañota is a tempting seafood tapas bar inspired by Galician cuisine. In fact, it's a part of the famous Rías de Galicia - known across Spain as one of the country's top Galician restaurants - and is thus naturally a favorite amongst Barcelona's tapas joints.

Specializing in traditional dishes, El Cañota offers high-quality cuisine in a relaxed setting. With tempting fishy dishes on the menu, such as fried seafood and fish, Galician octopus, patatas bravas, as well as a selection of flavorful wines and draught beer, ticking this one off the list when in Barcelona is sure to be a memorable experience for the senses.

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7 La Mundana

This one is quite unique, mixing international cuisines with classic Spanish tapas to create a sensational culinary adventure incorporating the rest of the world. Hungry customers can indulge in special takes on tapas that not many have tried before, all of which are freshly grilled, such as octopus with Iberian Tocino, tuna tataki with Asian aromas, and a mouth-watering skewer of Duroc pork with hummus and turmeric. Don't fancy anything fancy? No worries, the restaurant offers plenty of tasty cold tapas, smoked meats, patatas bravas, croquettes, calamari, and the works.

6 Polleria Fontana

A typical chicken restaurant it may first appear, but such is it not. Situated between Fontana and Joanic metro stations, Polleria Fontana provides excellent Catalan cuisine incorporating traditional dishes with grandma's homemade recipes. Owner and Chef, Nil Ros, makes myriads of classic tapas featuring divine flavors, with everything prepared fresh on the spot - including paellas.

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5 Xanc i Meli

Seasoned tavern workers Xanc and Meli blend seafood with typical Spanish cuisine, offering a menu that's brief, yet packs a punch. There's cuttlefish with squid ink meatballs, cod with garlic mousseline and ratatouille, and numerous more interesting servings. What's more, their desserts are highly spoken of and are perfect for settling the senses after gorging on their selection of savories. According to reviews, the homemade tarte Tatin and the sweet Tapones de Cadaqués sprinkled with sugar are especially top-notch.

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4 Ten's

At Ten's, Jordi Cruz provides guests with what he believes a tapas bar in Barcelona should be, along with his own creations inspired by classic tapas. There are many delights to choose from (and it'll be hard to pick). Be it squid with citronella Alioli (garlic mayonnaise), or cuisine from his home region of Àbac - such as foie gras with figs, Migas, or Sichuan pepper ice cream - it's likely that diners will want to order everything off the menu to try.

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3 La Cova Fumada

According to local opinion and long-established rumors, La Cova Fumada is cited to be the birthplace of 'bomba' - a hearty spicy potato and mincemeat dish adored by Barcelona locals. Manager Josep Maria's grandma is said to have created the recipe over six decades ago, which has become a staple foodie feature in the area's local cuisine scene.

Still going strong, this Barcelona classic, the unpresumptuous eatery is ever-popular as it always has been amongst locals who work by the sea, and as such has become one of the city's best-loved spots for lunch. Visitors who manage to get a seat at the marbled and iron tables can tuck into variable daily lunch specialties, with favorites including salted cod, Capipota, and stewed garbanzos to name but a few.

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2 Quimet i Quimet

This charmingly small bar offers a big tapas experience, so ignore its size and pull up a seat to discover the exquisite specialties that are great washed down with wine. One of these specialties is what the Spanish call "Conservas", which are shellfish preserved in tins, while another is "Montaditos" - delicious variations of tapas served on bread with a range of incredible choices. From cow passata and black olive pâté to sashimi with cream cheese and honey, this joint's irresistible flavors do draw in the crowds - so be sure to get there early.

1 Balius

Balius is a delightful bar specializing in cocktails made with vermouth, which go hand-in-hand with its collection of small Aragon and Castilla dishes, and of course, tapas. Highlights on the menu include the Lomo de Orza - a slithering of thinly cut pork loin with Alioli garlic mayonnaise and lemon, as well as the Atascaburras - a delicious salted cod dish to consume whilst sipping on expertly-made cocktails.

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