Did you know that steak is something that is enjoyed by people all over the world? While many people know that the cooking of meat is something universal to humanity, most people may not realize that the selection of prime cuts of beef (that is, meat from a cow) and careful cooking to create “steak” is something that people all over the world also tend to enjoy. From Wagyu beef of the United States to Kobe beef in Japan and the fine cattle of South America, cooking and consuming steak is also a universal part of humanity.

This list of 25 steak houses from around the world presents the reader with a look at how steak may be experienced regardless of where you are. Whether you are in the northern or southern, eastern or western hemisphere, you can find a place where you will enjoy the local steak and all that it offers.

Steak may be something that brings your family together, but hopefully by reading this list of the top 25 steak houses in the world, you will come to realize that steak is a universal language. Whether you like your steak rare or well done, you will find that you can enjoy a great steak in places that you never thought possible.

25 Bern’s - Tampa, FL

We start our list of top restaurants with a great steak in Tampa, Florida. Now, one may not consider Tampa to be a great place to get a steak, but at Bern’s, they have been serving up just that for over sixty years. They also serve up farm fresh vegetables grown on the family farm. So what can you expect from a meal at Bern’s Steak House? How about a semi-casual affair featuring an extensive menu. From a variety of appetizers to start your meal with to a number of soups and salads to pair with sides and, of course, your steak, Bern’s really has everything covered from beginning to end of your meal. But the steak is really why people go to Bern’s because it is, after all, a steak house. All of the steaks at Bern’s are hand-cut to your exacting specifications.

Whether you desire a filet mignon, a T-bone, or just about any other steak that you can think of, you are sure to find exactly the exact cut of beef the suits your unique taste.

Bern’s Steak House is more than just steak. It is the steak that made Bern and Gert Laxer famous all those years ago.

24 B & B Butchers - Houston, TX

Texas is one of the largest beef-producing states in the U.S., so you know that any restaurant list that discusses steak is going to include at least one establishment in Texas. The first Texas restaurant on this list is B & B Butchers in Houston. They are sourcing their beef from USDA Prime, Texas Waygu, and A5 Kobe, all of which are going to give patrons a fine steak to choose from. Everyone has heard of USDA Prime, and many people are familiar with Kobe beef from Japan and Waygu, the American equivalent of Kobe, and if you are going to a place like B & B Butchers, you are probably going because you know that they are serving up the top beef in the world. At B & B Butchers, they have their own dry aging room, which patrons are often given a tour of. They also take the time to hand-cut each steak as the patron orders it, so you know that you are getting exactly the cut of meat you ask for when you ask for it. These three things–quality beef, in-house aging, and hand-cut steaks–combine to make B & B Butchers one of the top restaurants in the U.S. for a steak.

23 Hawksmoor Seven Dials - London, England

If you were to go into your average run-of-the-mill steak house and ask about the cut of beef, most wait staff would have no idea about the difference between a rib eye and a filet. And this is to be expected because a lot of patrons think that beef is beef and all steak is steak. But this list is about steak and is intended for those patrons that know the difference between a variety of cuts of beef and the quality of beef available. And at Hawksmoor Seven Dials in London, the staff is probably more knowledgeable about cuts of steak than most consumers of steak. And that is to be expected from a place on this list of the top steak restaurants in the world.

Not only is the staff in the know about cuts of steak at Hawksmoor Seven Dials, but those cuts of beef are some of the best in the London area.

When you combine quality beef and cuts of that beef with a knowledgeable staff who can quickly ascertain what your tastes are and how to meet those needs, then you have a restaurant that makes it onto this list of steak restaurants and one of the best dining experiences in London.

22 Hy’s Steak - Honolulu, HI

Something that many people are looking for with their amazing steak is an overall amazing dining experience. The next location on this list of top steak restaurants provides a five-star dining experience to go with an above-average steak experience. Hy’s Steak, in Honolulu, Hawaii, may not be the type of place that you would consider finding some of the top steak in the United States. After all,

the establishment is on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But it is the cooking method at Hy’s Steak that makes all the difference.

Using USDA Prime beef, which is aged and trimmed in the restaurant, the chefs will prepare your steak by firing it over kiawe or mesquite wood, which serves to enhance the flavor of the meat and tenderize the steak. Hy’s Steak has been operating for over 40 years and offers guests table side preparation, including salad and flambe items. So, the next time you are in Hawaii, don't think twice and take a trip to Hy’s Steak for a steak so unique and special that you will be hard-pressed to match the taste and quality of the cut at any steak house in the continental United States, much less the entire world.

21 Jess & Jim’s - Kansas City, MO

If you are looking for a steak that is a little on the wild side and you happen to be in the Kansas City, Missouri area, then you should probably stop by Jess & Jim’s. The establishment has been open since 1930, making it one of the oldest steak places in Missouri where you can get an outstanding steak that is hand-cut each day, along with all of the trimmings and fixings you desire. However, in the 1970’s Jess & Jim’s was featured in Playboy magazine and instantly became somewhat of a household name, at least among certain circles of people. With the fame brought by the expose, Jess & Jim’s began serving the “Playboy Strip,” a two-inch, 25-ounce monster of a steak. While some may disagree with eating at a steak house made famous by an adult magazine, you cannot get away from the uniqueness of eating such a large steak at a restaurant that has been in business for the better part of a century. Jess & Jim’s offers daily specials on steaks and other meals, so you can go back each day of the month for a different meal at a great steak restaurant that is really so much more.

20 Parador La Huella - Uruguay

The next spot on this list of great steak restaurants around the world is in Uruguay. It is located right on the beach, which provides a unique experience for dining, regardless of what kind of food you are enjoying.

It is called Parador La Huella or simply La Huella for those in the know. They tout their fare as a combination of sea, earth, and fire, and there is probably not a better way of describing the food at La Huella.

So what about the “earth” side of the food, the steak? At La Huella, they source the best beef they can in Uruguay. And for a country in South America, beef is something that the locals know a lot about. Beef is a way of life in South America, and the United States actually imports a lot of beef from the continent to the south. However, the people of Uruguay know what beef is best and keep it for themselves. And then the people of Parador La Huella transform that beef into some of the best cuts of steak and steak-based meals in Uruguay. Next time you are in South America and visiting the coast of Uruguay, take the time to stop in La Huella for the best steak in South America.

19 St. Elmo Steakhouse - Indianapolis, IN

There are really only two ways to age a good steak—dry aging and wet aging. While many people swear by the dry aging process, there are a few places that still practice the method of wet-aging their steaks in house. St. Elmo Steakhouse, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one such place. And maybe the fact that they have been in business since 1902 indicates that what they are doing actually works really well. St. Elmo Steakhouse is dedicated to a step above, with professional service in their open-air kitchen and multiple dining rooms. Their menu is fairly extensive, covering dinner and dessert, as well as wine and cocktail pairings for a number of their dishes. And being in Indianapolis, you can bet that they have the home team advantage when it comes to setting up a spread for the Colts and the Pacers. St. Elmo Steakhouse also has a special three-course Sunday meal that will put your grandmother’s Sunday meal to shame. St. Elmo Steakhouse may not be the only steak house in Indiana, but it certainly tops enough to make this list of a place to get a great steak. For a historic steakhouse that does a wet age on their steaks, one cannot beat St. Elmo Steakhouse.

18 CUT - Las Vegas, NV

There is something special about Las Vegas, Nevada. Maybe it is the atmosphere of people winning it big or maybe it is the atmosphere of people losing it all. Either way, the atmosphere of Las Vegas is something that most people can actually feel. And CUT, Wolfgang Puck’s steak house at the Venetian, probably contributes something to that atmosphere for the winners and the losers.

CUT sources some of the finest beef available, such as USDA Prime, grass-fed, and Waygu beef.

While you can get this caliber of meat at just about any decent steak house anymore, CUT does it up right in Las Vegas, simply because that is the Las Vegas way. You can tell from the name (“CUT”) that they aim to have the best cuts of beef available to their diners, and they really do know how to serve up great cuts of beef alongside sides, drinks, and desserts that complete the meal. Is it possible that you can win big in Las Vegas without losing your shirt? At CUT, that may just be the secret to having an outstanding visit to a city where so much is vying for your attention on a constant basis. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a great steak at CUT.

17 Morton’s The Steakhouse - Mexico City, Mexico

Morton’s The Steakhouse aims to be a dining experience. And they know how to deliver. From the ambiance of the restaurant, overlooking Avenida de las Palmas with a terrace seating up to 50 guests, to three boardrooms and spacious dining rooms, just visiting Morton’s The Steakhouse in Mexico City, Mexico is an experience in and of itself. However, this list is not about nice restaurants. It is a list about nice restaurants serving amazing steak. And Morton’s The Steakhouse has been sourcing its beef from the same location for as far back as anyone can remember, some three decades. If Morton’s The Steakhouse does not like a particular cut of beef from the supplier, they will not accept it, and that means that the staff at Morton’s is in charge of what beef gets served to the paying diners, not the supplier. This attitude of putting the needs and desires of the diners first is prevalent in everything that Morton’s does, especially as it relates to the dining experience for those visiting Mexico City. Anyone can cook a steak, but it takes real talent to select a great piece of beef and transform it into a steak that makes it onto the top lists of best steaks in the world.

16 Canyon Creek - Niagara Falls, Canada

When dining, the atmosphere and location of the restaurant play a significant role in the overall dining experience. For example, eating steak overlooking Niagara Falls in Canada at Canyon Creek would likely be considered a superior experience to eating a steak overlooking a pond in Central Park, New York. Canyon Creek offers that superior dining experience from a location standpoint, but they are also serving up quality cuts of beef. Noted for their exceptional service, this restaurant wants to be your go-to for steak in the Niagara Falls area, even if you need to cross the border into Canada do get to it.

The level of service they provide is surpassed only by the quality of their steaks, which are grilled to perfection per your request.

Just as anyone can cook a steak, just about anyone can attempt to grill a steak to the exact specifications of the diner. But at Canyon Creek, they have perfected the art of grilling steak the way their customers request it, and that sets them apart from many of the other steak places that one could go to. When combining the location, the service, and the quality of steak, Canyon Creek delivers on all three for a topnotch steak dining experience.

15 Patagonia Beef And Wine - Barcelona, Spain

Across the ocean in Barcelona, Spain is a place called Patagonia Beef and Wine, and with a name like that, you cannot help but think that they know what they are talking about when it comes to great steak...and wine. Patagonia Beef and Wine is serving traditional Argentinian steak and other meats, which is pretty unique in Barcelona. However, their wine selection is carefully cultivated from Spain and Argentina. The elegant and cozy ambiance of the restaurant makes for a pleasurable dining experience. But it truly is the steak that makes Patagonia Beef and Wine such an outstanding restaurant and put it onto this list. The beef itself is from Argentina, and as we know, some of the best beef in the world comes from South America. The chefs at Patagonia Beef and Wine grill it to perfection over a charcoal grill. This method of cooking is common in the world of backyard grilling but not so common in large restaurants where they are turning out numerous steaks a minute. But the fact that they take the time and put in the extra effort really is evident in the quality of the grilled steak at Patagonia Beef and Wine.

14 Basegrill - Athens, Greece

Across the Mediterranean Sea in Athens, Greece is a place known by the unique name of Basegrill, a restaurant opened in 2010. The focus of Basegrill is meat, which is not something that a lot of restaurants and dining establishments in Athens choose to focus on. This focus on meat, and specifically beef, means that Basegrill is able to deliver a quality dining experience that is unlike anything else in Athens. The source their meat from a select group of ranchers who are producing stock that originated in Greece. These free-range cattle are grass-fed, so they have a unique flavor that is not available from corn-fed beef. And the superior cuts of beef that Basegrill offers are chosen by the patron table side and cut there in front of them.

At Basegrill, the focus is on the meat, and they know how to deliver on a promise that you will be getting the best steak available in Athens, Greece.

While many people consider Greek beef in the form of a gyro, the folks at Basegrill are changing that perspective and focusing on what all steak can be and providing patrons with a dining experience that is worth singing about.

13 Cattlemen’s Steakhouse - Oklahoma City, OK

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, there exists a steak restaurant that has been in operation since 1910. And over the years, this particular restaurant has had a storied and, consequently, interesting history. The name of this steak restaurant is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and is the longest continually operating restaurant in Oklahoma City. Cattlemen’s Steakhouse uses only locally-sourced beef, which is key to their success. They also have a secret formula for aging that beef, which has not changed much (if at all) over the decades of the restaurant being in operation. In fact, their secret is so powerful that they have been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows and have received many awards for their steak and service.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse is serving up every meal from breakfast to dinner, and they are doing it in a way that does homage to their founders from the early twentieth century. But as far as steak goes, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse offers 12 different options, filet to T-bone. Where else will you find history like this in a steak house? Where will you find a steak that is aged to perfection in a way that no other restaurant ages their steak? Only at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse will you find this unique combination.

12 Killen’s Steakhouse - Pearland, TX

Killen’s Steakhouse in Pearland, Texas is another example of great steak at a place that not many people have heard of. As discussed earlier, Texas is known for steak, so it is fair to make the connection that a couple of places on this list will be in Texas. However, Killen’s Steakhouse is something more than just another Texas steakhouse. In fact, the head chef at the restaurant is Le Cordon Bleu trained, a very high distinction among chefs, if not among steakhouse owners. Killen’s Steakhouse is serving some great steaks–both wet and dry aged–and USDA and Wagyu beef. This makes for some great combinations of beef alone, and it is all sourced from both Allen Brothers, in Chicago and Strube Ranch in Texas. Killen’s Steakhouse has a complete menu, with starters, sides, a variety of entrees, and of course, steak.

Some key items on the menu include three types of Wagyu beef–local, Japanese, and Australian–as well as a flight of New York Strip steaks.

The quality that Killen’s Steakhouse puts into crafting the perfect steak is evident with every bite. While you can get steak anywhere in Texas, only at Killen’s Steakhouse can you get a steak like this.

11 CUT By Wolfgang Puck - Singapore

CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Singapore is Chef Puck’s first Asian restaurant and is found at Marina Bay Sands. Yes, it is the same name as the one in Las Vegas (already discussed), but the two restaurants are worlds away from each other, both physically and in terms of what they offer. While steak is something of a universal meal, steak in Singapore offers the diner something different from what can be expected in other parts of the world. CUT in Singapore offers classic steak meals but with an obvious Asian twist.

Chef Puck takes more of the meat, some of the pieces that would otherwise be discarded, and combines them into delicious meals that are featured on a separate menu. With one Michelin Star, CUT in Singapore stands above a number of other restaurants that claim to be “steak houses.”

But only CUT sits above the rest of these dining establishments with regards to their offerings of dishes such as Prime Steak Tartare and USDA corn-fed sirloin. CUT is selective about their beef products and feature USDA Prime, Kobe, and 300-day fed Australian Angus. But what really matters is that CUT in Singapore is offering a contemporary take on the classic steak house and doing it with an Asian flair.

10 Bavette’s - Chicago, IL

Sometimes, you are looking for more than just a great steak. You are looking for a great dining experience in which you are eating a great steak. Bavette’s provides that great dining experience, especially for those looking for romantic dining with candle-lit dining rooms. At Bavette’s, you will be treated to classic French-influenced dining but in a less formal steak house atmosphere. They know that it is the dining experience, as much as the food, that makes for a great night out, especially when you are dining with that important someone. From the red leather seats to the gilded dining rooms, Bavette’s has the high-end dining scene down. But it would not be worth visiting without the towers of sea food, flavorful rib eye steaks, and house-made desserts that have made Bavette’s the steak house in Chicago, Illinois that it is. When you think fine steak dining, there are very few restaurants that come to mind. However, Bavette’s, while not a restaurant that many people have heard of, does provide not only a fine dining experience but also provides an amazing steak gastronomic experience that would be difficult for those more well-known steak house establishments.

9 Rockpool Bar & Grill - Sydney, Australia

In the Land Down Under in the great city of Sydney, Australia is a restaurant named Rockpool Bar & Grill. Beef is something that Australia has been doing for a long time, and at Rockpool Bar & Grill, they are using sustainably-sourced Australian beef. With only hormone-free Blackmoor’s Wagyu and Cape Grim grass-fed beef, it is certain that diners are eating the best beef available in the country. The restaurant is located in an American-style art deco building, which provides a dining experience that is simple and uncomplicated. At Rockpool Bar & Grill, the food–both from the ocean and from land–is perfectly paired with the fine Australian wine. The menu features everything from caviar to woodfire-grilled beef.

The beef at Rockpool Bar & Grill is served based on the amount of time it has been dry-aged, and the age of the beef is listed right alongside the cut on the menu as though it were a fine wine.

And while you are digesting your steak, be sure to enjoy one of the signature cocktails or wine by the glass. As an Australian steak house institution, Rockpool Bar & Grill really knows how to serve up an amazing steak and drink.

8 Don Julio - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Back on the other side of the world, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a steak restaurant called Don Julio. This casual family-owned steak house is run by a butcher, which should be some indication of just how good the steaks are going to be. They feature grass-fed beef from the Pampas region of Argentina, and as we have already discussed, some of the best beef in the world comes from South America—Argentina, in particular. The steaks at Don Julio are best consumed with the fries and a simple tomato salad, but that is certainly not the only way that you can enjoy the experience of dining on great steak. In addition to the local beef, Don Julio also serves beef from Spain, as well as Chianno beef. At Don Julio, the quality of the service matches the quality of the beef. With an outstanding menu of items that span the globe, including a number of Italian wines to compliment the steaks, it is no wonder that Don Julio has been featured in magazines around the world and has received a number of accolades. Combining local Argentinian beef prepared daily by a butcher with wines from around the world creates a dining experience that is not to be missed.

7 Peter Luger - New York, NY

At Peter Luger in New York, the USDA prime is personally selected by the owners, which means that the owners of this restaurant, which has been listed as a top steak house since 1984, are taking a personal responsibility for the steak that ends up on the table of the diners. The hand-selected steak is then dry-aged on site to exacting specifications and standards, which produces a steak of outstanding quality to go with the outstanding cut. It may be difficult to imagine that this much care is put into something that seems as simple as a steak, but at Peter Luger, that care and attention to detail makes all the difference.

The menu at Peter Luger features daily lunch specials and complete meals from appetizer through dessert. Dining at Peter Luger is all about the food, more so than the restaurant.

There is a butcher shop on the premises, where one can purchase the same cuts of beef that are on the menu. Their attention to the detail of the steaks themselves means that diners are party to an amazing meal that all started with the selection of the meat by the owners and finishes in the restaurant.

6 Chargrilled Kobe Beef Ikuta - Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known for one thing when it comes to beef and steak—Kobe beef. There is a place in Tokyo that really knows how to do Kobe beef—Chargrilled Kobe Beef Ikuta. While a lot of places in Japan are very conservative, this restaurant offers a more laid-back atmosphere that is outside of Tokyo. Perhaps the location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, makes all the difference just as the way Kobe beef is raised makes such a big difference in the taste and quality of the meat. Whatever the case, at Chargrilled Kobe Beef Ikuta, they are serving the highest quality Kobe beef available in Japan. And for those travelers that do not speak English, there is an English menu and an English dining area available. Maybe it really is the laid-back atmosphere of Chargrilled Kobe Beef Ikuta that creates a dining experience that is generally not something to be found in Japan. And even if you do not believe that the atmosphere of the restaurant makes a difference, you will appreciate the quality of the steak at this particular establishment. It does not take a connoisseur of steak to recognize that when you are dining on the finest Kobe beef in Japan, you are dining on the finest steak in the world.