There's A Secret Basketball Court In Disneyland's Matterhorn Mountain

Tourist types might be oblivious to the massive number of secrets concealed in Disneyland, such as the exclusive Club 33 in New Orleans Square or the massive number of "hidden monkeys" in the theme park.

But quite a few regulars have been privy to some of those inconspicuous nuggets, such as a surreptitious basketball court on Mickey Mouse's celebrated premises.

3 Mysterious Slopes


Thanks to The Imagineering Story, a six-part documentary series streaming on Disney+, the world can finally find out where all those secret free throws have been taking place. As what most people has suspected, it's located within the mysterious slopes of Matterhorn Mountain, the same amusement ride that's provided thrills for adventurous families for decades.

It turns out that the top third of the mountain is actually hollow and only accessible to climbers on their way to the peak. Inside the 60-foot-high cavity, a staircase takes lucky intruders down to the main floor complete with storage areas and that once-mythical basketball court.

2 First Episode


Those on board the winding rides across the mountain exterior far below have long been oblivious to its presence, even during Tinkerbell's appearance atop the peak during fireworks displays. The facility was installed years ago, when cast members of shows stationed at the Matterhorn needed a place to unwind between sets.

You won't have to fast-forward much to find the basketball court segment in the series. It's all on the first episode of Imagineers, featuring the show's tour guide Bob Gurr, who played a part in getting the bobsled ride on the mountain possible.

1 Scary Elements


The series also takes behind-the-scenes looks at how the scary elements in the Haunted Mansion worked as well as glimpse of secret tunnels beneath Disneyland so that Mickey Mouse could make multiple appearances throughout the park.

The Imagineering Story covers the development and history of Disneyland and other franchise theme parks via the perspective of those who worked around the clock to build them. Dubbed Imagineers by Walt Disney for their ability to come up with solutions to ideas that sounded crazy at the time, the series looks at how these folks not only made the technical marvels possible but laid the foundation for an entire theme park industry.

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