The UK has some of the best food in the world, featuring some truly astounding restaurants. There's so many incredible places to eat that it would be difficult to ever even scratch the surface on a single visit. Something the UK is also great at is themed restaurants.

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There's so many unique and quirky places to eat across the nation. This is in part due to some of the amazing pop culture that the UK helps to produce but also because of its incredible history and culture. Often times the buildings actually inspire the restaurant as well! So here's 10 themed restaurants in the UK that you have to eat at to believe.


Cahoots is digging deep into the history of London. Guests can really feel like they are stepping back in time to the 1940s. That's because, not only does the restaurant feel like it's in one of the many underground tunnels in London, with a vintage train to match, it's also theme appropriately.

It has decor that matches the time period, old pictures and record players to even the uniforms that the staff wear. On top of that all of the food feels like it's been pulled out of time. It's often served in a basket and you can get everything from afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches to other British classics.


The Library in Norwich has actually been the home of some celebrities and even been featured on BBC programming before. As the name suggests the restaurant is themed to feel like an old library complete with shelves featuring old books.

The food itself is very interesting, with a twist to many well-known classics. It's on the higher end of the price range but the class of the food matches the environment that guests are eating in. It's a well-known location in the area and is worth a trip if you're visiting the fine city.


Shaka Zulu in London is one of the capitals many over the top themed restaurants. Competing with the likes of the Rainforest Cafe, Shaka Zulu has stepped it up a notch. Not only does the restaurant have an African theme, but the food, decor, entertainment and  cocktails all match this.

The range of drinks available are truly spectacular and the sheer scale of the building is something to behold. There are multiple areas, each offering something different and you can actually watch fire dancers and performers while you're eating your meal. The dishes are takes on African cuisine with British influences.

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The Old Station is also exactly what it says. It really is an old train station that's been turned into a themed restaurant. The design of the station looks more like something out of Harry Potter than an actual restaurant which is why the interior is so surprising.

This Scottish restaurant is very well decorated inside, bringing a touch of class to the proceedings. The design echos that of a classic first-class carriage on a train, but with a few modern twists and choices that make it more fitting as restaurant. The food is inspired by both European and British classics with of course a focus on Scottish produce.


Dans Le Noir is incredibly unique, not just in the UK but in the whole world. There are plenty of restaurants that are set up based on the staff. This one in particular is designed to allow those who are blind to work there. All the staff therefore have sight impairments.

This has actually been turned into a full experience however. The whole building is in the pitch dark so that visitors also can't see anything. That means not only is everyone on the same level but your sense focus in on the tastes and the smells. It's a truly special moment to be able to visit this place.


The Fullerton Arms is located in Northern Ireland, which is of course famous for being the filming location of the hit HBO show, Game of Thrones. The Fullerton Arms has therefore played on this as well as the local area's rich history.

It is therefore an extremely well-received pub that serves some really brilliant food. It all feels authentic to the area and could be found in any of the scenes of the show. It's all locally sourced, with an emphasis on the fish and there's of course an Iron Throne you can sit in after you've finished your meal.

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As you'd expect this Alnwick experience is in fact in a treehouse. The building is very environmental and really brings guests back into nature. There's a really unique feel to this location therefore, reminding those eating there of times they went camping perhaps.

The incredible building is actually multi-story as well and there's something magical about the interior. It's full of fairy lights and old branches and all the food has an authentic feeling. It's fresh and vibrant and incredibly tasty. This is possibly the best date location on this list.


This studio may be a little bit pricey but there's a reason for that. The owner and chef is a former Master Chef contestant. Each dish is also tailored to what you want. There's something else quite unique about this restaurant however.

It only seats 8 people and a lot of the food is cooked in front of you. The reason for this is that the studio is located in the garden of the chef. In a little shed. Essentially you're getting a private meal from one of the top chefs in the country all in a little garden. It's a truly astonishing experience.


Archipelago isn't just a normal restaurant. Stepping through its doors means that you're entering a completely different part of the world. From top to bottom the whole place feels like you're no longer in the UK but taken on some exotic adventure.

The food reflects this worldly philosophy with cuisine from all over the planet filling up the menu. The overwhelming influence seems to be of Asia specifically but there are touches from other locations as well. It's the kind of place you need to eat at many times to get the full experience.


The Potted Pig almost has a double theme. The cuisine is based on the amazing Welsh produce available in the area. In particular, based on the name you can probably tell that it has many pork and pig-related dishes you can try, including the potted pig.

The interior of the restaurant is somewhat surprising. The building was an old bank, meaning the layout of the restaurant is mostly the same. Even the prison-like bars that used to protect the cash are still present, with the place almost feeling like an underground bunker.

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