Whether people are mainly going for the food, the location, the ease or the company, going out to eat is a common occurrence. Why not head to a one-of-a-kind, super original spot, though, to make this experience as memorable as possible? Well, that can for sure happen with the following themed restaurants.

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They take inspiration from books, hobbies, different times, nature and more, and each of these places offers up jaw-dropping atmospheres. The food is probably yummy as well, and the friends brought along could make these trips even better—but we totally understand going to these restaurants just to see their wild themes alone.

10 Alice In A Labyrinth - Tokyo

Stepping into this restaurant is like entering Wonderland itself. There are mushrooms, playing cards, and book pages decorating the walls, and characters serve up food and drinks to guests. There are also themed rooms within this themed spot, such as The Cheshire Cat Room and The Tea Party Room with its giant teacup.

Some of the menu items are inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and there are several tea options, too, which makes sense. So if anyone happens to be in this part of the world and is a fan of this Lewis Carroll story, be sure to make a stop here!

9 Unicorn & Narwhal - Seattle

These bars—which feature some fun foods—are themed around carnivals and located in Seattle, Washington. Here, visitors can enjoy an arcade, a photo booth, carnival food, magical cocktails, and events such as cabaret (which also has mimosas and the best drag show in the city), karaoke, and trivia.

The menu boasts things like fried rainbow cheese on a stick, a coney dog, a pegasus burger, funnel cake, and drinks like The Mystical Mermaid, Snozzberry Frost, and a Cake Shot. And, of course, the decor is so bright and whimsical, making these must-see spots for a real good time!

8 Ford's Garage - Florida

Ford's Garage has several Florida locations where people go for the food and the car theme. On the menu, there are tons of burgers, as well as nachos, comfort foods, desserts like shakes or floats, and adult beverages with auto-themed names such as the Motor-jito and the Back Seat Driver.

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This restaurant looks and feels like an old service station with its vintage Ford vehicles, gas pumps, and brick walls. So while many may go for a good, quality hamburger, everyone will also get to take some neat photos of car memorabilia, too.

7 Pinnacle Peak - Tucson

This restaurant’s website claims that it is the best steakhouse in Tucson, with famous mesquite-grilled cowboy steaks. It has been around since 1962, and it serves Western food in an Old West atmosphere. The outside of this building alone looks like something right out of an old cowboy movie.

Inside, those who visit will find and be able to eat/drink an Open Range Dinner, Southwestern Green Chiles, the Wrangler Burger, a Trail Dust Brownie, and/or the Cowboy and Cowgirl Cocktail, to name a few treats. Get transported to another time and place with Pinnacle Peak in Arizona.

6 Phantom Carriage - Carson, California

Phantom Carriage is a craft brewery and eatery in California. It has a focus on Belgian-inspired beers, rustic dishes and—most importantly—horror flicks. In fact, its name even comes from an old Swedish scary movie! Entering this place is like going into some creepy castle, and there is also a movie theater inside that plays some classics.

The foods have memorable names as well, such as Creature Dip, Jar Of The Living Veg, and Phantom Phritos. So if anyone is in/around the town of Carson and is into spooky films, this is a restaurant to check out!

5 Solutions Lounge and Restaurant - Denver

Solutions Lounge and Restaurant in Denver is a restaurant, a bar… and an escape room! It serves up gourmet casual cuisine, tons of beverage options, and a super fun and unique adventure. Within the 6,100-square-foot space with its steampunk look, people can enjoy seven different escape rooms like Arizona Shootout, Cuban Crisis, Shanghaied, or Budapest Express, which allow guests to pretend to be FBI agents, sheriffs, and more.

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This location opened up in 2017, making for a go-to spot when it comes to company events, birthday parties, social hours, date nights, and unforgettable dinner moments.

4 Subsix - Maldives

While at Niyama Private Islands Maldives, visitors can take a speedboat across the water, go down a three-tier staircase, and enter Subsix—an underwater restaurant. See fish, eels, and a turtle while eating lobster medallions, crab ravioli, or pan-seared seabass!

The space is decorated with sparkling chandeliers and a clam-inspired bar with shells. Some special options at this spot include a champagne breakfast and glow parties. This tropical and intimate hotel already seems like one of those Pinterest-worthy vacation destinations, and a visit to this amazing restaurant makes it seem even more appealing… just look at that photo!

3 Morey’s Family Restaurant - Oneonta, New York

Morey’s Family Restaurant and Dollhouse Miniatures is another themed restaurant on this list, and it is located in Oneonta, New York. As its name suggests, this spot is filled with miniatures, as there are over 150 little dollhouses and scenes!

That is the main attraction at Morey’s, but there is also breakfast served all day, a soup and salad bar, and a different special every day. This family restaurant seems to think of everyone, as there is a toy corner for the little ones, discounts for senior citizens, and free wi-fi for those who want to go ahead and upload photos of these mini sights.

2 Wilde Bar & Restaurant - Chicago

Another place that is inspired by literature is the Wilde Bar & Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. As one can see from this image, it looks like the warm and cozy locale where Oscar Wilde could have sat to write or where a guest could read his works while enjoying food inspired by this famous poet and playwright.

Some of the items on the menu have names like Oscar's Buddha Bowl, Wilde Shepherd's Pie, and the Wilde Burger, adding to the atmosphere. There are books and photos of Wilde throughout this restaurant as well, adding to the allure that draws in many.

1 The Bubble Room - Captiva, Florida

The Bubble Room, which opened in 1979, can be found in Captiva, Florida. It started with just a couple of tables in the front room of the house belonging to a family, but now, it is a famous place with several themes! There are toys from the ‘30s and ‘40s, moving trains on all three floors, and a front room decorated for Christmas all the time.

Besides the kitschy decor, there is also Bubble bread and sticky buns served with each entrée, desserts made in the on-site bakery, and a bar with drinks like the Pink Flamingo and Captiva Cooler.

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