Ever gone to a hotel and wished it was something more than just a standard room with beds and television, with the same wallpaper or paint job and artwork hanging on the wall? Check into some themed hotel rooms such as these and make your trip experience one to remember, as these themed rooms took some of the greatest movie and pop-culture icons and turned them into stunning rooms that are worth every penny to spend on for the hotel experience of a lifetime. Live like a superhero, or someone straight out of the movies in these themed rooms, which hotels are looking to advertise as special rooms and upgrades to their regular ones.

It’s like a mini vacation while on vacation, as after seeing the sights of the city, coming back to the room is just as enjoyable and could lead to a few secret surprises inside. It’s all about being someone else, and in these rooms, any tourist can become someone famous or have a unique experience without even going outside. Hotels can be so much more than just a place to rest at night, and if we’re going to spend money on a hotel room, why not one that at least has a lot of extra fun already added into it.

25 SpongeBob SquarePants

Who lives in a hotel room under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! Ok, maybe not so much, but in Punta Cana, you can stay in SpongeBob’s Pineapple room that looks exactly like his house from the kid’s television show. It might be more suited for your kids than you, but it’s a fun room that resembles the Bikini Bottom home under the sea. According to Travel + Leisure, the two-bedroom, three-bathroom suite has indoor and outdoor living areas, infinity pool and private butlers, all for $3,800.

24 The Wizard’s Chambers

Fans of Harry Potter will love this wizard inspired room, or rather, chamber, located at the Georgian House Hotel in London, England, that comes with plenty of surprises. According to Travel + Leisure, the room itself is hidden behind a bookcase that is down a portrait lined passageway with candles lighting the way. So if you ever forgot your room number, maybe this isn’t for you. Each room comes with stained glass windows, stone walls, cauldrons, and wood burning stove, everything straight out of Harry Potter.

23 Poseidon Undersea Resort

This suite is still in the works, but the Poseidon Undersea Resort will offer rooms fit for the king under the sea, as the rooms will feature an amazing underwater view. The glass-encased suite also includes, according to Travel + Leisure, your very own Triton submarine, scuba diving, and marine-focused spa treatments. The resort, located in Fiji, however, has already had over 15,000 people book rooms, and the resort can only hold 7,200 a year. And the price tag per stay is $15,000, but totally worth it for plenty of underwater experiences.

22 The Final Frontier

Take a voyage in this Star Trek themed room at the Roxbury, and take your vacation to another galaxy. Inspired by the famed Star Trek series, this themed room is right up the lane for Trekkies who want to experience life on the USS Enterprise. It’s a two-level, two bedrooms, two bathroom suite that features space-age décor, according to Travel + Leisure, with a ceiling that lights up like the galaxy, and shooting stars that make the room feel like space. Hopefully no red alerts on this holiday.

21 Emerald City

For fans of the Wizard of Oz, the Roxbury Motel in upstate New York has this emerald room, straight of out Oz’s Emerald City, for you to stay at. It’s complete with a mural of Oz, and of course, no Wizard of Oz room is complete with a yellow brick road, which runs from the wall and through the room, past the foot of the bed. According to Travel + Leisure, the room also has a poppy bathroom with a two-person 85-gallon soaking tub and runs a cost of $213 a night. And look closely under the pillows, you may even be able to pull off the ruby slippers from the witch.

20 The Shire House

Tolkien fans will love this Shire inspired house that is available to rent in Trout Creek, Montana, as they have styled this cabin after the Lord of the Rings hobbit house. Watch your head when you go inside, as it may be a little low ceiling, but according to Travel + Leisure, the home is in a village that comes alive at night with a cavalcade of mushrooms that line Hobbit Lane. It’s $345 a night to experience the world of Tolkien for yourself.

19 The BatSuite

Batman has plenty of places to go, include Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave, but this hotel room is perfect for the caped crusader, as the Batman suite at the Eden Hotel is decked out to make Batman feel at home. With the bat signal behind the bed and in the ceiling, and Gotham skyline in the background, this cave in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan is a great place to unwind after a day of taking on crime. According to Travel + Leisure, it’s $111 a night to live like Bruce Wayne.

18 Barbie’s Dream Suite

Barbie’s Dream House comes to life in this Las Vegas suite in the Palms Hotel, as everything from the dream dolls world comes to reality in this 2300 square foot hot pink paradise. Perfect for the grown-up girl who wants to party in Vegas and truly live the dream, the room can hold up to 50 people to live out their Barbie fantasy. According to the Huffington Post, the mirror is created out of 65 actual Barbie dolls in this ultra girly room.

17 Tron Legacy Suite

The movie Tron: Legacy inspired this ice hotel themed room based on the sci-fi franchise, which is located in the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi. According to wired.com, the Tron-inspired room is 220 square feet and required six tons of ice and 160 meters of low-energy wire to keep it all together. The hotel is made of 21,500 tons of snow and 900 tons of ice. At night, the suite lights up like with designs straight from the movie. Not bad for a hotel made by hand and chainsaws.

16 Genie’s Bottle

There is nothing cramped about this room if you want to be a genie for the night, as this I Dream of Jeannie room, inspired by the hit television show, is complete with all the genie fixtures, including a genie bottle bathtub that is an upright 90-gallon Japanese’s soaking tub. According to Travel + Leisure, this room is available at the price of $335 a night at the Roxbury. It’s definitely a wish come true to stay here for the night.

15 Amadeus’ Room

This suite is inspired by the film ‘Amadeus’, and is so big at the Roxbury that it covers two floors, and is complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living room and features a large Austrian crystal chandelier and solid goal leaf. It’s a stunning and beautiful room that is perfect for fans of the Antonio Salieri rivalry with Mozart movie that was made in 1984. According to Travel + Leisure, the room goes for $335 for a night, bot bad for a fantasy room for a family.

14 The Secret Agent Suite

Ever wonder what it’s like to live like a super-secret spy? How about the world’s most famous agent, 007, James Bond? Well, now you can live like Bond in this vintage chic and futuristic designed, 007 inspired suite at the luxury Hotel Seven in Paris. Get your martinis shaken, not stirred in this double bedroom, suitable for two people, at a price tag of $398 a night, according to Travel + Leisure. Bond is known for futuristic designs and plenty of styles, which this suite doesn’t lack.

13 The Egyptian Archaeologists

For those who like to find some hidden treasures on their vacation, look no further than this archaeologists’ inspired room with an Indiana Jones flavor to it. In the bathroom, you’ll find Egyptian style bathroom fixtures, including a King Tut mirror, along with some interesting wall décor, a 500-gallon aquarium in the shower. According to Travel + Leisure, this room, listed at $561 a night at the Roxbury, also comes with secret passageways and hidden treasure, so it’s full of surprises at every turn.

12 The Racing Room

This room may now be the most romantic of all the theme rooms but depending on what kind of person you are and what your interests are, this could be right down your lane. At a hotel in Denver they have a Talladega Nights room, one perfectly ready for Ricky Bobby or his fans to crash hard, into some soft pillows for a good night’s sleep. According to Travel + Leisure, this NASCAR room features a ton of racing memorabilia and souvenirs and comes with a modest price tag of $189 a night.

11 Live Long And Prosper

Star Trek is so popular that multiple hotels will have entire rooms dedicated to the famous television show. This theme room at the Curtis in Denver has an entire backsplash mural of famous Star Trek characters from the original series, and the décor is made to match the original USS Enterprise, according to Travel + Leisure, who list the room at $189 a night. I’m not sure how sleeping with life-size cutouts of the movie characters would feel though.

10 Lights, Camera, Action

The Hotel Palomar went all out on this Hollywood themed room, down to the last detail. According to Travel + Leisure, they didn’t miss much to bring Hollywood to the hotel, as the pillows are Fuji film, black and white murals are on the walls, and The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are easily available. It even comes with a camera lens fireplace, sculptural light fixtures evocative of paparazzi flashing lights and a soundstage ceiling rig. All for just $264 a night in Beverly Hills.

9 Dolphin Tale

Two Dolphin Tale movies were made, and if you or your kids are fans of the films, this Dolphin Tale themed room at the Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach hotel is perfect for you, especially considering it easily sleeps four people, perfect for a family with the bunk beds beside the main bed. According to Travel + Leisure, you can visit the real Winter from the movie, who stays at the nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and a portion of the rooms $233 price tag goes back to the aquarium’s rescue, rehab and release efforts.

8 The Pretty Woman Package

This room is the complete package, literally. You can relive the classic romantic comedy Pretty Woman and have your own amazing experience in this posh Beverly Hills hotel room for the price of just $10,000. Sure, it seems steep, but according to Travel + Leisure, you get it all, including a behind-the-scenes tour of Rodeo Drive with a personal wardrobe consultant and stylist, dinner for two in the suite, massage and hand-drawn bath with oils. And to get to and from to Hollywood premieres if you snag some A-list seats, your very own Mercedes sedan is included.

7 Wonderland House

One of the best children’s books of all time is Alice in Wonderland, so of course, someone would turn that wonderful land in a themed hotel room. Each room in this hotel in Brighton, England has a different theme, from Queen of Hearts to Flamingo Dreams, and includes plenty of costumes, hats, and tea to drink at your very own tea party. According to Travel + Leisure, it costs $550 a night for large parties of people, so it’s not just one room you’re getting, but five floors and six bedrooms across an entire house.

6 Star Wars Room

You don’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to experience this amazing Star Wars themed room, which is styled after Darth Vader’s chambers, fit with a black comforter to sleep on. According to Travel + Leisure, the room comes with Vader costume, lightsaber, and tons of Star Wars memorabilia, and is located in London, England in the Pelirocco Hotel. It’s one of their most popular rooms and just $116 a night and is perfect for any Jedi or Imperialist who needs a place to lay their head for the night.