According to, there are a lot of reasons for one to love Las Vegas. One of the things that definitely make it a fun place is the cool hotels that it has come to be known for.

Some of the hotels in Las Vegas are 2-star places, and some of the nicer ones are 5-star hotels. Many of them have become very popular, and two of those hotels are the Venetian and the Palazzo.

They are both extremely nice places, and that can is good. However, the fact that they are both so luxurious can be a bit of a problem, since it makes it hard for travelers to decide which one to stay at. Here are the pros and cons of both of them.

10 Self Parking Is Free At The Palazzo

There might be a lot of reasons for one to choose to stay at the Venetian over the Cosmopolitan, but the Palazzo is also very nice. One of the things that makes this place so cool is the fact that the people who go there and park their cars themselves can do so for free, according to Las Vegas is fun, but not many things there are free, so travelers might want to do this.

The Venetian hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, and it is pretty easy to see why. This place is extremely nice, but that is not all. According to, one of the things that make staying there so cool is that guests who choose that place are within walking distance of some of the other popular areas on the Las Vegas strip, which can make anyone’s trip there much better.

8 Those Who Stay At The Palazzo Don't Have To Travel Far If They Want To Go To The VOID

While the Venetian might be close to some of the most popular spots in Las Vegas, the same thing can be said for the Palazzo. According to, one of the places that is not very far from this hotel is The VOID. This is actually an attraction that the entire family can enjoy since it is a fun virtual reality experience. There are also some other cool places nearby, such as The Capital Grille.

7 Guests Who Stay At The Venetian Hotel Get A Living Room In Their Suite

Typically, hotel rooms are exactly what they sound like. Many of them do not have more than the basic furniture and amenities there. But that is not the case when it comes to the Venetian hotel. According to, these rooms have a sunken living room inside of them, on top of the area that is meant for guests to sleep in. The living room has a sofa and tables, as well as lamps.

6 Travelers Can Rent A Car In The Lobby Of The Palazzo

There are a lot of great reviews that have been left about the Palazzo, and many of them have mentioned the fact that one can rent a car there. According to, guests who go there and are in need of finding a car to rent while they are away from home are in luck, since this place has a place for that located right in the lobby of the hotel, which is very convenient.

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5 Travelers Who Want To Enjoy Great Food Can Eat At One Of Many Restaurants That Are Close To The Venetian

Sometimes, it can be hard for travelers to get quality meals while they are trying to stay close to the hotel that they are staying at. But that does not have to be the case in Las Vegas if travelers choose to stay at the Venetian hotel. According to some reviews that have been left on, there are a lot of great restaurants and shops nearby for people to enjoy during their time in Vegas.

4 Those Who Enjoy Golfing Will Likely Want To Stay At The Palazzo, Since It's Close To The Wynn Golf Course

There are many people who love to golf. People who enjoy doing activities like that will likely have a pretty good time if they choose to stay at the Palazzo. According to, there is a golf course nearby that travelers can get to. This place is the Wynn golf course, and many travelers love the fact that it is so close to the Palazzo hotel. They don’t have to travel far to use it.

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3 The Customer Service At The Venetian Is Great

Having great customer service is essential to the success and survival of any business, but that does not mean that all hotels have the best customer service. However, a lot of the guests who have stayed at the Venetian hotel claim that the service they received while they were there was wonderful. This hotel might be a bit on the expensive side, but the excellent customer service just might make it worth the steep price.

2 A Number Of People Have Had To Deal With Bed Bugs And Dirty Rooms At The Palazzo

While the Palazzo is a really nice place, it is not perfect. Guests have complained about having dirty rooms, as well as finding bugs there, according to While this is not exactly an uncommon thing for hotels to deal with, it is not pleasant, and one would think that a high-end hotel such as this one would not have that kind of issue in the first place. But it’s something to keep in mind.

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1 Unlike The Palazzo, The Venetian Does Not Allow Pets Unless They Are Service Animals

While some people choose to leave their pets at home (or in someone else’s care) when they travel, that is not something everyone does. There are many people who like to take their furry companions along with them. Those people will prefer to go to the Palazzo over the Venetian. That is because the Venetian is not pet-friendly, according to But on the other hand, the Palazzo hotel does allow their guests to bring pets.

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