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Vacations come in different forms, but the spicy nature of the road trip option makes it unique of them all. Road trips are an incredible way for families to travel around and create lasting memories while they can.

Traversing the entire West Coast by road is a thrilling experience that every vacationer shouldn’t miss. Regardless of the route used, there is more to explore on the West Coast besides the coastline.

These national parks on the West Coast are worth every penny.

Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park is a dominant mention among West Coast admirers. Located deep in the southern part of Sierra Nevada, California, this park is a worthy stop when on a West Coast road trip. The park is popular for its incredible terrains that arouse the driver’s A-game to maneuver their way past the hilly and slippery parts.


Concentration is also a key ingredient when driving along the sharp cliffs of the park. The attentiveness of the driver pulls everyone else to enjoy those terrific terrains of the place.

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Similar to what is happening everywhere in the globe, Sequoia, too, is being hit hard by global warming. Its unpredictable weather patterns are part of the experiences that make such road trips worthwhile. One minute, the scorching sun will be on the travelers’ case and the next hailstones are smashing the windscreen hard.

Adventurers should not get too excited by the road trip and forget the necessities to bring. In this case, snow chains are a worthy addition. The snowing part of the park can only be accessed with the help of these chains. However, summer months are incredibly hot, so camping under the trees around the park is an experience every west coast vacationer needs to try.

Olympic National Park

Located just a few miles from the American capital, the Olympic National Park is among the top considerations for a road trip down the West Coast. The vibe at Olympic is different from what vacationers experience in typical parks.

This park has everything a vacationer would describe as a perfect tourist destination. From hopping on the beach to hiking through the rainforests, Olympic is a full package that no vacationer should miss.

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This park is a one-stop spot for ideally all attractions the average vacationer craves. Watching water drop down the falls in the park and slither away through the rocks is such a satisfying experience.

Hiking is a popular activity in this park. Depending on the time of the year, there are different trails to explore without getting bored by the park. Each side of the park has a unique feature and there is hardly any overcrowding, thanks to the distribution. However much it is a road trip, vacationers are advised to camp here for two to three days to get the best out of the Olympic National Park experience.

Yosemite National Park

History scholars will appreciate this trip more for obvious reasons. American history documents that Yellowstone was the first publicly known park. But there is an important part they forget to emphasize; the first collection of lands under Federal protection was Yosemite.

What’s so special with Yosemite that warranted its federal protection? Well, questions like the one above will remain to be a mystery until the day one decides to visit the area on a fact-finding mission.

Once again, it is the Mighty California in the spotlight. Moving in different corners of this Nevada Park unearths unique features which explain why the park is among the most frequented. From multiple waterfalls to granite falls, vacationers will never have enough of the Yosemite National Park.

The park has a lot to be explored by people of all ages. From the Yosemite Fall and Bridal Veil Falls to the Glacier, there is more than the average vacationer would ask for on a West Coast national park road trip.

Joshua Tree National Park

The Ultimate West Coast national parks road trip would be incomplete without incorporating some desert experience. The Joshua Tree National Park offers this much-needed experience.

Strategically located in the Southern part of California, this park is easily accessible almost all year round. The minimal rainfall of the desert means there is nothing much to deter a vacationer’s Joshua Tree experience. From huge rocks to the vast desert vegetation, vacationers have a lot more to explore in this park.

Another reason why Joshua Tree is up there with leading parks despite it being a desert is its proximity to major towns in the U.S. Accessing Los Angles or Arizona is an easy maneuver from this park.

One spare wheel is never enough for a road trip. Two is better, but an extra wheel for each is recommended. A compass direction gadget with an active GPS is a must-have.

Road trips are a great way to explore the vast American beauty. Pack while it is still early and spend more time taking pictures for the Gram. Don’t forget the National Park Pass, or else all the plans will be thwarted real quick.