It's part of the Halloween tradition to walk through a haunted house. We've all seen them at Universal Studios or as part of a community production, but none of them compare to these spooky destinations. Actors wearing masks and holding plastic weapons just isn't cutting it for some of us anymore. We want actual fear. Actual histories. In this list, you'll find 10 disturbing locations from around the world, including a prison, forest, an island filled with dolls, and hotels. They all come with their own reports of ghosts and "things that go bump in the night." Make this Halloween one to remember!

10 Aokigahara Forest In Japan

Let's start things off with a bang. Aokigahara is a forest on the northwestern side of Japan's Mount Fuji. For all you outdoorsy types, this is not your typical hiking or "picnic-ing" destination. This place goes by two nicknames: the Sea of Trees and Suicide Forrest. It's said to be the number one suicide spot in Japan. In 2003, 105 bodies were found hanging from trees, exceeding the previous record in 2002. This is the same forest YouTuber Logan Paul visited in his vlog series and faced serious backlash for laughing at the site of lifeless bodies. He claims it was out of nervousness, but still not the best reaction.

9 Amityville House in New York

Any scary movie fans out there? The Amityville Horror movies are based on two actual events: the crimes committed by Ronald DeFeo Jr. and the hauntings experienced by the Lutz family. Mere days after Ronald shot his family members in their sleep (allegedly because voices told him to), George and Kathy Lutz moved into that same house with their children and dog. You can already guess things didn't go well. The family claims to have seen and heard paranormal events and left 112 Ocean Avenue so fast they didn't even bother packing up their belongings and furniture. The address has since been changed to keep dark tourists at bay -- but the house still stands.

8 Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles

The Cecil Hotel has a long history of death. The first documented suicide was reported in 1931 when a guest named W. K. Norton died in his room after taking poison capsules. Other death stories followed in 1946, 1947, and 1991. But perhaps the strangest occurrence happened in 2013, when surveillance footage leaked of a young Canadian student, Elisa Lam, behaving erratically inside an elevator. Was it drugs? Alcohol? A haunting? Nobody knows. Here's the kicker, though -- her bare body was discovered in a water supply cistern on the hotel roof, following complaints from hotel guests of odd-tasting water and low pressure.

7 Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania

The Eastern State Penitentiary is the very first prison to introduce solitary confinement as a form of punishment for bad-behaving prisoners. They ate, slept, and lived in complete solitude -- sometimes with a black bag over their heads for total darkness. It's no wonder many prisoners were driven to insanity, and as a result, this method was scrapped for being too inhumane in 1913. Did things improve around the prison? Yeah, right. Reports of paranormal activity include shadowy figures in the guard tower, evil cackling from cell block 12, ghostly faces in cell block 4, and footsteps, whispers, and banging on cell doors have all been heard.

6 Ancient Ram Inn in England

The Ancient Ram Inn is believed to be one of the haunted locations in the world. This seemingly innocent bed and breakfast was once a place of child sacrifices, devil worship, and evil spirits. Additionally, an ancient Pagan burial ground allegedly resided in the property over 5,000 years ago. Guests would wake up in the middle of the night to see full-bodied apparitions in their room. They reported being touched and pulled by invisible forces. John, the current owner of the Ram Inn, claims that on his first night he felt a presence grab his arm before dragging him out of bed and across the room.

5 Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta

Don't let this picturesque backdrop fool you. The Banff Springs Hotel was built over 100 years ago along the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was meant to be a resting spot for train travelers, but there's a reason why many didn't want to stay there. Rumor has it that a bride fell down the staircase breaking her neck after panicking when her dress caught fire. Her ghost has been seen by guests dancing in the ballroom and standing on that same staircase. Some even say you can see the burnt details on her dress. Another haunted story involved the death of an entire family in room 873, which has since been bricked up.

4 The Old Vicarage in Sweden

Borgvattnet, a small village in Jämtland County, is home to The Old Vicarage. Year after year, more haunted stories come out of this place. Chaplain Nils Hedlund resided there in 1927 until he witnessed a paranormal force tearing laundry down from the line in the attic. In the 1930's, a priest lived there until he saw an old woman dressed in grey appear in his room. Then again in 1945 chaplain, Erick Lindgren reported being thrown from his chair by an invisible entity. The current building now poses as a cafe/restaurant, but if you're brave enough, you can check into the guest house for an overnight stay.

3 Lawang Sewu in Indonesia

Sorry, but the vampires at Lawang Sewu are nothing like the Cullen family in Twilight. In Malay mythology, the pontianak is a female vampiric ghost that haunts the basement of Building B at this Indonesian destination. How did she get there? Well, it started during World War II when the Japanese occupied Indonesia, and Lawang Sewu was taken over by Japanese forces who tortured and killed locals in the basement. Those kept alive were held hostage as prisoners. Ghosts are regularly seen by tourists throughout the property, one of them being the spirit of a Dutch woman who supposedly committed suicide there and was captured on film during a TV program.

2 Island Of The Dolls in Mexico

Dolls have always been a creepy sight (Annabelle, anyone?) but this haunted Mexican location takes things to a new level. Rumor has it that Julian Santan moved here in the 1950s to be a recluse from society. Soon after his arrival, he began seeing and talking to the spirit of a girl who drowned in Lake Teshuilo. She explained that her soul was unable to leave the island. In fear that she'd haunt him forever, he began buying her dolls to appease her and eventually had a big enough collection to fill the island with toys. Current-day visitors say they can feel the dolls' eyes moving.

1 The White House in Washington D.C

Yes, it's true, the most famous building in America has a haunting story or two -- and we're not just talking about the POTUS. Past president’s, their families, and foreign dignitaries have all attested to the paranormal goings on at the White House. Winston Churchill stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom at one point and recalled seeing Lincoln's ghost standing by the fireplace. He refused to sleep in that room ever again. Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and Dwight Eisenhower all had similar stories of seeing Lincoln's ghost. Queen Wilhemina once heard a knock on her door in the middle of the night.

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