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A road trip is one of the most therapeutic activities to help calm the nerves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Experiencing the unimaginable wonders of life offers a reconnection with nature and rejuvenates the mind. Arguably, there’s nothing more satisfying than a road trip involving wildlife, natural amenities, and culture. Such an adventure comes out best when taken with family members and friends. However, it’s advisable to have a clear plan to make the best of the short time frame.


A road trip down the southern national parks presents phenomenal wildlife and incredible scenery. From magnificent marine wonderlands to exquisitely rugged mountain terrains, the southern parks are a wonder to the eyes. These are the most scenic national parks in the southern states.

Splendid National Parks To Visit In Carolinas and Georgia

The Tallulah Gorge State Park harbors one of the most gorgeous river canyons in the Southern region. Travelers who stop at this park are rewarded with a view of an imposing rugged terrain where the Tallulah river, pools, and striking waterfalls are found. Adventurous tourists get an opportunity to visit the Hurricane Falls Bridge, which offers spectacular views of upstream towers and waterfalls. The picturesque sceneries are perfect for photographers who focus on nature. On the other hand, historians can stop at the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center to get authentic information on the area’s ecosystem and history.

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Spreading over the Tennesse border to North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most popular national park. It’s a must-view scenery for historians and photographers on a road trip. In 1983, UNESCO recognized this park as a World Heritage Site due to its historical significance. The park has spectacular forests, mountains, and ridges that harbor thousands of wildlife species. The scenic Mount Le Conte and Cade Coves offer an amazing view that rejuvenates the soul. From its peak, travelers can see historic homes belonging to early European settlers.

Spectacular National Parks To Visit In Florida And Texas

Despite seeing downtown Miami over the horizon, the Biscayne National Park offers an incomparable experience. Close to 95% of the entire park is covered by water. As such, this ecosystem inhabits a wide range of sea creatures such as tropical fish, sea turtles, shipwrecks, and manatees. Travelers can explore them by scuba diving. In addition, the picturesque ornamental lighthouse offering magnificent sceneries over the park and Boca Chita are worth a visit.

The Big Bend National park offers a unique experience for desert and mountain landscape lovers. It borders Mexico, so it offers a perfect opportunity to explore towns on the border. In addition, the Big end is a must-stop for photographers and hiking enthusiasts. The Santa Elena Canyon has the most magnificent views and is a long round trip, which is ideal for photographers to hike while capturing the jaw-dropping scenery. Travelers can also enjoy a hot spring bath by the Rio Grande.

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Must-Visit National Parks In Mississippi And Louisiana

The Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site in Mississippi is home to important historical culture for Americans. Resolute historians ought to stop here while on their road trip to get the insightful stories of the long-lasting effects of war. Guests are always surprised to learn that it was not really a victory for Confederate Army. The visitor and Interpretive Center is a good starting point where tourists acquire information regarding the entire site. Visitors can subsequently proceed to the memorial monument, church, or cemetery. The after-effects of the war were more devastating than the feeling of winning the war. A single road trip cannot consume the history resting in the park. Therefore, travelers may want to visit more than once for considerable knowledge.

Travelers on a road trip should never miss making a stop at the amazing Gulf Islands National Seashore. It spreads from Gulf Breeze to Ocean Springs with spectacular pristine water and white sandy beaches. The park has tremendous recreational activities and historic forts, ideal for a family vacation. There’s also the Davis Bayou Area, which is endowed with nature trails, awesome campsites, fishing areas, and a boat launch that can be accessed with a vehicle.

Louisiana is not short of amazing parks, including several National Historical Parks. Cane River Creole is a major amenity preserving important American history. It incorporates the Oakland grounds and the 18th-century Magnolia plantations. Historians tour the park to get insights into Creole plantation systems that grew tobacco, cotton, and indigo. In addition, travelers get to visit slave cabins, plantation stores, and blacksmith shops. The National Park is full of history encompassing enslaved labor, paid workers, and plantation owners. The parks rest within Cane River National Heritage, an affiliate of the National park service.

A road trip down the Southern states can give travelers an experience of a lifetime. The national parks along the way offer a chance to enjoy a different natural culture. These National parks are endowed with beautiful wildlife and breathtaking natural amenities that rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.