London and New York City are two of those 'larger than life' cities that a lot of people often dream about visiting, but never get around to it. Still, even if you go to one of them or perhaps even both, a lot of folks will think that it's impossible to drive between the two - right?

Wrong. Well, kind of wrong. We've devised a way in which you can get from the capital of England all the way across to NYC. Yes, we know that the phrase 'across the pond' is there for a reason, and our plan is to put in one different mode of transport in order to bridge that gap. So, essentially, we're making up our own rules, but it'll definitely be worth it.

We're going to take you on a journey that you'll be dying to try out for yourself, and as long as you commit to saving up enough money, it isn't something that's entirely impossible. Sure, you'd have to sacrifice some other things along the way, but where else are you going to get this kind of experience?

Arguably the best thing about this trip is that every single city is different, especially in London and NYC. It'll allow you to tick off so many places that you've probably always dreamed of visiting, and in terms of advice, make sure that you take in everything that all 20 entries have to offer.

If nothing else, please remember that walking is completely free!

20 STEP 1: London to Canterbury, UK - English Heritage

While it may initially seem like a random first stop on your journey, this is actually a necessity if you want to get the trip done properly. Essentially, you need to go to Kent (where Canterbury is) in order to get the Eurotunnel or ferry over to France.

Folkestone is the actual location for heading over there, but with Canterbury being only 40 minutes away, it makes sense to check out somewhere else before you depart the United Kingdom. From the cathedral to the people, there's a lot to love about this place, and it deserves to be explored properly.

19 STEP 2: Canterbury to Calais, France - A Life Lesson

From Canterbury, you can travel back down to Folkestone, where you'll make the journey over to Calais in France. This is the least glamorous stop by a country mile, with there being a great deal of controversy over the city courtesy of the refugee situation.

Still, it's important for people to understand what's going on in the present day, and on top of that, it's the most efficient way of getting over to France and that's just a fact. You don't need to stop here for very long whatsoever, but it's definitely going to give you the best route into the rest of Europe.

18 STEP 3: Calais to Brussels, Belgium - Enjoy The Chocolate

Just a few short hours away from Calais, through the French and Belgian countryside, is Brussels. The city is known for being a hub of chocolate and political goodness, but beyond that, it serves as a great place to stop over and have a nice cold Belgian beer en-route to your next destination.

There isn't as much to do here as there is around some of the other locations that you'll visit, but it's hard to criticise spending a night or two in Belgium. It's not the cheapest city in the world, either, but it's also not the most expensive.

17 STEP 4: Brussels to Paris, France - The European Adventure

This is where the core of your European travel will really take place, as you venture back through France all the way up to Paris. The French roads are pretty enjoyable to drive down as you'll soon discover, and as you gradually approach the capital, we can guarantee that the excitement will start to grow for you and your travelling companions.

Paris is a really fun city if you know what you're doing, but obviously, everyone has to go for a 'first time' which can be pretty daunting. Alas, it's actually a pretty great place to navigate your way around once you get the hang on it, and it's a perfect choice for step four of your trip.

16 STEP 5: Paris to Zurich, Switzerland - Long But Necessary (and worth it!)

Driving through the heart of Europe isn't exactly something that's going to be everyone's cup of tea, meaning that this entry might not be quite as popular as some of the others. Still, it's all worth it if you end up somewhere magical, and that's what you'll get with the Swiss city of Zurich.

From the lake to the magnificent buildings, you could quite literally just spend the day staring at everything and you wouldn't get bored. Try and make sure that you save as much as you can, though, because this place can get incredibly expensive on all counts.

15 STEP 6: Zurich to Munich, Germany - A breathtaking Route

For something a little bit more relaxed you're probably going to want to head over to Munich next, in what will be the only German stop on your tour - but don't worry, it's a good one. The city is known for being as beautiful as it is vast, with a variety of fun activities to take part in throughout your time there. An optional stop at Neuschwanstein Castle along this way won't add much driving time at all, and is truly a sight to behold.

It won't take that long to travel in the car, either, which is going to be a blessing in disguise given how unbelievably long some of the distances will be once we get over to the good old United States of America.

14 STEP 7: Munich to Vienna, Austria - Nice And Peaceful

Here's Zach Braff enjoying some time in Vienna. Do you need any more evidence that the Austrian city is absolutely marvellous?

Either way, it's going to be an important moment on the trip for you, as this is where your European leg of the trip will come to an end. Vienna is the perfect city to finish on too, because not only is it insanely gorgeous, but it's also quite quiet when compared to some of the others on this list.

That'll be great for you ahead of what is sure to be a non-stop journey through the United States.

13 STEP 8: Vienna to San Francisco, USA - The Journey Really Begins

While we did say that this is going to be an adventure that's done via car, we do have to cheat a little bit in order to get over to the States, because come on, there's a huge body of water in between us. With that in mind, welcome to San Francisco, which can be reached after a 13-hour plane journey from Vienna. Good luck.

San Fran is a great place to go regardless of what your intentions there are, and we'd argue that it's probably one of the best cities across the nation. So then, it's a good thing that this is where we kick things off as you prepare for a lot of driving (in a sweet convertible rental car, of course).

12 STEP 9: San Francisco to Los Angeles - The Cali Section

While Los Angeles is a great city to visit for a variety of reasons, we'd argue that the best thing about this route specifically will be getting to see the rest of the Cali countryside. The state itself is one of the most stunning in all of America, and the SF to LA journey should allow you to witness that with your own eyes.

It'll be a little bit different for you to be travelling through the States as opposed to Europe, and it'll probably take some getting used to, but you're still going to have an awesome time.

After all, LA is where dreams come true, right?

11 STEP 10: Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada - It’s Getting Serious(ly fun)

If you're tired or you're feeling like the trials and tribulations of the trip are starting to get to you, then we'd highly recommend that you either get a good night of rest at a motel or you stock up on energy drinks - because Las Vegas is right around the corner.

The Nevada city offers up something that's entirely different to what most of us are used to on a day to day basis, and some will see that as a good thing, whereas others obviously won't. Even if you're only here for 24 hours, which we'd suggest as a good amount of time to visit, you'll probably still be able to have some fun.

10 STEP 11: Las Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona - Into The Desert

We hope you've packed appropriately because you're definitely going to be feeling the heat as we head further into the desert than you may have planned for. Next up is Phoenix, Arizona which is a city that many people take for granted, despite it being a really nice place to go.

The surrounding suburbs are lots of fun, the desert is pretty cool to explore, and you can certainly work on your tan throughout the duration of your visit. It's not as 'notable' or 'commercial' as some of the other cities, and we can only think of that as a good thing.

9 STEP 12: Phoenix to Albuquerque - Hello, New Mexico

The ABQ is a really underrated city for a lot of reasons, but we're going to give you two that stand out above the rest: and, to be frank, you probably aren't going to agree with both.

One - their obsession for hot air balloons is great, it's different, and it gives Albuquerque a very specific identity which is something that every city in this country needs.

Two - this is where Breaking Bad was filmed, also known as the greatest television show of all time. Regardless of whether you were a fan of the series or not, you absolutely need to check out the hot spots in order to get an idea of why they decided to film everything here.

In short, it's scenic and it's special.

8 STEP 13: Albuquerque to Denver, Colorado - Up In The Rockies

A lot of people are going to be struggling with the weather by this point, but allow us to reassure you of something - this is probably the last insanely hot place you're going to visit, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Denver may be an expensive place to live but there are many good reasons for that, from the aforementioned weather to the really clean conditions that the locals live in.

Also, and this can't be understated, looking out and seeing the Rockies is something that you aren't going to experience every day, so you need to make the most of it. Honestly, just look at that picture. What a setting.

7 STEP 14: Denver to Chicago, Illinois - The 1,000 Mile Trek

Buckle up, folks, because a lot of you aren't going to like this. The trip from Denver to Chicago will see you cut through the heart of the United States, and as such, you'll be going on a 15-hour trip from start to finish that will see you covering just over 1,000 miles.

That's a lot of petrol, and we can understand that some of you will want to make stops along the way, which is entirely acceptable within the realms of the road trip 'rules'. You'll be in for a big culture shock between the two landmark cities, but in truth, that's probably a big part of the fun.

6 STEP 15: Chicago to Nashville, Tennessee - Party Town

Once you're done with the hustle and bustle of Chicago, it may be a good idea for you to check out what Nashville has to offer. The Tennessee city is known for being a hot spot for partying, which is something that you probably wouldn't have been able to experience across the last few legs of the journey since Vegas.

Even if that's not something you'd be interested in you could still have some fun with the music scene, which always makes for a good time. Nashville may be a smaller place than most, but it has a really big heart and that's something everyone should look for in a travel destination.

5 STEP 16: Nashville to Washington DC - The Capital

We're back to a slightly more serious trip now, as we head towards good old Washington DC. The capital city is home to the most polarising man on the planet, but on top of that, it's also home to great sports teams, great food, and phenomenal pieces of architecture.

DC has never been able to get the respect it deserves and that's a shame, but we hope that a quick stop off here will allow you to see everything that it has to offer. Sure, it doesn't have as much of a 'wow' factor, but like all other capitals, it's a must visit for all.

4 STEP 17: Washington DC to Pittsburgh - The Steel City

You could argue that this is a stop that we've added in order to 'make up the numbers' given the trajectory of going back on yourself in order to visit, but the Steel City is more than worthy of a visit.

Even if you're just going to see the Steelers or the Penguins take another step closer towards a championship, a quick walk around the city will help you to learn more and more about everything that it has to offer.

To be honest, the Andy Warhol Museum alone should be enough to convince you, because that place is great.

3 STEP 18: Pittsburgh to Philadelphia - Home Of The Champs

The battle for Pennsylvania takes you across the state to Philadelphia, also known as the land of the Super Bowl champion Eagles (as of 2018). Of course, that's not all they've got to offer, but it's certainly helped to lift Philly's reputation as a city of champions.

The Rocky films obviously helped to create that 'image' or identity so to speak, with the famous steps being a source of great inspiration for many people to this day.

Oh, and given that you're near the end of your marathon trip, we think that it's fair to say you've earned a big old Philly cheesesteak for your troubles.

2 STEP 19: Philadelphia to Atlantic City - Let Your Hair Down

The West Coast has Las Vegas, and the East Coast has Atlantic City. That tends to be the general theme of things for the majority of US folk who want to go and have a good time, which is exactly what we want you to do on your penultimate stop.

The AC isn't as big as Vegas, but it doesn't need to be. They manage to fit everything that they need into the city, and it makes for one hell of a night out. The best part of it all is that it doesn't matter if you're on your own or with your friends and family, because a good time can be had by all.

1 STEP 20: Atlantic City to New York City - The Big Apple

We made it, ladies and gentleman.

After travelling across two continents and thousands upon thousands of miles, we've arrived at the end destination of New York City - and boy oh boy is it going to be worth it. From Broadway to Madison Square Garden and beyond, it's time to rest your legs and have the time of your life in The Big Apple.

They say that everyone should come here at least once in their lives and we wholeheartedly believe that, if only to take one quick glance at the skyline. Honestly, it's that iconic.

So there you have it - from London to New York City, you've pretty much just experienced the mother of all road trips. If you want to test it out for real, then we'd highly suggest that you start saving up those pennies.