Fiction may come from a person’s imagination, but it does not stop there. Many such writings have inspired people to create epic movies, and these movies can also inspire people to travel. The Lord of the Rings is one such epic novel that has continued to inspire people to travel the world since it was made into a movie. While one can simply visit the destinations from the movies randomly, those who want to enter into the Lord of the Rings universe and feel like Frodo and Sam should follow this middle-earth-inspired itinerary and destroy that ring once and for all!

10 The Shire - Hobbiton, New Zealand

Frodo and Sam, like all other hobbits from the movie, had their home in the shire. It was from this place that their journey to Mordor began, which makes it the first destination on this itinerary. The real-life location of the shire is a place in New Zealand known as Hobbiton, and one can visit to see the natural scenery that surrounds this area.

9 Mount Victoria National Park

After they met with Merry and Pippin, the four hobbits had their first encounter with a black rider. To avoid being seen by the creature, they hid under the root of a large tree. This forest path from the movie where the large tree is located is in Mount Victoria National Park. Although the tree is not real, the forest path is, and it has even been named the Hobbit’s Hideaway.

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8 Arrowtown River, Arrowtown

After being stabbed by the Morgul blade of the witch king of Angmar, Frodo’s only hope depended on how fast he could be administered Elvish magical treatment. Arwen tried to no avail, which meant the wounded hobbit had to be taken to Rivendell to Lord Elrond. On the way, Arwen was pursued by the Nazgul, but the chase ended after the Elvish princess used her powers to invoke a mighty flood that swept away her pursuers. This river from the movie where the confrontation between Arwen and the Nazgul took place is the Arrowtown river in Arrowtown, New Zealand. Even though the area may not look exactly as it was over 20 years ago, it still evokes that magical feeling that can be seen in the movie.

7 Kaitoke Regional Park

After defeating the Nazgul, Arwen and Frodo arrived at Rivendell, where the hobbit was then saved from the wound of the Morgul blade. The area used for the filming of Rivendell is Kaitoke Regional Park, and while one may not be able to meet Lord Elrond or see Elves, one can still visit the park to witness the natural scenery in the area.

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6 Kawarau Gorge

One famous landmark from the Lord of the Rings universe is the Argonath, and this epic landmark has its real-life location at Kawaru Gorge. Even though there are no real-life colossal statues standing side by side in the gorge, one can still take a scenic float on the river that flows through the gorge and imagine that same scene from the movie.

5 Mount Ruapehu

Gollum followed Frodo and Sam from the Mines of Moria, but the hobbit’s first encounter with the creature was in a mountainous landscape where they captured and bound him with an elvish rope. The scene where Gollum was captured was shot in a part of Mount Ruapehu known as Meads Wall.

4 Kepler Mire

A view of this swampy area is enough to remind one of the journeys of Frodo and Sam, but in case anyone does not yet remember, then “don’t follow the light” in Gollum’s voice might do the trick. This swamp, known in the movie as Dead Marshes, was the battlefield where Gollum led the hobbits on their journey to Mordor. Even though no ghosts are waiting to pull curious people into the swamp, the scenes from the movie that remain fresh in one’s memory will make it scary.

3 Gollum’s Pool/ Tawahi Falls, Tongariro National Park

While leading Frodo and Sam to Mordor, Gollum got into trouble with Faramir after fishing in the forbidden pool. This scene of Gollum catching a fish and smacking it on the rocks was shot in Tawahi Falls in Tongariro National Park. Due to its role in the movie, this fall is now known as Gollum’s Pool, and one can visit to act like Gollum for a moment.

2 Mount Ngauruhoe

The ultimate mission of Frodo and Sam from the moment they left the shire was to get to Mount Doom, where they would destroy the one ring. This mountain portrayed in the movie takes its imagery from Mount Ngauruhoe, and this mountain’s role in the fictional portrayal of Mount Doom has made it popular all over the world. Although it is an active volcano, the scenes of eruptions from the mountain displayed in the movie were created digitally.

1 Mont Saint Michel, France

After the destruction of the ring, the enemy was defeated, and peace was restored to middle earth. This was then followed by the coronation of Aragorn in Minas Tirith - the city of Kings. This mighty city from the movie took its inspiration from Mont Saint Michel, France. It was this location where men, elves, and dwarves bowed down to the hobbits who, despite being the smallest in stature, made perhaps the greatest impact on the destruction of Sauron and the restoration of freedom to the people of Middle earth.