Astrology tends to be a bit of a grey zone for a lot of people and yet others love to proudly exclaim when they don't believe in it. While there are many avenues where you can observe your daily horoscope, there is so much more to the science of reading the stars than most people know or wish to examine.

To understand astrology, you have to know that ancient cultures also found practices in the reading of the stars to determine events that would take place on Earth. These Eastern practices have contributed in many ways to our newer, Western interpretations. Chinese, Vedic (originates in India) and Tibetan astrology are all examples of types of astrology.

To be clear, all countries on the planet have an exact astrological match that is determined by aspects like the country's inception and other key dates. But, that's a little too complicated for us and we want to have some fun with it. So, in this article, we are matching countries to the personality traits of each star sign (versus the exacting astrological calculations of the former).

If you're a naysayer, this article probably won't be too fun to read but for the rest of us starry-eyed travellers, read on!

Whether you're a lavish Leo, Sunny Sagittarius, or anything in between, there's a destination out there for all of us.

20 Adventurous Aries / Costa Rica

As a thrill-seeker, Aries appreciates the adrenaline pumping activities over all else. They want to surf, hike, rock climb, scuba dive and find whatever else they can  to excerpt their energy in a powerful way. Costa Rica doesn't just have these activities on offer, it is a warm-blooded country that mirrors and matches the passionate force that is an Aries.

A natural born (and highly competitive) leader, don't be surprised if they're pushing everyone out of the way to be first on the zip-line through the Amazon Rainforest. Just like a true Aries temper, Costa Rica is known for its hot temperatures that chill out quickly as the day goes on.

19 Treat Yourself Taurus / Switzerland

Taurean's appreciate the finer things in life so Switzerland is the perfect place for them with luxury all around. You would sooner catch a Taurus making a bee-line for the in-hotel spa then taking on too many arduous sight-seeing activities. That said, they are earthy people and do appreciate getting out to reconnect with nature's beauty - of which Switzerland has plenty.

A Taurus wants to feel safe and secure so this peace-loving, heavily regulated country will be preferential to any more 'rambunctious' environments. To a Taurean, nothing could be more divine than taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps via a panoramic luxury train route with the fine dining package to match.

18 Gregarious Gemini / Italy

Trying to catch a Gemini sitting still on holiday is like trying to catch the wind. They have too much to see, do and learn! They are curious, vibrant and social sponges who want to experience every level of the places that they visit.

With a high resilience to last minute changes, an admirable adaptability and charm- they make the perfect match for Italy. Geminis (not unlike Italians) also really love to talk and can do so energetically for hours on end - no espresso necessary! They never miss a beat and can handle a full day of shopping, sight-seeing, bike riding through Tuscany and still be ready to dance the night away when it's all said and done.

17 Calm and Cool Cancer / Scotland

Cancers are a dreamy sign that appreciate nostalgia and have a fondness for things of the past. What could be a more suitable country than Scotland with its mystical legends and rich history?

The sign of Cancer also rules family and patriotism, and if you've ever met a Scot, you'll know that this is an important trait shared proudly. Cancers value private time and can even be a bit recluse in their search for serenity, while nothing suggests a reclusive and relaxing atmosphere like the vast landscape of the Highlands themselves.

With all the beautiful lakes, lochs and seas that surround stunning Scotland, the crab will have many hideaways to explore.

16 Lavish Leo / Maldives

Stunning, majestic, lucrative- Leo's have a flair that can't be compared to any other sign. When a Leo walks into the room, everyone takes notice. Their theme song may as well be Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO because their aura just oozes confidence, and they possess a magnetism that draws people to them like bees to honey.

They make taking a nap in the sun look like an exclusive VIP event - not unlike the Maldives. The Maldives has a certain element of drama and prestige that would be likened to a Leo. Often a choice for lovers, the Maldives is a perfect locale as Leos are proudly all heart.

15 Venturing Virgo / Morroco

Virgos are brainy and resilient travelers, they want to know the facts about the flora, fauna, colonial history, arts and culture. They are no fuss, no muss, so they can easily get by in hostels or low key trekking in the Atlas mountains but they will likely more likely plan everything meticulously because they are perfectionists!

Morocco is their country because it's an opportunity to learn a lot in a place that feels like an alternate universe. The chaos of the markets in Marrakech will mirror their often cluttered mental vibe as they quickly try to figure out all there is to know at all times.

14 Leisurely Libra / France

Libras are cool in that laissez-faire kinda way. They value peace so they'll go with the flow and enjoy life as it comes. They love refined, elegant surroundings that seem like they just happened that way without too much pretence.

France is the ultimate in laid-back and cool, with vineyards, lavender fields, and sea as far as the eye can SEE. It makes it easy for a Libra to nonchalantly linger on one of the pristine beaches in their designer bather and later enjoy a light. effortless fish lunch on their nearby terrace. It's here you'll find them lounging with a book or fresh canvas for their next French landscape watercolour painting.

13 Scenery Loving Scorpio / Iceland

Scorpio is the most intense of the 12 signs as they are always probing beneath the surface to understand things better. They mirror Iceland for their love of modern comforts amidst awe-inspiring natural scenery. With a determination that's unmatched, they won't mind hiking for hours on end to the Hveragerði hot spring. They won't even break a sweat.

The only thing that makes them sweat are unnecessary delays or disingenuous conversations, and that can be said too of Icelandic natives. Aligning perfectly for Scorpios and Iceland are the traits of hard work and perseverance. A tough climate to endure means only the truly strong-willed (a natural trait of Scorpio) can thrive.

12 Sunny Sagittarius / South Africa

Amusing, optimistic, action-oriented and resourceful are all words we can use to describe Sagittarius folk. Since this sign attracts luck, they are often to jump on opportunities to try new things without out belabouring the pros/cons of it. They want to experience true adventure and have a deep love for the great outdoors and all it offers. South Africa provides the perfect outdoor playground with its expansive vistas, rolling grasslands and mountainous terrain begging to be enthusiastically explored.

South Africa resonates with Sagittarius for it's simple, easy going. and well-humoured culture that's warm and welcoming just like them.

11 Checklist Crossing Capricorn / England

Capricorns have a schedule, and a way to go about their travel.

They like order and are disciplined and patient enough to ensure everything is in place before proceeding. They can come across at times as a little withdrawn or cold but are really just focused and calm. England resonates for its organized and rule-abiding hierarchical society. As a natural leader, the Capricorn deeply respects a pecking order.

With so much historical significance to the rest of the world and its colonies, Capricorns will no-doubt be drawn to uncovering the history of this old world society for themselves.

10 Affable Aquarius / Peru

Aquarians are the humanitarian sign. They devote themselves wholeheartedly to friendship, altruistic worldly causes and being of service to those in their intimate ecosystem. Known as the 'odd balls' of astrological signs they have been known to be free thinkers who are extremely tolerant of others. They enjoy exploring unusual places so will likely veer from the typical Machu Picchu and opt for something a little more 'grassroots.'

They are rather detached with the material world and prefer to seek experiences where they can volunteer, which makes them an excellent match for Peru, a country that holds a vibrant culture but whose people still experience political and social tension. An Aquarius is not squeamish and welcomes the opportunity to model an appreciation for diversity in others.

9 Peace-Loving Pisces / Japan

The sign of Pisces is the fish which is why Japan makes perfect sense as it celebrates the Carp as its national fish. A dreamy sign with high intuition and imagination, Japan would be a truly stimulating feast for the Piscean senses.

With a deeply held respect for tradition and the arts, there's no shortage of snaps that they can add to their FLICKR account. All while experiencing a deeper level of understanding of their subjects. In Japan, public and private emotions are mostly masked which also suits the dual nature of most Pisces and they will effortlessly keep their emotions underwater.

And Here Are 8 Counties That Will Suit No Matter What Your Sign Is...

8 1. Perfect for everyone: Greece

Whether you're an adventurer like the Sagittarius', Scorpios and Leos of the world or prefer to lounge poolside lazily like a Libra, there is something for everyone in Greece. You will find an abundant offering of fresh fish and meat no matter where you stay with traditionally made specialties that will make your mouth water.

With foods like Dolmades (stuffed grapevines), Moussaka (Greek Shepards Pie with eggplant), and Spanakopita (spinach filled phyllo pastry), you won't just learn about Greek gods, you'll eat like one too!

The passion and general way of Greek life is inspiring and something that every traveller should behold at least once.

7 2. Perfect for everyone: Canada

Canada is a large and beautiful country that many people adore for the idealistic natural paradise they have in their mind like the above picture. While it is a naturalistically amazing country there is a lot more to Canada than meets the eye. Toronto, for example, hosts an International Film Festival every year in September which is great for any celeb-crazy types (ahem Gemini).

For a foodie Sagittarius, you can visit British Colombia and sample fine wines and cheese in the Okanagan Valley that would rival Napa! For those nostalgia lovers (Cancer) you can feel like you're in a quaint Europe if you visit Quebéc City or even a special remix of Irish/ New England culture with lobster and live music when you visit the Maritimes on the East Coast. No matter what you're after, Canada has it all.

6 3. Perfect for everyone: New Zealand

New Zealand is a nature lovers paradise, there aren't too many people who have regretted their road trip around the lush island. Whether you choose to nerd-out on a visit to the epic Lord of The Rings Hobbiton set (Pisces) or go caving around hunting for glow worms (Aries/Scorpio) you will definitely appreciate the breathtaking views along the way.

Famous for their hospitality and warmth engaging with the locals will be a treat in itself. Of course, no trip would be complete without taking in an All Blacks rugby game, which is New Zealand's national sport. Even the less sport-inclined will marvel at the all-too-famous haka that kicks off the match. If you go with a Virgo, they can tell you all about the cultural significance of this traditional Māori war cry. Chur bro!

5 4. Perfect for everyone: The Netherlands

The Dutch are famed eccentrics, so the Netherlands will be a paradise for Aquarius folk. With their Kabouters (Dutch gnomes), wooden clogs or strong cheeses - what's there not to like! Not to mention Amsterdam is a city-slickers dream town (Gemini, Leo) with lots of architectural beauty to marvel at (hello Taurus!).

If you appreciate Green initiatives, you'll love the bike culture and the scenic rides along the canal. Tulip fields for the nature love and fresh drinkable fluoride-free water pouring from almost every tap country-wide mean it's the safest drinking water in Europe and maybe even the world!

4 5. Perfect for everyone: Ireland

If green is your favourite colour this will easily be your favourite country. But even if that's not the case, you can dance to traditional fiddle music in Dublin (Gemini), hike along the coast of the Causeway Coast Way (Scorpio), or marvel at the Neolithic necropolis of Brú na Bóinne which predates Stonehenge by 1000 years. 

Of course for the sportier inclined there are pristine golf courses all around and world-class surfing to experience in Sligo. For the romantics and/or history buffs (Leo/Virgo) you won't want to miss the sensory experiences at the one of a kind Titanic museum where you can find the original shipyard where the ships were built and launched, only in Northern Ireland's Belfast.

3 6. Perfect for everyone: Turkey

With so much sensationalism in the news, it can be difficult to imagine that Turkey is as open, welcoming and magical as it currently is.

From the fresh culinary wonders to a country that boasts an impeccable arts scene - there's no shortage of things to do!

Unique to Turkey is the famous Cappadocia in the central mountainous region where you can watch hundreds of hot air balloons journey the horizon or sleep in a cave hotel, even if just for the novelty. If relaxing is more your thing (Libra, Cancer, Pisces) you will enjoy an authentic Hamam or Turkish bath where you are steamed and preened to perfection.

For a more low-key yet equally relaxing experience, the Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle) mineral baths are an absolute must-do. For eccentric and unique souvenirs, you won't want to leave without a visit to The Grand Bazaar.

2 7. Perfect for everyone: Uruguay

This lesser-known Latin 'hot spot' is guaranteed to create travel memories to last a lifetime. In Montevideo, the country's capital consisting of 15 miles of beachy coast with a laid-back vibe to match, you can dine on a steak (the #1 export) and pair it with a homegrown red.

Feeling fancy? (looking at you, Leo) Feel free to head down to what is known as 'The Hamptons of South America' and luxuriate at the beaches of Punta del Este or the no-frills Punta del Diablo where a small community of local fisherman dwell only a short 5-hour bus ride from Montevideo - it's here that our adventurous travellers (Aries, Sagittarius) can explore the sand dunes by 4 x 4.

1 8. Perfect for everyone: Norway

Not the least of all on our list is Norway.

You'll want to pack your thermal underwear as the most impressive time to visit will be in the winter, if not for the skiing then for the Northern LightsTromsø is said to be the best for visibility but the further you are from the city lights, the more you will see. For our travel blogging influencers, you simply won't find better photo ops than here in Norway with its staggering cliffs, gigantic waterfalls, and fantastic fjords your audience will be giving you the thumbs up while their jaws drop.

Still not satisfied? Well you can see real deal polar bears in the wild which isn't something you can say about a lot of places. Of course, you'll always want to take an experienced guide for such a trek, but afterward, you can warm up altogether with some fish soup with a side of gravlax and rye.

This travel experience is full of oddities and wonders that just about everybody on the planet, no matter their star composition, can appreciate

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