Cremona, Italy is known by many as the violin capital of the world. It is famous for its ageless tradition and skill of making violins used by some of the great violin artists like Andrea Amati and Antonio Stradivari. The latter is known as a brilliant luthier who, in 1960, established his work studio in Cremona. The craftsmanship of Stradivari in making violins was highly commended even by the European courts. Now, his popular and iconic violin construction gave birth to the Stradivarious – a virtuoso and one-of-a-kind of violin built only by the Stradivari family members and played only by the world’s greatest violin players.


However, there is more to this bourgeois city than just luthiers and violins. It may not be as grandiose as some of its neighboring cities’ prominence on education, infrastructure, education, or wine-making, to say the least. But of all the cities located in Italy, Cremona tops the spot as being the must-see spot for rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Travelers and tourists who are fond of music would find the Violin Capital of the World as the single-most appealing vacation hub. And you’ll know why as you get to explore more about Cremona. Find out the silent city’s interesting and fascinating sights and sounds:

Discover Its Timeless Luthier Workshops

If you stroll down the heart of the city, you will find that its commerce and trade are deeply rooted in the skill of constructing violins and other stringed instruments. The average Cremonese earns a living by becoming lutieros or luthiers. But what makes these local luthiers stand out from other craftsmen is their traditional way of making violins.

Cremona can boast of its method of crafting violins. Indeed, there is no place in any part of the world that can make violins the way Cremona does. That may be the ultimate mystery that will be forever guarded by the Cremonese luthiers. In fact, it has been included by UNESCO in its Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. With its unique and ancient technique form of handicraft belonging only to Cremona, there is no doubt of the dignity and splendor of the violins that are made.

To even catch a glimpse of these masterpieces are made is an honor. That is why witnessing local luthiers craft such instruments through their shop windows is like watching someone put a soul to an instrument. It is magical. And if you’re lucky, they may even invite you to come inside and have a close-hand view of the whole art in creating violins.

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You Get To See The Iconic Festivals And Events

Cremona may be a quiet city but it gets to enjoy its fair share of prominence and popularity every time it celebrates festivals and local events. Since Cremona is the center of tradition when it comes to creating stringed instruments, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the city’s active participation in the upcoming Cremona Orchestra Festival, one of Cremona’s many festivals. It is a fairly recent project collaborated by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and the City Council. It is a 2-week celebration featuring great ensembles to perform an orchestra performance. This will take place in June 2022.

In addition, it also celebrated the Triennale Violin-Making Competition. This event was a conscious effort to attract visitors and witness how the great luthiers adhere to Stradivari’s excellent standard in the art and science of crafting beautiful violins. It also serves as a homage to the Olympics of Violin-Making which brings together great musicians and instrument craftsmen to celebrate outstanding craftsmanship and heart-moving musical performances.

And we welcome the digital age, so does Cremona as it is now performing a prodigious musical cinema via the internet. It is an exclusive video performance of great musicians and artists as their Obra, talent, and heart on the web. Alternatively, it is one way for the Cremonese artists to show their solidarity and compassion during this time of crisis. And it asserts that despite tribulations, music will always transcend as it brings hope and clarity to everyone.

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Marvel At The City’s Architecture And Yes, Even Food!

Don’t expect Cremona to have skyscrapers and towers. They may not even have first-class hotels. But given these expectations, you may end up quite surprised as to what Cremona can do and offer.

The city is best viewed from the top. You can start your tour by going to Torrazzo for a great sight. The Torrazzo is the bell tower of the Cremona Cathedral. It provides an astounding architectural sight in the city. Not to mention the breathtaking panoramic view of Cremona, Torrazzo also allows you to know where exactly you are heading. Another aerial spot to visit is also the Duomo of Santa Assunta. It is not that far from Torrazo so you can enjoy visiting both of these great places all in one day.

The Teatro Ponchielli is one of the most historic buildings ever built and it just happens to be built in Cremona. It is a 268-year-old theatre and it is known to be the place where Mozart once played. It is considered one of the biggest stages ever created in Italy- not to mention a great venue for international events and performances.

When it comes to best, revel in their tramezzini sandwich as it is hailed as the crowning cuisine in the city. Don’t forget the infamous Mostarda di Cremona which is a local fruit preserve that merges the sweetness and spiciness of fruits. This is best served with their equally famous stew known as the Ballito misto.

True enough, visitors and music aficionados from all around the world have finally found their travel location niche- and it is this culturally rich small city in Italy that remains one of the best go-to places for laidback travelers.

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