As holidays and seasons come and go, so do vacations. Going south for the winter, north for the summer, or even to a different country, some places are safer than others to visit. Every country has rough cities or areas, but they also have cities with fun events for everyone. Whether staying close to home or traveling the world, these destinations rank the highest statistically for safety. While no destination is completely safe, many have found a healthy balance between safety and fun for its visitors.


Tokyo, Japan, The Safest 'Big City' In The World

One of the largest cities in the world with a crime rate of 19.86, it is well below the national average of U.S. cities. This bright city is considered the “safest big city” in the world. To match this low crime rate, the city is home to many activities for visitors of any age. With bright attractions at every corner such as museums and theme parks, it is the perfect destination for travelers.

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Santiago, Chile, A Cultural Hub

The capital of Chile not only has a safety index score of 70.03 but it is also surrounded by the Andes Mountains, a beautiful sight each morning. The largest attraction for this area is skiing, both those who are learning and those who are experienced. This Spanish-speaking country is host to a myriad of attractions every year, both cultural and international. With a colorful culture filled with myths and delicious food, this is a fantastic destination for individuals and families alike.

Milan, Italy, An Artist's Paradise

The beautiful architecture of the city coupled with wondrous attractions such as DaVinci’s “Last Supper,” Milan is truly an artists’ paradise. In terms of safety, the city scores 79.3 on the Safety Index. The city isn’t only for creative minds, these same sights host many families every year as well. There is something for everyone!

Zurich, Switzerland, A Haven For The Great Outdoors

With a score of 85.2 on the Safety Index, Zurich is one of the safest tourist destinations for seasoned or first-time travelers. It also ranks as one of the top destinations for families. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, there are plenty of outdoor activities for any size group such as swimming, tours, and hiking. No matter the season, there is always something to do or see. With so many options, there isn’t enough time in the day to experience it all.

Toronto, Canada, An Adventurous City For Anyone

A destination just across the lake from New York, Toronto is a colorful city with many attractions such as Ripley’s Aquarium and the CN Tower. Simply walking outside and exploring this vast city brings its own adventure, no planning needed! This family-oriented city scores 87.36 on the index, matching the country’s high safety ranking.

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Portland, Oregon, United States, A Laid-Back City

A large city in the Land of the Free, Portland hosts a quiet atmosphere that creates a secure ambiance for its visitors. This city is surrounded by farmland which supports the farmer's markets throughout it, a great day trip to spend time with family or even enjoy a calm getaway. Whether shopping or walking in the parks, there is always a new adventure to be had every day.

Austin, Texas, United States, Friendly And Fun

This state is home to many clean parks and other attractions such as theme parks and historical attractions. As one of the largest cities in the United States, Austin has something for all ages. Coupled with its friendly and knowledgeable residents, it is the perfect destination to learn something new and create lasting bonds.

In Conclusion

Whether staying close to home or traveling somewhere new, there is always a new adventure in a safe place. Explore the vast, bustling city of Tokyo or drive to Austin on a cross-country road trip, alone or with family and friends, safety is always important but that doesn’t mean the fun is sacrificed to do it.

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