The Rock is known as a lot of things. The People’s Champion, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and of course, he is now known as one of the most successful actors in the world. His movies gross millions of dollars, and his bank account does the same, as The Rock, known by his real name now, Dwayne Johnson, is such a sought after Hollywood megastar that he has found himself more often than not on the top of the list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

It has helped him live a very comfortable living to say the least, and while The Rock remains one of the most humble and hungry actors in the world, he definitely lives a life of luxury. His lavish car collection, his luxury homes and the ability to drop millions of dollars on family members to buy them expensive gifts is proof that The Rock has made it to the top, but that he also lives a life many people would dream to have. He would say that you just need to work hard and push through adversity, and if you do, you too could be living the lavish lifestyle The Rock does today. Here is just a small look into The Rock’s lavish lifestyle.

25 He is a Car Collector

Dwayne Johnson has turned into one of the most wanted men in Hollywood which has really helped his lavish lifestyle and his car collection. According to CNBC, The Rock earns $900,000 per episode he films for his television show ‘Ballers’, meaning every season he is earning a cool $9 million. And that’s just the tip of what The Rock makes, as add on his movie roles and all the other ventures, it’s no wonder he lives that lavish life with some of the fastest cars.

24 He always wears a Custom Suit

On the show Ballers, The Rock’s character is known for telling people multiple times that his suits are custom made. If you see The Rock in real life, you definitely know he isn’t getting his suits off the rack, as first off, he’s a multi-millionaire and he can afford to have them made for him and I think it would be extremely hard to find a suit that fits his massive frame, as The Rock is big into weight lifting and it would be hard to find clothing that fits without special alterations being made.

23 Rich Get Richer, hosting TV game shows

What happens when you’re a celebrity in high demand? Everyone tries to cash in on your fame and get their piece of the pie. That’s how The Rock, who was a WWE superstar, movie star, and TV star has now become a game show host. This year, The Rock began hosting the Titan Games, which is a sports competition on NBC. At least they got the right host for it, as The Rock is all about fitness and sports entertainment, so it was a perfect pairing so to say, and just adds more to the Rock's bottom line.

22 Orange Car

One of the newest cars in The Rock’s collection is the 2018 Ford Mustang in a bright orange color. Actually, this car doesn’t belong to The Rock at all, but rather Marlene Rodriguez, a veteran whom Dwayne Johnson gave the car to. That’s the kind of pull he has these days, as he was brought on to be the spokesman for Ford and in turn, gave a luxury car to someone who deserves it. The Rock can buy his own cars, which he has done plenty of, so it’s nice to see him pass on that lavish lifestyle to others.

21 Flying Private

When you’re one of the biggest men in Hollywood, both figuratively and literally, as The Rock is known for his huge body structure, you can’t be slumming it back in coach with everyone else, you need the extra leg room and comfort only a private jet can give you. The Rock, according to Business Insider, is the highest paid actor in the world, so of course, he is going to enjoy that lavish life on a private plane, complete with bubbling drinks.

20 Private Jets For Pets

The Rock isn’t the only one in his family who enjoys the lavish life, and we’re not talking his wife and kids, but rather his dog, Hobbs, named after his character in the Fast and the Furious series. Hobbs enjoys a private plane ride as well and isn’t being put under the plane, in the cargo area, like a regular dog. Only the best for The Rock’s best friend. When your films gross over $200 million, like Central Intelligence did, according to Business Insider, you can afford for your pets to enjoy the lavish pampered life just like you.

19 Home Driveway

Didn’t we say The Rock likes his cars? According to Daily Hunt, The Rock’s collection includes plenty of lavish cars, such as a Rolls Royce, Pagani Huayra and a Cadillac Escalade. You name the fancy luxury car and The Rock has probably added it to his collection. But when you’re making as much money as famous actors like George Clooney, you can afford to stock your entire driveway with amazing vehicles that cost in the millions of dollars to buy.

18 Selfies With The Millions

With the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans chanting his name during his days as a WWE superstar, The Rock is used to the spotlight and having fans screaming for him. It makes for a lavish life when people are asking you for your photo or a selfie with you, and it’s great to see The Rock having no issue taking a few photos with his fans. He’s well known for posing for photos with fans, with big smiles and funny faces, as he appreciates every one of them that have supported him throughout his career.

17 Roll Out The Welcome Mat

What can make a private plane ride even more lavish? Put down the welcome mat at the staircase. That’s just an extra bonus touch this company did for the People’s Champion, The Rock, as he looks to get on the plane. It doesn’t even look like he can make it in the door, as his own frame is huge compared to the small plane. But that just shows how big The Rock really is. According to Business Insider, the actor who made $64.5 million in 2016 can easily afford to ride in style all he wants.

16 Donuts For One

So what does The Rock eat when he is on that private luxury plane? Donuts of course! The Rock is a huge fitness freak and eats thousands of calories a day, but when it’s a cheat day, it’s a cheat day and he goes all out with donuts, one of his favourite cheat day foods to have. According to Best Ten News, he trains up to eight hours a day some days and has been known to eat 12 entire pizzas to himself. So while that may look like a lot to us, for The Rock, that’s just a reward for a job well done.

15 Gift For Dad

When you live a lavish lifestyle, you give lavish gifts. And that is exactly what The Rock did for his dad, as according to Best Ten News, Dwayne Johnson dropped a cool million dollars on a Cadillac for his old man, a gift that easily put a smile on his face. It was all for his dad after a new hip replacement, which is crazy to think about and shows just how lavish his life is when a surgery leads to a brand-new luxury car. It begs the question, what does he do for other celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries

14 Arrive In Style

If you’re in a show called Ballers, you better show up to the premiere for the show looking like a Baller. And that is exactly what The Rock did, as according to Business Insider, Dwayne Johnson rode to the event in a $1 million Pagani Huayra, a custom-made car that looks like it’s almost too small for The Rock. Only the world’s finest cars for the lavish lifestyle of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, so it makes perfect sense that if you are doing a show about the lavish life of athletes, you should act the part.

13 Fancy Work Desk

Even The Rock has to get some work done from time to time, reading scripts, conducting business for his production company 7 Bucks Productions, and doing the work that keeps him living that lavish life. But of course, that means his work desk, or in this case table, has to be just as lavish. According to Business Insider, he named his production company 7 Bucks Production because at one point that is all he had in his bank account. Now he is one of the richest men in Hollywood, all because he gets down to work and puts a lot of effort into his life.

12 Owning a Rolex

What do men with lavish lifestyles wear? Of course a Rolex watch. It’s the symbol of someone who has made a lot of money and can afford one of these kinds of watches. And let’s be honest, The Rock makes more than enough money to buy an entire company of Rolex watchmakers if he wanted to. According to Business Insider, the first Rolex the Rock bought was worth $35,000. That is more than some people make in a year and he has it on his wrist.

11 Big Birthday Party

When The Rock throws a party, The Rock throws a big party. He already is giving away cars as gifts, and here in this photo, he has decked out a room in his house for what looks to be an amazing birthday party. The Rock probably has the finest foods and drinks for his parties, and he hosts them at his five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home in Florida, which according to Business Insider, he bought for $3.5 million. At least the Rock is humble and would make it all about you on your special day.

10 On Top Of The Ritz-Carlton

The Rock is on top of Hollywood at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles as he talks to USA Today in this photo, and that is exactly where he belongs, as he is one of the most famous actors on the big and small screen. To think he went from professional wrestling to the big screen in such a short time is amazing. According to the BBC, The Rock was the second best-paid actor in 2018, only behind George Clooney, as The Rock made $119 million. Clooney, meanwhile, sold a company helped him earn that much money.

9 Red Carpet appearances

The Rock hasn’t earned himself an Oscar award as of yet, but he really isn’t known for making the type of movies that win awards. But that doesn’t stop him from being invited to the red carpet and presenting at some of the biggest award shows. In this lavish outfit, he’s made for the red carpet and it’s only a matter of time before Dwayne Johnson is up on the stage accepting the award for best actor in a movie.

8 The Rock Clock

One thing The Rock is known for is his extreme conditioning and weight training, but also his drive and determination to be the best. It’s why he has such a lavish lifestyle and continues to be one of the biggest names in the world. And it’s why he has his own mobile app which you can download to get that extra motivation you need. According to The Verge, you can set the alarm to your time, or you just pick Rock Time, which is a 4:45 a.m. wake up call. Get that day started bright and early.

7 The 'Ballers' lifestyle

The Rock, seen here with his ballers co-star, Rob Corddry, has plenty to smile about with the life he is living. A lavish suit, fancy car, hit television show on HBO, which pays him over $900,000 an episode, according to Business Insider. He dominated in the wrestling ring, took over the big screen with hit movies, and now is becoming the champion of the small screen with this television show that is properly named ‘Ballers’, and puts the Rock in a lavish role of controlling football players money.

6 Even In The Rain

Even the rain can’t hurt The Rock, as he’s looking as lavish as ever beside one of his luxury cars. Only The Rock could make rain puddles and a wet car look great and put all the attention back on him. According to Financial Express, The Rock earned over $189 million in 2016 alone, which helped inflate his net worth to nearly a billion dollars. So even if the rain ruins that custom suit, I’m pretty sure he can just buy another one without much strain on his wallet.