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The world has many different virgin islands like America virgin island, the British Virgin Island, Jamaica Virgin Island, etc. but the U.S. Virgin Islands are also known as America's Caribbean Utopia. Here visitors can see stilt artists performing, let their hair down in a Carnival procession, listen to the flowing patois of a Creole tongue and savor the flavors in a saltfish pate, all while having a cellular phone connection.

St. Thomas is by far the most sophisticated of the islands, but it still has the feel of a Caribbean haven. St. Thomas offers plenty of options for smiles and surprises for couples and families.


The island of St. Thomas is mostly mountainous. Most of those roads on the island provide spectacular views of the archipelago and the water. The island is also an ocean lover's dream come true. Tourists can also plan some beach activities, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, a day cruise, kitesurfing, yachting, fishing, canoeing, and parasailing as part of their holiday. While on land, visitors can go on an island tour, see some monuments, or go shopping while exploring old downtown areas. Lastly, spend a cocktail hour at a restaurant or bar in the evenings, enjoy live entertainment, and dine with a breathtaking view.

Soak Up The Sun On The Beaches

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay is considered the beachfront mecca by some locals and travelers. You'll be better off trying to locate another Caribbean beachfront with sands as fine as this or water as pristine as this. Trunk Bay retains its surreal tranquility despite the continual influx of tourists.

Make a point of trying out the underwater snorkeling path. It is 225 yards long and lined with coral, fish, and underwater plaques. Others advise traveling to Trunk Bay's further end for the finest snorkeling.

Magens Bay

On St. Thomas, no other beach is as well-known as Magens Bay. This beachfront on the Virgin Islands' northern coast has the promise to be the most scenic and swimmable.

All the visitors to the beach have only good reviews about it. The beach features crystal clear blue waves, beautiful sands, and a breathtaking viewpoint. It is highly frequented by tourists, so go early in the morning or late afternoon for solitude.

Coki Beach

Coki Beach is the best place to wade with the fishes and is nestled on the northeastern shore. The beach is dotted with vendors offering a wide range of items, and the clear waters are teeming with tropical fish.

Coki Beach's bustling vibe is praised by vacationers, who especially enjoy the music being played close by.

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There's A National Park Here

Visitors are probably right on the border of Virgin Islands National Park if they are in St. John for their Virgin Islands getaway. The parkland covers two-thirds of the island, and most of Love City's prominent sights, including Trunk Bay Beach and Annaberg Plantation, are located there. Visitors can explore the tropical paradise in a variety of ways. There are more than 20 hiking paths for adventurous travelers and families to choose from. Travelers will find lots to do at the site, including enjoying the various beaches and hiking paths and water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Learn About The Mysteries Of The Sea

Visitors who enjoy the movie Pirates of the Caribbean or are inquisitive about the wonders of the sea should take a trip to the Pirates Treasure Exhibition.

The Pirate Treasure Exhibition in Havensight gives visitors a firsthand look into pirate life. Tourists will be able to interact with immersive exhibits that will tell them about the wildness that exists under the amazingly blue seas. The museum houses a good collection of antiques, and the best feature is that visitors can take numerous mementos and one-of-a-kind items home with them.

Climb Up The 99 Steps

The 99 Steps is among Saint Thomas' most iconic attractions. Charlotte Amalie, the island's cruise liner harbor and city, is home to 99 Steps. Most of the slopes that emerge from the city's harbor region are traversed by the steps. It was constructed in the seventeenth century and has since become legendary. These were built from the ballast tiles of old-world vessels, which were used to make navigation around the archipelago considerably easier.

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How Does The Castle Look Like?

Blackbeard's Castle is among the Virgin Islands' national heritage sites. The town of Charlotte Amalie is where visitors will find it.

Danish troops used to utilize the Castle as a viewpoint to spot attackers. Skytsborg, which roughly means "protection castle," was its original name.

It's perched atop Government Hill, the highest elevation in the area. It covers five acres and includes a number of historic sites and buildings from the seventeenth century. So, if visitors want to learn about the island's historic importance, then they should start here.

Some Oceanic Knowledge

This indoor-outdoor aquarium containing miniature sharks, stingrays, and starfish is among St. Thomas' most popular tourist destinations. Coral World also offers a walk-through birdcage and an outlying undersea observatory where visitors can see marine life 15 feet underneath the water's surface. It's undoubtedly an enjoyable trip for families.

Go On A Shopping Spree

Charlotte Amalie's Main Street is the ideal shopping location for all locals and tourists alike. If tourists are seeking to buy some good clothes or souvenirs, head to Main Street.

Exotic perfumes, pricey gems, top-of-the-line technology, various alcoholic beverages, and whatever one can dream of are available. It is extremely popular and often teeming with activity.

The archipelago of St. Thomas is among the most stunningly gorgeous islands worldwide, with something for everybody, and the resorts in the Virgin Islands are worth the price. So hurry up!