The Museum of Tolerance was founded to educate and enlighten visitors about the Holocaust. The Museum was the vision of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Center was named after Simon Wiesenthal who was known for being a Nazi hunter. Leaders and representatives from the Center and top museums around the world began to discuss ways to promote understanding and tolerance in the late 80s. The importance of founding the Museum of Tolerance became even more prominent when recent curiosity was piqued regarding the Holocaust and its events.


What Is The Museum Of Tolerance?

The Museum of Tolerance is not like traditional museums where there are exhibits of artifacts as well as documents. The goal of the Museum of Tolerance was to not focus on the past but remind visitors to act and prevent hatred. The message of the Museum is a positive one. The Museum’s goal is to prevent history from repeating and negate an unnatural hatred. The goal of the Museum is to challenge all races and groups of people to examine their assumptions and be responsible for enacting a change.

The Museum of Tolerance opened in February 1993. The Museum received accolades from both national and international leadership. The Museum was recognized as an extraordinary museum. It became a destination for visitors to experience in Southern California.

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The Museum has over 250,000 people visiting the Museum of Tolerance yearly. There is a wide range of visitors from students to corporations, police agencies, educators, and professionals.

Anne Frank Exhibit

Anne Frank is an exhibit on the life of Anne Frank. The exhibit is brought to life through unique documents, photographs, and rare artifacts. Visitors to the exhibit have the opportunity to view a replica of her diary as well as other samples of her writings. The exhibit highlights facts about the time she spent in hiding and what events eventually led to her arrest. The exhibit has audio accounts from individuals who knew her. This exhibit offers visitors to experience Anne Frank’s story as never told before.

Holocaust Exhibit

The Holocaust Exhibit is a 70-minute, emotional presentation with sounds and lights. Visitors are transported back to the 1920s to 1945 to witness events in Nazi Europe during WWII. The visitors to the Holocaust exhibit receive a passport card that depicts the story of a child affected by the Holocaust. Each passport card is different for each visitor and as visitors walk through the exhibit the passport is updated. At the end of the exhibit, the fate of the child of the passport is revealed.

Social Lab

The Social Lab is where visitors to the Museum are faced with daily life issues of intolerance. One experience visitors will experience is the point of view experience. The exhibit is a 4-sided glass cube that presents a perspective for a situation facing society. These scenarios can be homelessness, bullying, LGBTQ+, and policing challenges. The Social Lab takes daily scenarios and shows different perspectives of that scenario. There are other experiences and exhibits in The Social Lab such as The Forum and The Civil Rights Exhibit.

Finding Our Families, Finding Ourselves Exhibit

This exhibit focuses on the personal history of famous Americans such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Billy Crystal, and Joe Torre. Their journeys examine the story of their lives and who inspired them. The exhibit created a positive feeling of witnessing what the famous Americans endured to become who they are. The exhibit encourages visitors to do some reflecting on their lives and what has helped them become who they are also.

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Where To Stay

There are so many options when visiting the Los Angeles area. Whether visitors want to stay in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, or near the Santa Monica Pier, there are numerous choices.

Pendry West Hollywood

The Pendry is located at 8430 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. The Pendry is across the street from The Comedy Store and in the heart of West Hollywood. The hotel offers a rooftop pool and a private social club. There is also a spa and many world-class restaurants including several by Wolfgang Puck.

Hotel Bel-Air

The Hotel Bel-Air is located at 701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA. The Hotel Bel-Air is in the heart of Bel-Air. The sights at the hotel are breathtaking. One of the first sights is an actual swan lake. There are 12-acre gardens, and the rooms are cozy with fireplaces and thick towels. The overall feel of the hotel is beautiful and cozy. There are many choices to eat in the area but there is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant on-site.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hill Hotel is located at 9641 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel features palm trees, lush gardens, and pink walls. The hotel is known for the number of legends who have slept on the premises such as the Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor. When booking a reservation, be sure to also make a reservation at the Polo Lounge.

The Museum of Tolerance is a museum that encourages visitors to not only reflect on themselves but also what they can do to create a positive message in the world. For visitors visiting Los Angeles, the Museum of Tolerance should be on the agenda. The Museum of Tolerance is quite the experience!

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