It turns out that the Caribbean is one of the most fascinating places on the planet: who knew? The answer: everyone who has ever taken the time to go there. From the people to the weather and beyond it's a tremendous place - but beneath the surface, one anecdote we really enjoy more so than anything else is their beaches.

They're big, they're beautiful, and they're so unbelievably unique. With over 700 islands you would think they may, on the off occasion, run out of stunning destinations to fill up: but nature is a pretty wonderful thing.


Alas, you should trust us when we say that the weather alone doesn't make the Caribbean a home run of a place to go if chilling out on the beach is your main agenda on holiday. It's worth so much more than that.

So if deciding where to go next summer is still a source of contention, allow us to put your minds at ease.

Eagle Beach, Aruba

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: the sand really is that white.

Alongside the beautiful colors, you've also got the great sights and sounds, many of which spread across this insanely gorgeous beach that is known almost as much for its unbelievable width.

Just picture hanging out down the beach, playing some baseball and taking in the weather with a nice cold one. Oranjestad, as a whole, is a super friendly and charming down that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

We all have work-related stresses because that's life, but here, you really do feel like they just fall away into irrelevancy.

As far as a form of rehabilitation goes, we'd argue that's a pretty successful tactic. Congrats, Aruba.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

That water is so crystal blue that we might need to start asking Walter White some questions. This two-mile-long beach features bars, restaurants and just about everything in-between. It gives off a really secluded vibe, too, which is great for those of us who just need to escape from time to time.

Once you sit back and allow yourself to fall in love with Shoal Bay, three hours will go by and it'll feel like three minutes. There's also lots of open ground and hills for people to walk or run along, and while that isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, there are going to be very few opportunities in your life when you're able to stretch your legs on a patch of land as breathtaking as this.

Cas Abao, Curacao

Snorkeling and swimming are particularly popular activities here, and so is the fact that the mountains descend upon the ocean to make for a fantastic contrast between land and sea. If you looked up only at the top half you'd think you're in Cornwall, with the bottom representing paradise.

The huts alone make us want to jump on a plane with our swim shorts at the ready, but of course, there's so much more to it than that.

It's not too crowded, it's not too noisy, and it doesn't really matter who you're going with either. There are families to be found from head to toe to go right alongside couples that have gone for a quick break in the sun.

Plus, and we can't understate how important this point is, the frozen drinks on offer will quite literally blow your mind as you attempt to deal with the relentless heat.