Trastevere is a stunning neighborhood in Rome, and it's a location that should be on everyone’s bucket list. This beautiful neighborhood is located within a small village hidden in Rome. It is a far cry from the major cities in Europe such as Milan, Paris, and London. Trastevere has a more boho vibe. Tourists can explore this village in half a day, then proceed to other nearby tourist spots.

The narrow alleyways and cobblestoned paths make for a perfect walking tour of the neighborhood. In this area, there are not many cars. Visitors can walk around leisurely without feeling the rush of being in a busy city setting. Trastevere has everything a visitor could want: food, culture, and scenery. Slow down, take photos and enjoy the surroundings.


Sights To See

There aren’t many skyscrapers and tall buildings in Trastevere. This quaint little feature ultimately contributes to its “old town” feel. Walking around the neighborhood, visitors can see many of the old structures from the Renaissance and Medieval periods that still stand. Here are some notable sites:

Basilica di Santa Maria: Considered to be the heart of the town, it is one of the oldest churches in the area. Tourists should be mindful of their noise level as it is a functioning church. The Basilica stands on its original foundation from the 4th century and has preserved the 12th-century plan. Tourists can even look up to see the coffered ceilings and 700-year-old frescoes, which are all still in good condition!

Basilica di Santa Cecilia: Named after Saint Cecilia (Roman martyr), this church was built in the 5th century. Don’t forget to visit the crypt to look at the mosaics and Cavallini frescoes.

Villa Farnesina: This is a villa from the 16th century built for Agostina Chigi. The villa features Renaissance-era architecture and art. Don’t miss frescoes created by masters like Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Il Sodoma (Giovanni Antonio Bazzi), and Giulio Romano.

Ponte Sisto: This pedestrian bridge connects many areas, such as the Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona.

Galleria Corsini: Located within a baroque-style palace (Villa Corsini), and is near Villa Farnesina. The art gallery contains collections of Titian and Caravaggio, among other artworks from the Renaissance era.

Orto Botanico di Roma (The Botanical Garden of Rome): Located within Villa Corsini, this botanical garden has varieties of plants from around the world.

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Open Spaces

The open spaces in Trastevere take visitors back to Medieval times. There are a lot of open spaces and hidden corners filled with locals and tourists. Many restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating, where people can enjoy the scenery or watch people go about their day. In Trastevere, tourists can marvel at the religious shrines, plants, and graffiti on the shutter of closed establishments.

  • Campo de Fiori
  • Via della Lungaretta
  • Piazza San Cosimato
  • Piazza Trilussa – named after a Roman Poet
  • Piazza di Santa Cecilia
  • Piazza di Santa Maria
  • Fontana dell’Acqua Paola (Il Fontanone)
  • Belvedere del Gianicolo

Where To Eat

There is no shortage of good food flowing from local restaurants and cafes in Trastevere. Due to its proximity to the river, Trastevere cuisine features fresh seafood and produce—of course, most restaurants still include the usual pasta and meat dishes, but the freshness of the food adds an unmatchable special touch. There are many bars where people can sit and enjoy a cup of espresso. There are also numerous farmer's markets in the area. Unlike the rest of the world, many Italian farmers never really used pesticides, which means locals eat food with the best and freshest ingredients. If possible, tourists are advised to make reservations and secure a seat outdoors for the best experience.


Trattoria da Lucia

  • Budget: $60 for 2 people

Da Enzo

  • Budget: $60 for 2 people

Pizzeria Ai Marmi

  • Budget: $50 for 2 people

Dinner and Drinks

Freni e Frizioni

  • Budget: $20 for 2 people

Vin Allegro

  • Budget: $30 for 2 people

Pimms Good

  • Budget: $60 for 2 people

Fish Market – seafood

  • Budget: $45 for 2 people

Le Mani in Pasta

  • Budget: $60 for 2 people

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There are different ways to get to Trastevere. It is serviced by the Rome-Fiumicino International Airport. From there, tourists have the option to take a bus, train, rental car, or taxi. Keep in mind that the streets and alleys in Trastevere are narrow, so they’re best explored on foot.

Train: Fiumicino Airport – Trastevere

  • Budget: $8 to $11 per person
  • Travel time: approx. 28 minutes

Rental Car: Fiumicino Airport – Trastevere

  • Budget: $4 to $6 for fuel
  • Travel time: approx. 22 minutes

Taxi: Fiumicino Airport – Trastevere

  • Budget: $55 to $70
  • Travel time: approx.: 22 minutes

Bus: Termini to Trastevere (H Bus)

  • Budget: $2 to $9
  • Travel time: approx. 29 minutes

Nearby Areas

Aside from the beautiful sites within Trastevere, there are nearby attractions that visitors can check out:

  • The Vatican (20-minute walk)
  • The Colosseum and Forum (15-minute walk)
  • Porta Portese

Where To Stay

  • Hotel Trastevere: From $123
  • A World Aparts – Barberini Boutique Hotel: From $175
  • Guest House Vignola: From $88
  • Regal House Roma: From $100
  • Gloria Vatican Bijou B7B: From $114

Final Thoughts

The ancient city of Rome is one of the top travel destinations for many people. While people often flock to historical landmarks and churches, tourists should not miss spending time in the smaller towns, such as Trastevere. It is not too far from the main attractions, so it’s a good stopover point to relax, enjoy the scenery, and soak in the small-town atmosphere.

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