25 Incredible Photos From 2018 (We Can't Imagine Ever Capturing)

We live in a time where technology has brought so many of us together, allowing us all a chance to glimpse parts of the world that would be otherwise impossible to see unless we managed to make it there ourselves. This has ended up providing us with some truly incredible travel photos throughout 2018, and some that make us realize that we probably don't want to see everything that the world has to offer before we move on from this planet!

What we've done is pull together some travel photos that were taken in 2018, the ones that make us truly jealous of the person who took the photograph, followed by the ones that remind us just how dangerous the world can be. We think it's important to make the distinction between the truly incredible, and the downright worrying!

So, we think it's about time that people started to see these travel photos, that they have a glimpse at where they may want to visit next.

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25 Xinjiang, China

via: cnn.com

Many of us will never get to see this much snow up close, with this image looking as if it was taken from a movie!

"On a cold February day during the Spring Festival holiday in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, herdsmen patrol the border to ensure maximum security." (CNN)

It may be cold, but somebody has to keep an eye on the border, so it's amazing that these people are willing to do just that for the safety of others.

24 Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

via: twitter.com

"Following a landmark agreement with France, the ancient city of Al-Ula, renowned for its archaeological treasures, is set for touristic and cultural development." (CNN)

While we're sure it's only happening because somebody, somewhere, can make some money out of it, we're happy to find out that developments like this are taking place.

We need to look after our past, everywhere in the world, so that we can properly move forward.

23 Hamamatsu, Japan

via: pinterest.com

"Visitors come to Bentenjima Island from mid-November to mid-January, when the setting sun is framed by the torii gate, creating marvelous shots like this one." (CNN)

While it's probable that this was built here for this reason, we like to think that it was just a happy accident that human beings can be treated to this wonderful visual.

Those are the best things, the happy accidents. They're what make us want to travel the world looking for more!

22 Traditional garb

via: travelpast50.com

"With the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in full swing and the world's eyes on South Korea, tourists wearing traditional Korean hanbok dresses visit the Seoul Gyeongbokgung Palace." (CNN) Not only do the dresses look colorful and interesting, but the framing of the shot makes the tourists seem small, almost in the shadow of the rather imposing building that is beside them as they walk to the palace.

21 New York City, New York

via: cnn.com

"The elevated glass walkways at Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan aren't open to the general public, but employees use them to get between connecting offices." (CNN) If anything, we're glad that these aren't open to the public, because we know that someone would try and get us to walk along them, even though it would cripple us with worry.

20 Neve Zohar, Israel

via: lonelyplanet.com

"Tourists pose for pictures on an embankment between evaporation ponds -- used to remove salt from the water -- in the southern part of the Sea in community settlement Neve Zohar." (CNN)

Not only does this look amazing, it also gives us an insight into the way that human beings are able to use the natural world in an attempt to gather resources.

As a Western citizen, there's no argument that I take this sort of thing for granted!

19 Cologne, Germany

via: cnn.com

This mosque was created in Germany to bring people, of all faiths, together. Erdogan claims that it shows  how much "We need to put aside our differences and focus on our common interests" (BBC).

It's hard to believe that the human mind is able to create something so wonderful.

Nature throws up all sorts of crazy stuff, but it's when humanity is able to put something like this into the world that really surprises us and gets us excited!

18 Tokyo, Japan

via: jw-webmagazine.com

"In this March image, cherry blossom is seen hanging over the Meguro River, one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, located in the Nakameguro area. The flowers only bloom for around a week, marking the start of spring, before they begin to float off the trees." (CNN) We're fairly sure that there is nobody out there that would argue this isn't probably the most beautiful image on this list, with the lights being enough to convince us that we should visit.

17 Lima - where life is all about the beach!

via: lonelyplanet.com

We can't speak for anyone else, but we don't think we've ever seen a coastline like this one, so we're instantly envious of everyone that has been able to visit!

"Peru has a long and enviable coastline and its capital, Lima, sits right in the center. This aerial shot shows a couple enjoying the sands on a January day." (CNN)

Any chance people get to see something like this, they should take it straight away!

16 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

via: reddit.com

"Deep in the Siberian winter, with air temperature at about -16 C (3 F)." (CNN)

Does anybody else think that this is way too cold to be outside doing anything? Someone sure had to take the picture, so we wouldn't have to, but it's better them than us, just saying. 

If people can stand this sort of weather, then good for them, but it's putting us off visiting!

15 Washington, DC


"In March, visitors gather outside The Lincoln Memorial in the US capital as the fourth nor'easter in less than three weeks hits the East Coast, bringing heavy snow and winds." (CNN)

Amazing to think that there are certain areas of the world that can see such different weather conditions throughout the year!

In a way, it offers up a chance to enjoy every type of weather to those looking to travel and see as much as possible.

14 Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

via: cnn.com

"The 150-meter-long Golden Bridge rises above Trường Sơn Mountains. It's supported by a pair of giant hands which may look weathered, but the bridge opened only in June 2018." (CNN) For whatever reason, we would never feel comfortable walking a bridge that only seems to be held up by ornately carved hands. We want something that makes it look like a fully suspended bridge, rather than something held up by a giant!

13 Valais, Switzerland

via: cnn.com

"There's a 100-meter ice tunnel and ice chamber inside Switzerland's Rhone Glacier. It's cut fresh each year and the season runs from June to October." (CNN)

We know that it's amazing, and we can understand why a lot of other people would want to visit, but it would be pretty claustrophobic, right?

People don't understand how much natural light, or a lack thereof, has an effect on us all.

12 Vilanova de Sau, Catalonia, Spain

via: reddit.com

"The remains of an ancient village are seen inside the reservoir of Sau, in Vilanova de Sau, Catalonia, Spain. The reservoir usually covers this 11th-century Romanesque church -- but in January the waters were so low that the building was uncovered." (CNN) It's images like this that really bring home the concept that we really don't know what is out there, that there are entire villages contained within fairly shallow waters around the world!

11 Valley of the Gods, Utah

via: bluffutah.org

"A team of international base jumping athletes rig a 503-meter slackline in Utah's spectacular Valley of the Gods." (CNN)

Okay, so anybody that wants to just from something this high up clearly didn't have that part in their development where they learnt self-preservation.

How can anybody want to put themselves through the pain and worry of this thing!

10 Stuttgart, Germany

via: cnn.com

"Revelers ride a chain carousel at the 173rd Cannstatter Volksfest, a three-week long beer festival and fair. Stuttgart is in southwestern Germany, about a two-hour drive from the French border." (CNN)

We can't speak for anyone else, but the thought of getting onto this ride really worries us!

Sure, a lot of other people may enjoy travelling to this place, but to us it just looks like an expensive journey to some contraptions we wouldn't set foot near.

9 Kew Gardens - London, UK

via: thespaces.com

This installment is called 'The Hive' and, as the director of the Kew Gardens said, ‘The Hive creates a power, immersive space for us to explore the urgent issues we face in relation to pollinators, their intimate relationships with plans and their vital role in helping us feed a rapidly growing population" (thespaces.com)

Sure, these places look beautiful, but what they truly highlight is the connection we can have with the world around us!

8 Moscow

via: cnn.com

"Zaryadye Park opened near the Kremlin in September 2017. One of its highlights is the 70-meter "floating bridge" designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the architectural studio behind New York's High Line Park." (CNN) For whatever reason, the concept of a floating bridge just doesn't appeal to us. Whenever we've being suspended above ground, we like to know that we're being properly held up. We never want to hear the word floating!

7 Düsseldorf, Germany

via: cnn.com

"Tomás Saraceno's art installation 'in orbit' is on permanent display at the K21 Standehaus art museum." (CNN)

Yes, some of the best art out there is the stuff that people can actually take part in, which you can see right here!

That being said, there's something about being this high up, suspended only by a net, that makes us feel sick just thinking about it.

6 Tanjungpinang, Indonesia

via: cnn.com

Another image that highlights the power that color has when it comes to making somewhere feel worth visiting!

"A former fisherman's district in Tanjungpinang has been decorated with murals and colorful umbrellas to turn it into the rainbow Malay village tourist destination." (CNN)

The umbrellas alone look like the sort of thing that people would travel to see in an art installation.

5 Mumbai, India

via: cnn.com

"A group of tourists forms a human pyramid at sunset on Mumbai's Juhu Beach on March 25, as the city recorded one of its hottest March days ever, with temperatures rising to 41 C (106 F)." (CNN)

More than anything, this image wants us to get out there and meet some people!

It's a perfect look at how travelling can bring people together that would've otherwise never have met each other or spent time together.

4 La Concepción, Mexico

via: cnn.com

"A boat glides across the Papagayo River downstream from La Concepción, one of various small communities in the region near Acapulco that have been divided by federal plans for a vast hydroelectric project. The rift has led to clashes between villagers." (CNN) While it may be somewhere that is ripped apart by social issues and tension, we have to say that it still looks absolutely beautiful, which is why it makes us feel our wanderlust rising.

3 Dhofar, Oman

Via: thenational.ae

"In February, the desolate conditions of southern Oman's Dhofar desert were judged ideal for field-testing technology for a manned mission to Mars by members of the Austrian Space Forum." (CNN)

We understand that it's desolate, but we just want to know what it would be like to go to Mars! We want NASA to hook us up with a spacesuit and some exploring equipment so that we can really live the fantasy.

2 Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala

via: cnn.com

"Close to 4,000 people were evacuated from their homes in November when Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted, spewing ash and lava." (CNN)

Is it wrong for us to say that we wouldn't want to get this close to a volcano that has been known to erupt, covering the area around is in ash and lava?

The eruption was so disconcerting that "Images of the volcano after midnight showed glowing lava at the summit" (nbcnews)

See, we understand that some people would enjoy the danger, but it's not for us!

1 Pyongyang, North Korea

via: cnn.com

"Pyongyang (meaning 'flat land') is the ultimate totalitarian metropolis, built almost entirely from scratch" (LonelyPlanet).

There is a lot about North Korea that fascinates us, but does anybody actually want to visit this place?

It's not very good how the people are forced to exist there under the reign of a difficult man, and we don't want to ever come close to experience something like that.

Sources: CNN; BBC; LonelyPlanet; nbcnews

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