Originally started by Nick Goodman in 2002, GoPro is now a household name. With a constant release of new technologies and camera types, these nifty devices are known for their rugged durability and their ability for it to take images in conditions and places that would make most DSLR users grimace in their chair. GoPro cameras have become a staple on every travel photographer's packing checklist.

Its ability to go with you wherever you go has allowed some adrenaline junkies and travelers alike to capture some truly incredible images that wouldn't have been possible prior to the advent of the adventure camera.

Some people have gotten really creative with where they put the camera and even the lengths to which they push their durability. Keep on reading to see some incredible shots of people making the most of the GoPro.

23 1. New Year, New Camera

Let's start this list off with a bang. This wild image was snapped when a GoPro was attached to a drone and flown through an aerial fireworks display. Needless to say, that poor little GoPro definitely didn't plan on starting its year off like this. But at the sacrifice of one camera's safety, we definitely got to see fireworks from a very unconventional perspective.

Let's just hope it wasn't struck down by any of the crackers, although it probably would have survived given some of the rough conditions these cameras are put through (as this list will show).

22 3. A Bird's Eye View

This one would've taken a bit of preparation, but I suppose attaching a camera to a bird would have been far more difficult, so a windsurfing sail should suffice. Definitely making the most of the GoPros ability to survive harsh winds, seaspray and potentially plunging into water or sand at any point, this is a very interesting angle previously only reserved for windsurfing sails, only I imagine they don't have the cognitive capacity to enjoy it as much as we do.

21 4. Unidentified Flying GoPro

So... someone attached a GoPro to a rocket. You heard correctly. The Aerospace SL-10 had a GoPro attached to itself to capture the liftoff, ascent and even the ejection of cargo. One can only wonder what the potential of this pursuit is - why stop at a rocket that just leaves the Earth's atmosphere? However, this one definitely tops this list for the furthest travelling camera of them all and is definitely a beautiful way to see space.

20 5. Pinnacle High School Living Up To Their Name

Well, this one is a close second for the furthest travelling camera. The Physics teacher from Pinnacle High School in the US obtained a grant from APS and the Phoenix Suns which allowed him and his students to purchase the helium, camera and various other equipment to get this basketball cutout to 97,000 feet. Was it for educational purposes, or simply the thrill of launching something that far up? We'll never know, all in the name of science I suppose.

19 7. A Natural Sunroof

This picture is so incredible even GoPro themselves used it as promotional material. The photo itself was taken by John Onelio of Helen Gerasimchuck, however it does look like it could very easily be a renaissance painting.

I think far fewer DSLR owners would be likely to crawl through these sorts of caverns and potentially have to wade through water. This is where the GoPro comes in and shines, capturing views from where non-adventure photographers wouldn't dare step foot.

18 8. Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together

Given most large birds are uncommon pets, we can only assume this is one of the most beautifully timed moments captured on a GoPro. If one of the passenger's dream was to grow up and be a bird, it has come about as close to true as currently possible.

I mean, we can fly alongside them and take photos of them so who knows really, there's no stopping modern science. Soon the birds will be taking photos of us.

17 9. GoPro Max: Fury Road

I'm convinced the Mad Max film series was conceived on motorbike or watching motorbike dash footage taken on a GoPro. In fact, I'm sure GoPros would be the camera of choice for vehicle operating nomads zooming through the desert.

If the bike were to fall over, I'm sure the camera would survive more than the bike. This is exactly the type of terrain - dusty, dry and rugged - that these little action cameras were built for (throw in the underwater factor as well, of course).

16 10. The Life Aquatic

What a luxury half dipping your camera in water must be. Previously only available to disposable underwater film camera owners, or those well off enough to purchase a custom-fitted underwater capsule for their camera, GoPro has made the above and below waterline photo much more accessible.

I mean, look how excited the kids are, who wouldn't be that excited to know they can now dip their camera in water and take cool half underwater shots?

15 11. A More Literal Bird's Eye View

The pelican is a bird that was destined to become an adventure photographer. With a beak like that, it was only a matter of time. I'm sure this GoPro also makes reverse parking much easier.

Assuming there was a human involved in the set up of this shot, one can only wonder how on earth they managed to get their camera back. Perhaps the pelican sold it back to them for an inflated price on eBay, who knows?

14 12. An Unlikely Couple

I don't think this manatee planned on being quite so internet famous when it woke up on the morning of this unplanned photo shoot. Again a very well-timed move from another GoPro user.

I do hope however that the poor manatee was at least provided with a talent release form because it has clearly done underwater modelling before and I'm sure their price for a shot like that isn't low.

13 13. GoPro On Board

As we all know, the best angle to take a sunset shot from is the head of your stand-up paddleboard. And if you weren't aware of that, this picture should at the very least enlighten you now.

I can't imagine any other types of camera passing the rigorous requirements of being able to be placed on the edge of a partially submerged water vehicle, so the GoPro has saved us once again.

12 14. Space Steak

Novelist Nikesh Shukla launched a lamb chop into space. One would think that is all that is needed to tell this story. However, it was not expected that said lamb chop would manage to get away and vanish for 5 months, then show up unexpectedly before all this footage of its ascent into space could be retrieved.

I'm not sure if any new extraterrestrial meat-cooking methods were discovered, but it's certainly an interesting development in lamb chop travel.

11 15. It's Raining Dogs

This photo, taken by Danny Schneider of his cute little dog is a great example of the inherent courage (or thoughtless silliness) of our canine friends. He said it took him four months to gain trust and train his dog to be able to leap from a tree into his arms.

It just goes to show that a dog will do anything for its master, even if it means jumping out of a tree for a great photograph.

10 16. Animal Selfie

I must've missed the latest snapchat filter because I don't recall being able to transform my friends into cats and dogs. Or perhaps they are the latest punk rock band from Seattle; 'King Charles and the Saint Bernards".

As much as I would like to believe that the cat at the front is indeed holding the camera itself, I'm aware that that is unlikely, as all cats hate photographs, everyone knows that. Nevertheless, the owner of these cuties sure got creative. I wouldn't trust any camera other than some sort of adventure camera in front of these guys.

9 17. Fall From Grace

We all have that one friend who insists on taking photos of everything and as a result, there are no photos of this person in existence. The worst mistake one can make here is to buy that person a GoPro, because they will end up being the sixth person in this tandem skydive.

Although, this incessant habit of taking photos of everything definitely paid off here as plummeting through the sky is a good look on anyone and one of the most literal uses of an adventure camera.

8 18. Northern Lights...Camera... Action!

I'm convinced that no bad photo of the Aurora Borealis exists. It is always beautiful regardless of the equipment used. Using a GoPro however, this wide-angled image adds a new perspective to this rather overtaken shot.

Now we only need to wait for someone to obtain a crystal clear video of the Northern Lights and then we will never have to traverse the harsh, cold conditions to see it. Wouldn't be all that good for tourism although.

7 19. Hipsters And Their Cameras

Turns out that GoPros got into the hands of creatives as well. What appears to be a motionless asteroid, or even the surface of the moon, is actually a dried out riverbed in Germany taken by Lukas Shulz.

Using a GoPro fusion and some sort of 360 degree photography technique, this reasonably bland landscape was transformed into the surreal image you see here.

6 20. Swimming With The Fishies, In a Good Way

What better way to learn about fish that to go to school with them...at their school. Mitch Bergsma, whilst on a scuba diving holiday in Mexico, was lucky enough to bump right into a whole school who were camera ready.

There is a clear theme that GoPros are the trusted companions of anybody who does anything around water and wishes to still take photos. I think even the fish are excited to be on camera more often now.

5 21. Extremely Down To Earth

Just in case you were wondering what you look like from below whilst riding a bicycle, this guy has got you covered. Definitely an odd variation on the more typical handlebar mount (which he also has), but I'm all for originality, thus why this picture made this list.

This photo does open up possibilities because when you think about it, where can't you mount a GoPro camera?

4 23. He Was An Underwater Sk8r Boi

When it comes to originality, this guy might have just about won the competition. Is he at the beach or was he skating at a modern day Atlantis? Either way, I'm sure we're soon to have underwater skate parks soon as a result of this picture.

I mean, look how much fun he is having - no one is that relaxed underwater. Maybe it's because his camera isn't about to disintegrate due to water damage.