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The longest "motorable" road in the world is said (by Guinness World Book of Records) to be the Pan American Highway - from Alaska to Argentina. But what is the longest "walkable" road in the world? According to a popular repost on social media, the longest "walkable" road in the world is said to run from Russia's distinct Siberian city of Magadan to Cape Town in South Africa.

Walking this route would be much more challenging than an AT-Thru hike - that some people manage to actually complete every year. Being able to complete this route would be the stroll of a lifetime - but is it actually possible and, well, "walkable."


How Long Is The Longest "Walkable" Road In The World?

This longest "walkable" road measures some 14,000 miles or 22,387 km. For comparison, the Pan American Highway is some 15,000 miles long (per Guinness World Book of Records), and the earth is 24,900 miles in circumference at the equator.

  • Distance: 14,000 Miles or 22,387 km
  • Beginning / End: Magadan in Siberia to Cape Town, South Africa
  • Countries: 16 Countries
  • Continents: Asia, Europe, Africa

It may seem strange that the longest "walkable" road is shorter than the longest "motorable" road, but it partly comes down to semantics. The longest "walkable" road has been routed so that there are no ferry crossings and there are bridges over every river.

On the Pan American highway, there is what is called the Darién Gap between Panama and Colombia. There are no roads through this 66-mile stretch of mountainous rainforest jungle. One needs to take a ferry between the countries to cover that distance. Of course, it is possible to argue the Pan American Highway is, therefore, not the longest "motorable" road after all.

  • Pan American Highway: 15,000-19,000 Miles Long
  • Earth At The Equator: 24,900 Miles Around

The claim that this road is the longest "walkable" road in the world was presented by Bengali news - seen in this youtube video.

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Is It Feasible To Walk The Longest "Walkable" Road In The World?

If the question was, "is it possible to walk the road?" then the answer would be a very qualified yes. But if the question is "is it feasible," then the answer is no. This is a very long route that one will struggle to accomplish for a host of reasons.

  • Is It Feasible To Walk The Longest Walkable Road?: Nope

One complication is that much of the route is in Russia - this will take many months to walk; not only is the Department of State's current travel warning "To Not Travel And Leave Immediately," but Russia is also unlikely to grant a visa at this time. Besides, they issue tourist visas for 30 days - not nearly enough to walk Siberia's massive section of the route.

The route goes through a number of the world's troubled hot spots and through some borders that the closed. The route passes from Russia to Georgia through the Abkhazia region - this is illegal under Georgia law, and those crossing the border will not be permitted further into Georgia.

The route also crosses from Syria to Israel - that border has been closed for many years.

  • Closed Borders: The Route Goes Through Closed Border Crossings
  • Lawless Regions: It Goes Through Lawless Regions

The longest "walkable" road also goes through Sudan and South Sudan; some of the areas it goes through may be lawless and incredibly dangerous, with little or no infrastructure (and no paved roads).

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How Long To Walk The Longest "Walkable" Road?

How long would it take to walk the longest "walkable" road in the world? Well, if one was to walk an average of eight hours every day, it would take around 587 days to complete. In practice, it would take much longer than that - most long-distance hikers take many rest days off. Google Maps calculates it would take 4,492 hours of pure walking time to complete.

  • Days To Complete: 587 Days (Walking 8 Hours Every Day)
  • Duration: 4,492 Hours Per Google Maps

The route passes through 16 countries and six time zones. One will see everything from the frozen Arctic of Siberia to tropical rainforests to sunbaked deserts.

It would seem the longest "walkable" road is more of an internet sensation than an actual viable "walkable" route.