Man, it must really be something to live the life of the rich and famous. The world's highest-paid actors, actresses, and musicians can have just about anything their hearts desire.

Cars that cost more than our homes? Check. Mansions that run tens of millions of fo dollars? Check. The latest fashions to hit the runway? Also a check.

These fortunate folk can also foot the bill for the most incredible vacations that this Earth has to offer. The high profile millionaires we love jet-set to places that we mere mortals can only visit in our wildest dreams. One place that famous folk like the Kardashians love to relax at seems to be beautiful Bali.

Check out these celebrities who have recently traveled to Bali.

20 Nobody Does Bali Like The Kardashians

The Kardashian clan made Bali a family affair when Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and their kids all headed down to majestic jungles for some quality time together. They even included Kanye and Kourtney's children's father, Scott, on their excursion. This trip also marked Koko's first major trek across the world with her daughter True.

19 Brody And His Ex-Wife Had Their Wedding There

Brody Jenner and his former wife Kaitlyn wanted to make their big day as special as possible, so they headed to Bali to say their "I do's." Sadly the magic of Bali did not follow them home, and the couple parted ways within a year of becoming husband and wife. Maybe they should have just stayed in Bali?

18 Paris Hilton Met A Furry Friend There

Socialite Paris Hilton loves Bali and has been there on more than one occasion. On this particular trip, she made a furry little friend near her hotel. Knowing how much Paris loves animals, it's surprising that she didn't try and take this little guy home. There is always next time, we guess.

17 Nick Jonas Took An Ex There

These days, Nick Jonas only has eyes for his wife, Priyanka Chopra, but before he was a devoted married man, there were other women, and there was Bali. Nick took his ex-girlfriend Delta Goodrem to the romantic getaway destination back in 2011. The former couple had been attended a song-writing camp there.

16 Kanye Feels Inspired In Bali

We don't see rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West break into smiles often. Still, he sure had plenty of them when the jetted off to the Indonesian paradise with his stunning wife, Kim Kardashian. The trip was a bit of a babymoon, as right after this vacation, the pair welcomed a fourth child into their family.

15 Chris Hemsworth Finds Bali Pretty Zen

Hunky actor Chris Hemsworth arrived in Bali over the summer to promote his movie Men In Black: International. While doing some press in paradise, he even showed off his Bahasa Indonesia speaking skills. Yes, this guy is everything: a devoted family man, yummy to look at, and talented and intelligent.

14 The Legends Made Bali A Family Trip

Singer John Legend and his model wife Chrissy Teigen took their two tiny tots to experience all that Bali had to offer. Geez, most of us remember our childhood family vacations as a week where dad and mom loaded up the station wagon with snacks and clothes and headed out to the lake for a few days. These Legend kids sure are lucky.

13 Beckhams Did Bali

The Beckhams managed to squeeze in a whole lot of family trips in 2018, and one of their three significant destinations was Bali. Victoria and David took their four children to the Nihi Sumba resort. Judging from their social media posts, the family sure packed a lot in including dining, surfing, and cooking classes.

12 Lindsay Lohan Finds Her Inner Peace In Bali

Lindsay Lohan's world is always a little bit of a mess, and it is no wonder that she tries to escape to places like Bali to reset her mind, body, and soul. Lohan apparently spent some time in Bali in 2016 so that she could soak up the ample sun, the zen vibes, and get a little work done on her book.

11 Ashley And Evan Ross Honeymooned In The Tropical Paradise

Bali has become a popular place for couples to get hitched and also for newlyweds to spend those first few weeks as husband and wife. Pop princess Ashley Simpson and her hubby Evan Ross spent their honeymoon on the beaches of Bali. It must have been a fantastic experience because this couple still often looks like they are on cloud nine.

10 Tyra Banks Did The Bali Thing

We bet Ms. Tyra got some great ideas for America's Next Top Model when she spent time in the Indonesian hot spot a few years ago. Now that Tyra is a mommy, maybe she will bring her little one back here for some fun and bonding. She could ask John and Chrissy Legend for tips on doing Bali with babies.

9 Leona Lewis Spent Labor Day In Bali

Bali came a calling, singer Leona Lewis answered. She flew out to the tropical jungle for work, but she also managed to squeeze in some beach time while she was there. Man, can you imagine having the kind of job that brings you to places like Bali? Where do we sign up for this?

8 Amber Heard Hangs Out In The Bali Jungles

Johnny Depp's ex, Amber Heard, no longer shoots off to her husband's private island for a vacation getaway, but Bali seems to now suit her wanderlust hankerings just fine. She and a pal teamed up to create some stunning images that are making us all so jealous. Next time take us with you, Amber!

7 Tom Holland Doesn't Mind When His Work Takes Him To Bali

Tom Holland is living out his wildest dreams these days. He gets to play Spiderman, and he gets to travel to places like Bali for movie promotional work. We think this young guy is probably feeling like the luckiest kid on earth these days. We know that is how we would feel if we were living his life.

6 Millie Brown Gets Centered In Bali

Millie Brown is young and extremely popular, thanks to her hit show Stranger Things. The starlet ended up staying in Bali for longer than expected in 2017, all thanks to a volcano. The ash from a nearby volcano shut down the airports and caused travelers like Millie to stay put. If you have to be stuck somewhere, Bali is an excellent place to be.

5 Wilmer Valderrama Looks Happy And Relaxed On His Bali Getaway

Wilmer looks like he can barely believe all that surrounds him. We are betting that most travelers feel this way when they first step into Bali's magic. Some of these celebrities have been all over the world, but for many, nothing compares to the beauty and peace that Bali often provides.

4 Kristin Cavallari Looks Stunning In Bali

Kristin Cavallari deserves occasional getaways. The girl has a whole lot going on these days. In 2016, the busy business mogul and mommy of three took off for Bali without her hubby Jay Cutler. She packed in as much as she possibly could before heading back home to her family. We bet she will return someday with her family in tow.

3 Kristen Crawley And Don Crawley Renewed Their Vows There

Kristen and Don Crawley wanted to show their love to each other this past spring, so they took off for Bali and renewed their marriage vows. We can not imagine a more romantic place to recommit yourself to your one true love. Maybe they should consider celebrating their anniversary here every year.

2 Actress Cleopatra Coleman Is Beautiful In Bali

For actress Cleopatra Coleman, Bali was the perfect place to give herself some self-love and show off her natural beauty. She looks like she is loving every minute of the sun and water in this stunning close-up. Cleopatra used her time in Bali to reconnect with herself before returning to her busy life in the States.

1 Vanessa Hudgens Learned To Surf In Bali

Carefree Vanessa Hudgens made the best of her Balinese vacation a few years ago. She spent time learning how to master the surfboard and hung out with her close pal Ashley Greene. They showed the world that spending time in the sun with girlfriends is the absolute best way to use your precious downtime. Yes, girl power!