Italy is a beautiful country with many different cities in it. You will likely need to set aside a lot of time to see everything Italy has to offer. Italy is rich in its history and culture so get ready to visit a lot of historical spots and learn a lot from them. The architecture for most of Italy's tourist attractions are breathtaking and you can't find these types of buildings anywhere else. The most notable cities to visit in Italy are as follows: Rome, Florence, Sicily, and many more.

As mentioned before get ready to learn a lot of history. This is because Italy has done a great job of preserving their rich history and culture. This is because the architecture while not only beautiful was built to withstand the years of deterioration so we can enjoy them even to this day. While not everything is in pristine condition it is still worth seeking out all of these old structures and learning what they have to offer. If you are thinking about traveling to Italy think no further and add these 20 things to your list of things you need to do while there!

20 View Milan From The Cathedral

Italy is home to a vast history of religion and that is on display due to its many churches located throughout the country. The largest church in Italy is located in Milan and is known as the Duomo. It is said that the impressive church took over six centuries to construct to what it is today. The cathedral is a great tourist spot and provides a rich insight into Italy's religious history. It is worth seeing just to see it's beautiful architecture on the outside and inside. After entering the cathedral you will want to find the access to the roof which grants you a fascinating view of the city of Milan.

19 Visit the Acropolis

The Acropolis is another awe-inspiring structure located in Italy. The specific location of the structure is in Selinunte which used to be the political sector of Italy back when this structure was more than just a tourist spot. Temple C is located in this structure and has great importance as it is dedicated to the God Apollo. Other temples located in the structure are also dedicated to other gods of that era. For example, Temple D is said to be dedicated to the god Venus. The structure itself is an amazing feat in archeology and presents one of the most beautiful sights in Italy.

18 Take The Chianti Wine Route

If you are traveling to Italy it is likely that you have planned to partake in at least one wine event. Italy is known to have some of the best vineyards and presents great tourist attractions for people looking to partake in wine tasting and exploring the vineyards. Specifically, Chianti is a great place to look for a great vineyard tour. If you do decide to tour the vineyards you will likely feel like you are taken back in time as you travel through vast fields and visit old villages that are still in operation. It will give you a real sense as to the culture of Italy!

17 Explore The Frasassi Cave

This is an odd entry on the list but one that anyone who is visiting Italy must see. The Frasassi Cave has one of the most interesting phenomena that mother nature has ever produced. Many people compare it to finding a passageway that leads to the center of the Earth. The total journey takes around an hour and a half and most of that will be on your feet, so you will want to prepare for that. If you are a fan of exploration and finding new things where you otherwise wouldn't know existed then the tour through the Frasassi Cave is the right place to go!

16 Toss A Coin Into The Trevi Fountain

If you are in Italy it is likely that you will be in Rome at some point during your vacation. If you do find yourself in central Rome it is worth visiting the Trevi Fountain. Many people believe that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain that the action will grant you with good luck for your life and that it will mean you will return to the fountain sometime later down the line. Good luck and another trip to Italy? What's not to love! The fountain is beautiful during the day but the city has a fantastic light setup for night time viewing that really brings out the beautiful architecture surrounding the fountain.

15 Take A Tour Of The Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore

Florence is known to be one of the most romantic cities in one of the most romantic countries. If you are looking to take your significant other on vacation you should definitely consider Italy and Florence. Inside Florence is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. The top dome of the cathedral can be seen from almost anywhere in the city and is a staple of the city itself. Much like the Duomo Cathedral you can also climb to the top of this cathedral and get a breathtaking view of the city of Florence. It is worth visiting the cathedral for this alone not to mention the rich history hidden in Florence.

14 Enjoy The Last Supper In Milan

This piece that can be seen in the city of Milan is a crowning achievement when it comes to mural and art in Italy. The piece represents the last supper an important time in religious history. The piece was painted by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci and represents who we know to be Jesus Christ eating the last supper. The art piece is an amazing view even to people who don't have religious backgrounds. Many people who have vacationed in Italy have said that the painting was the highlight of their trip and the thing that stuck with them the most. If you are a fan of art or can appreciate the religious history of Italy this stop should definitely be on your list!

13 Take A Picture In Front Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

This is one of the most popular and obvious tourist spots to stop when visiting Italy. However, that doesn't mean that someone shouldn't visit just because it is cliche. The Leaning Tower of Pisa gets its name from the poor architectural and structural format of the structure. The tower was built to stand straight up but due to complications with the ground underneath the tower appears to be leaning slightly. The tower has undergone and is continuing to undergo maintenance due to its weak structural integrity. It is probably a good thing that people take pictures from so far away from the tower.

12 Take A Ride At The Grand Canal

Another famous thing to do in Italy is taking a boat ride on The Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is one of the most famous waterways in the world and is known to be a great place to take a date. The waterways allow you to see a part of Italy that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. The Grand Canal tours offer different types of tours which include larger tour boats for those that want to get their education on, or if you are going more for a personal/romantic edge they offer the famous gondola rides. The gondola rides offer a more legitimate travel into the past.

11 Canoe To The Blue Grotto

When in Italy you may find yourself taking a lot of boat rides. That is because Italy has some of the most beautiful waterways. It is also because to get everything that Italy has to offer you have to explore a little. One of the most beautiful adventures you can take while in Italy is the boat ride to a place known as "The Blue Grotto". The grotto is located in Capri and takes you along a boat ride through a cavern. It is said that when the sun hits the water correctly the water's color changes to something that most people have never seen before. It is said that the water looks neon as if there are lights within the water itself. If you are looking for a beautiful and fun adventure you should definitely check out the Blue Grotto when in Italy.

10 Climb The Stromboli Volcano

If you find yourself in Sicily during your visit to Italy you may want to check out the Stromboli Volcano. Stromboli seems like a silly name for something as dangerous as a volcano, especially since it is still active. Nevertheless, the volcano can provide hikers and other tourists with an amazing walk up its mountainside. Not only can you walk up the volcano you can also take a get pretty close to the crater provided you have a guide with you. The total round trip takes around 5 to 6 hours depending on your pace so make sure to prepare for the trip!

9 Experience The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is one of Italy's biggest tourist attractions. It mixes Italy's great history with its beautiful architecture and is something most tourists try and see at least once. The Roman Forum is located in Rome and is where the Roman Empire once ruled. As mentioned before it can give people a greater understanding of Rome's history. It can open up a portal in time and make you feel like you were there during the Roman Empire. It is definitely worth seeing if you are a history buff or if you just like beautiful architecture.

8 Visit Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice is one of the most touristy cities in Italy but the one tourist attraction that is definitely worth checking out is the Saint Mark's Basilica. It is known as the final resting place of Saint Mark the Evangelist but now has turned into more of a tourist attraction due to its vast history and attractive architecture. Seeing the basilica at dusk is probably the best time because the lights in the basilica light it up and surrounding street lights provide a beautiful view of the basilica. The outside isn't the only thing that is beautiful. If you take a look inside you will see the amazing marble interior along with beautiful decorations.

7 Tour The Historic Center Of Siena

Siena isn't very well known to tourists who are visiting Italy. Often times they rather go to Florence as it is more popular. However, Siena offers the same amount of history is not more than the city of Florence. The Historic Center of Siena is worth visiting in the city alone. This delve into Siena's history will lead you to some of Siena's historic districts and you will be able to see gothic architecture. There are many historic sights to see when you visit Siena including the Pinacoteca Nazionale and Palazzo Salimbeni. Overall you won't want to skip over Siena if you are in the mood to educate yourself on some of Italy's history.

6 Enjoy Everything The Amalfi Coast Has To Offer

If you are looking for a more tropical spot during your trip to Italy, don't worry Italy has everything! The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful scenic spot that anyone traveling to Italy should see at least once. Exploring the small town on the coast can be exciting but the boat rides are what really shine for most tourists. If you don't feel like taking a boat tour you can rent a boat and take your time exploring the Amalfi Coast. The coast has many great Italian eateries and many tourist gift shops of the like. It is likely the most beautiful place in Italy and is worth a day trip for sure!

5 Glimpse Historical Life In Pompeii

If you know anything about Pompeii you know that a disastrous volcano exploded and covered the land in ash in 79 AD. This provided an unheard of type of preservation for buildings and things like statues of the sort. Many things were encapsulated in ash to be rediscovered so many years later. Now we get a portal into a different time thanks to the Mount Vesuvius eruption. Many like to think of Pompeii as an outdoor museum. The whole city is oozing history and you'd be hard pressed not to find something from that era.

4 Wander The Coliseum

This is perhaps the most famous attraction in Rome and one of the most famous attractions in Italy. The still standing Coliseum was used in the Roman Empire to host many shows where men would duel each other. The Coliseum held up to 50,000 people which is a lot even for today's standards. When visiting the Coliseum you can tour the inside and even sit in the stands and be taken back to a time where the only entertainment was watching two gladiators fight it out int the middle of the architectural masterpiece. This has to be on anyone's list when visiting Italy and makes for a great excuse to see everything else in Rome.

3 Recreate The Juliet Balcony Scene

This balcony found in the city of Verona is said to be the balcony of which Juliet stood upon in the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. The city of Verona wanted to make the balcony a tourist attraction and bought it with the mindset to turn it into the closest representation to the famous balcony in the play. However, the play was just that, a play. Therefore the characters Romeo and Juliet never existed, therefore, this balcony is just a normal balcony. However, it is the closest thing we have to enter the world of Romeo and Juliet and that is worth the visit in of itself.

If you are an art buff you will love this entry. If you find yourself in Florence during your trip to Italy you should definitely check out the Uffizi Gallery of Art. It is one of the most famous art museums in history. It features art from famous artists throughout history like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. The art inside of the building isn't the only thing that is beautiful about this location. The building itself, the Palazzo deli Uffizi, is worth seeing based on its amazing architecture. Seeing some of the most famous pieces of art all in one place seems like the perfect place to see on your journey through Italy.

1 Enjoy The Waters Of Lake Como

Similar to the Amalfi Coast Lake Como offers a scenic view for those who like waterfronts more than inland locations. The Lake is located in Lombardy and offers a great way for tourists to explore Italy by boat. The area around Lake Como mostly consists of houses owned by rich celebrities. One of the best parts about Lake Como is the view. You get a lot of different types of biomes here. You get the lakefront while also getting the mountainous forest ranges across the lake. This will give you a real Italian experience and is a great way to round off your trip!