The Green Vic in London’s Shoreditch district is arguably the world’s most ethical company. The bar, which employs homeless workers and serves beer brewed from leftover bread, take great pride in its resourcefulness.

Founder Randy Rampersad has bought second-hand furniture, soap made by the blind, toilet rolls from recycled paper and drinks supplied by social companies that donate to charity to launch his project. He hopes to empower daily pub dwellers to be able to give back without having to upend their routine.


The pub employs people who are homeless or have disabilities. Meanwhile, the menu is comprised of plant-based food, while leftovers are recycled and composted. Although the Green Vic serves standard pub fare, the burgers, chips and hot dogs are all vegan. Though some may turn their noses up at meatless bar food, another plant-based pub, The Spread Eagle, has been incredibly successful.

“Every single drink you buy goes towards a different charity,” Rampersad, 35, told Reuters. “The soap in the toilets, the toilet paper, the staff uniform, all of them help either the homeless or give money back to charity as well.” Also, instead of plastic straws, the bar uses dried-out wheat stems, which are both gluten-free and biodegradable.

Rampersad, a business graduate, has spent years travelling and working in hospitality. While fundraising at his Dartford cricket club, where the motto was 'win or lose you still have booze', he decided to start researching ethical pubs. "I thought surely there must be a pub that does this." There wasn't though.

The drink menu alone is linked to more than 40 different charities. For example, a Brewgooder craft lager, for 4.90 pounds, or $6.14, is produced by a non-profit organization that donates all of its money to sponsor clean water projects in Africa. The Toast Ale, at 5.50 pounds, or $6.79, is brewed with fresh leftover bread. There is also Bumble Beer, which helps bees and a wine from London's only vineyard, Forty Hall, that is made by those struggling with mental health issues.

As for the décor, the Green Vic has opted for an industrial chic interior design favored by other bars in east London. The pub features exposed brick and steel ventilation pipes, communal wooden tables that have been upcycled naturally by Gumtree, and a minimalist look. Patrons include students, artists and tourists. The next goal for the pub is to secure enough funding for a permanent location.

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"I want to get people to contribute without changing their normal daily routine, that's the key. We Brits love going down the pub, so it's a bit of a no-brainer really, which is why I was so amazed no one's done it before. I want people to come because it's a good pub – the other stuff is a bonus," Rampersad said.