Delectable kebabs, rich history, the Bosphorus cruises, the 18th century Ottoman Baroque architectural landscape, the cobblestone streets, and the ubiquitous cats in the city’s central business district, among—a thousand other scenes and sights—all make Istanbul a city worth visiting.

Still, the all-important consideration for any traveler is the amount of cash he’ll need to have for a vacation. That’s the reason in this article, we show you how much you should expect to pay for a week’s vacation to Istanbul. And, according to our estimates, for one week’s food, one will need about $140—on average. For a hotel room for a week in Istanbul, one should plan to pay $350 on average. For local travel, about $35 should be enough for a week. For a week, a total of $525 should be adequate. Read on for the details.


How Much You Should Expect To Pay For Food In Istanbul For A Week.

Like we’ve said, $140 should be enough for food in Istanbul—if one is staying there for a week. Of course, this will be different if a person is looking for a luxury treat on one hand or a bare survival budget on the other. For a fancy restaurant near the oft-visited touristy places like the Blue Mosque—or anywhere in the Taksim or Sultanahmet—a meal will go for about $7-$10. Factoring in two meals and breakfast, that’s about $140 on average in a week. However, in an average restaurant outside the touristy places, which is still clean and decent, one will spend at least $2 for a full meal. So plugging two meals for a day, it comes to $4. Of course, there’s breakfast, that, in many restaurants, will go for about 20 Turkish Liras. That’s slightly above one US dollar if one is looking at the current exchange rates.

A typical Turkish breakfast in a restaurant will include white bread, black olives (sometimes green), honey (sometimes jam), cheese (mostly white), butter, a few slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, or both—and of course, freshly-brewed aromatic Turkish tea (mostly black). Yes, Turkish tea is something of a ritual with an almost spiritual element. For perspective, Turkey is the highest tea-consuming country on the planet and has been in that position for a long time. So, a breakfast of at least $1 and two meals of at least $2 each, brings us to $5 a day—which in a week—will come to at least $35. For a budget traveler, to be on the safe side, it’s wise to plan to spend between $35-$50 per week on meals in Istanbul. One other thing to bear in mind is that in Istanbul, many restaurants serve their meals outdoors. And for breakfast, a pretty fine and popular place to try out is Cafe Privato near the Galata tower where breakfast goes for about 70-100 Turkish Liras (about $5-$6).

  • Direction To Cafe Privato: Galip Dede Cad. Tımarcı Sok. No:3/B 34421 Istanbul Turkey.

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How Much You Should Expect To Pay On Hotel Rooms In Istanbul For A Week.

To know how much one can spend on hotels and lodging in Istanbul will depend on several factors. One of these factors is the type of hotel. A 2-star hotel will obviously be cheaper than a 5-star hotel. Also, to some extent, the location will, in most cases, influence the prices of lodging and hotel rooms. Still, the average room price for 3 or 4-star hotels ranges between $40 to $100 for a single person—per day. Some include breakfast while others do not. On the flip side, for a solo budget traveler, one should expect to pay between $20 to $40 per night—for a hotel room in Istanbul. Plugging all this information, a traveler should expect to pay between $280 to $700 in Istanbul for a week—for a 3 or 4-star hotel. On average, $350 for a week’s accommodation should be adequate to plan with.

Budget travelers should on the other hand expect to pay between $140 to $280 dollars for accommodation in the City on Seven Hills. For luxury accommodation, the price for one night can range anywhere between $100 to $500. Of course, that’s not the ceiling. A one-bedroom suite with a view of the Bosphorus at Ciragan Palace Kempinski, situated in what was once the Ottoman palace—goes for about $3,000 per night. Travelers will pay about $7,500 for the Vali suite, located on the top floor of the Ciragan Palace Kempinski. As anyone can see, the amount to pay for a week’s accommodation in Istanbul will depend on the type of traveler a person is. Good site to check for accommodation is and hostelworld.

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How Much You Should Expect To Pay On Local Travel In Istanbul For A Week.

Local travel in Istanbul is fairly cheap. From the airport, the best (and scam-free) option is to arrange with the hotel you’ll stay in for a direct transfer from the airport. Public transport buses are the second-best option. Using this option, the airport shuttle to the city center will cost between $1-$5, depending on the bus company. Havaist buses charge $3.1 to the Istanbul city center. From the city center, expect to pay about $3, especially if our hotel is in Sultanahmet or other neighboring locations.

On other days, expect o pay $0.5 for a one-way ticket on public transport. And for cab rides across town, $2 per trip should be enough. That’s the reason we suggest that travelers should expect to pay about $35 for local transport in Amsterdam—for a week’s stay.

Istanbul, like many eastern European destinations, is fairly inexpensive. And a visit to this historic town will be one of the most rewarding.