Ever been on Instagram and ended up being disappointed because of the lovely pictures people post as they camp miles away from home? The marvelous places out there are not as cost-demanding as anyone would expect.There are a bunch of islands out there to visit on a tight budget. The following are nine of the cheapest Islands you can visit in the Caribbean right now.Related: Caribbean Vs. Gulf of Mexico: Should You Stay With One, Or Go With The Other?

9 Cozumel

Cozumel Island is undeniably one of the nine cheapest islands you can visit in the Caribbean today. This island is famed mainly for being a typical spot for cruise ship stopovers. The presence of cruises alone is enough to show how much of a worthy vacation destination it can be. Within the island is the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park, famed for scuba diving for an adventurous underwater exploration.

8 Barbados

The closest idea most people have about Barbados is top RnB star, Rihanna. Not many are aware of it as an island. But does anyone know Barbados is one of the cheapest islands you can visit in the Caribbean right now! From its lush landscapes to the vibrant culture, there is much more to experience on this Caribbean Island such as the white-sand beaches. Ever since cutting its ties with the monarch, Barbados has started to blossom and the best time to experience all this goodness firsthand is now.

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7 Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island nation on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea that borders the Atlantic on the other side. The presence of two massive water bodies is enough evidence of how much a cheap getaway it can be. This island is famed for its friendly all-year-round climate creating the perfect conditions for adventure. Also known as the smoking island, adventurers witness live volcanic activity, a rare opportunity, along with the drive-in volcano.

6 Aruba

Located in the strategic south of the Caribbean Sea, Aruba Island is much more than an ordinary Caribbean paradise. From world-class beaches to near-perfect weather, tourists in Aruba get a treat of their life as they explore. The all-weather sandy beaches available keep visitors warm as they rejuvenate. In short, Aruba is one small happy island where adventurers don’t need to break their banks to have fun.

5 Antigua

Propagandists have argued that Antigua is among the most expensive Caribbean islands. However, this notion is a mere fallacy since the island is accommodative to everyone. It is true the rich and famous kids like to roll here, but it is for a reason; the easy accessibility. The presence of rich kids around should not scare anyone from having a good time. If anything, most travelers get lucky, and most of their activities are sponsored by these wealthy individuals. Look for an affordable hotel around and save for the next vacation like life depends on it.

4 Varadero

Cuba is known for its rich culture and unique weather patterns. Varadero is among 9 of the cheapest Islands you can visit in the Caribbean for a vacation. Its strategic positioning on an extended peninsula makes it stand out from the several Cuban islands. From the numerous beaches to the low-budget resorts available, there is a lot that adventurers visitors can try on this beautiful island.

3 U.S. Virgin Islands

Nicknamed America’s Caribbean Paradise, the U.S. Virgin Islands is an obvious inclusion in the list of valuable low-budget tourist destinations. Whether it is the traditional dances from the locals or the sweet aroma of a fish roast, these islands give tourists more reasons to stay than leave. The best part about all is the triple treat, where adventurers are exposed to three islands at a go. Best still, visitors can have time for all three, namely St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. The history of these three islands makes them even more enticing to visit and learn from the locals.

2 Curacao

Curacao is among nine of the cheapest islands you can visit in the Caribbean right now. Located in the Southern part of the Caribbean, the Curacao Island enjoys some of the best rates there can be in the region. The island is popular for its incredible diving spots that give tourists a chance to get into the water safely. Cheap hotels in the larger Curacao Island are readily available, provided the early booking is made.

1 Jamaica

As big as it is, Jamaica is still an island in the Caribbean. If the scenes from Reggae videos are anything to go by, then for sure, Jamaica has a lot to offer. The cost of living in Jamaica is also reasonable, meaning visitors don't need to book those luxurious hotels for them to have a good time. Jamaica has multiple tourist spots, including the famous Montego Bay, where ships from across the globe dock. Jamaica is also known for its nice caves that are within a diving distance. From the warm sand and beautiful beaches to the Jerk chicken and coconut drink, Jamaica, as a Caribbean Island, has a lot more to offer to the ordinary adventurer.