Many things human beings do are inspired by other people. And people are motivated to continue trying when they see another person accomplish a lot in an area they care about. Technology has facilitated an environment where the world is a global village where people learn from each other and collaborate.

YouTube is one of the leading platforms in connecting people through content. The kind of content shared on YouTube has helped a lot of people learn so much, including travelers. Many travelers are using YouTube to show content regarding their travel experiences and it keeps on inspiring others. Here are the top travel channels.

10 Fearless And Far

The channel is called Fearless and Far and it is owned and operated by Mike Corey. It is a travel vlog that has been providing travel content that details all about Mike and his travel experiences. In the channel, he showcases his weird and fantastic destinations. The channel is also very creative and encourages people to face and handle their fears of traveling the world. The approach on this channel is more of a sport, but has a lot of adrenaline and serious adventure.

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9 Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a quirky traveler and a YouTuber who is definitely worth following. However, the content she creates is not only restricted to traveling. But this channel is full of traveling videos that inspire many and it is a good option for a traveler. The travel’s YouTube channel has so much to show from her passion for discovering new places, to travel tips and more useful experiences for travelers.

8 Fun For Louis

Fun for Louis is a youtube channel by Louis Cole. Louis made his purpose to live the adventure and that is all his channel communicates and shows the world. It is a channel with many adventure-hungry subscribers now too. The vlogger is known for creating interesting videos that are well shot and edited for his views. As a result of his creativity, especially using 360-degree videos, fans have found themselves binge-watching his videos. The lessons from this hero are worth taking.

7 Mr. Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown is yet another travel YouTuber to check out as he makes quality content. The traveler has invested a lot in providing excellent content for his fans. Here, one will even find a series called Visual Vibes which is a way for him to show his abilities in cinematography in his traveling content. Another reason for checking this channel is that he is a captivating storyteller that is also talented at various activities such as hiking, skiing, and motorbiking which is shown on the channel.

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6 Drew Binsky

Here is a travel vlogger as well as a documentary maker. His channel is mostly focused on discovering, experiencing, and celebrating the different cultures in the world. The American vlogger has mastered his skills in storytelling about various cultures and communities which has brought a lot of fans to the channel. His approach to traveling and content is different from many as he focuses on sociopolitical issues such as human rights, religion, races, and sexuality, discovering and discussing the diversity in the world.

5 Vagabrothers

The Vagabrothers are definitely worth subscribing to. One interesting thing about this channel is their way of presenting the content which is very unique as their channel is full of joy, showcases, and interesting content presentations. Their videos are full of fun shooting angles, styles, narration, and much more. There are excellent drone shots and very clear details of the journey they take and the experiences they come across.

4 Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is a channel by Nadine Sykora and is known very well for the kind of energy she brings into her content. This is exactly what makes her content so fun and popular. The energy in her videos is very effective at building a genuine relationship to guide her viewers around her adventures. The channel is also very good for young people as it seeks to inspire them into traveling through great stories of her accomplishments in traveling. The videos are very informative and even contain guides such as on packing and travel hacks. It also talks about iconic places one needs to know about and discover.

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3 Migrationology

Migrationology is a channel that is all about traveling and food. The channel is one of the best platforms for someone who wants to learn more about traveling as well as food. The owner of the channel is Mark who is also a digital nomad offering a lot of content revolving around that area.

2 Kold

Kold is a channel by a Canadian adventurer Sam Kolder and it is worth subscribing to. The channel offers amazing videos as well as travel films. It is a channel that has gained a lot of popularity due to the owner’s ability to create amazing cinematic scenes while educating viewers.

1 Lost LeBlanc

It is one of the most interesting travel channels on YouTube. The channel is run by Christian LeBlanc and the content is mind-blowing. What makes it more interesting is LeBlanc’s ability to challenge his viewers and offer them above-average content. The creativity in creating and editing the videos is also attractive.

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